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Can Pugs Eat Watermelon?

We all care about how much nutrition our pugs get from the foods we give them to eat. It’s not a big deal, every pet owner wants their dog to eat healthy and nutritious food. To have more options as far as nutrition is concerned, many pet owners want to feed fruits to their pugs. One such fruit is watermelon, let’s discover if a watermelon is safe for your cute little pug. Can it have adverse effects on their digestion? Will you need to get watermelon’s seeds off while feeding it to your pug? What kind of nutrients does watermelon offer to your pug? How can we transform the raw watermelon into an icy treat or a taffy and feed it to your pug? These are some hard-hitting questions that we will look deeper into.

Is Watermelon Bad for Pugs?

The first question one should ask while feeding any food is, is it safe? In this case, watermelon is a safe food to be fed to your pug. But, you have to consider certain things while feeding them to your pug. First is do not let your pug chew on watermelon’s rind, it can cause stomach issues. And prefer giving him a seedless watermelon treat as it is much safer than a watermelon having seeds. Additionally, watermelons favour pugs in hot weather and climate. It keeps the pugs cool and hydrated. Pugs during summer days find it very hard to regulate their body temperature and watermelons act as a cooling agent to cool their bodies. Watermelon is also a miracle fruit as no other food can have so many jam-packed nutrients and have low calories. 

Nutritions Provided by the Watermelon

Watermelons have 92% water and some nutrients that they carry include:

  • Amino Acids
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Dietary Fibre

Can Pugs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

The main question that appears while talking about watermelon is its seeds. Well amongst humans we all like to eat seeds as we think seeds have the most amount of dense nutrients compared to the entire fruit. But, in this case, seeds will act as a deterrent for your pug’s stomach. Watermelon seeds can cause serious stomach issues like diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

Can Pugs Eat Watermelon Rind?

It is very important to know that watermelon rinds are very bad for your pugs. Do not feed them the rind. Rinds are very hard to chew and can have severe health problems for your pugs. Rinds are tough inner layers that are green in colour. They can cause severe gastrointestinal issues including intestinal blockages, constipation, diarrhoea, and vomiting. It is advised to feed your pug rather seedless reddish parts of watermelon.

Why Do Watermelons Make Such a Healthy Fruit?

Watermelon is classified as both fruit and vegetable. It has a lot of water, but along with its hydration content, it has jam-packed minerals that will keep your pug healthy and safe from any serious disease. Watermelons are packed with both Vitamin A and Vitamin C which is important for the regulation of the immune system, it also helps in creating a good skin.

But, in general, Vitamin A helps in enhancing one’s vision whereas Vitamin C helps bolster immune responses and a healthy defence system against viruses. Vitamin B6 is the magic potion among nutrients that helps in producing antibodies and setting your pug’s body in action to fight against diseases. 

Watermelons also have a lot of antioxidants that help in building a good immune system response. Antioxidants are so powerful that they can reverse adverse health issues like cancer and diabetes. If your dog suffers from any constipation issues, it’s a boon that watermelon will eradicate all those problems. The pugs’ weight will be under control when fed watermelon as we know its calories are very less. And apart from that, your pug will get a lot of nutrition and low calories.

What Precautions Does One Need to Take While Feeding Watermelon to a Pug?

Watermelon is an amazing fruit and it contains a lot of water, however, the main key to feeding a good fruit to your pug is moderation. Do not feed too much watermelon to your pug as it can cause digestive distress. Some common side effects that a pug might face include gastrointestinal problems like tummy pain, stomach issues, etc. 

The other thing one needs to keep in mind while feeding fruit to a pug is that not all parts of the watermelon serve the same purpose. Some parts of the watermelon cannot be fed to a pug. Especially the rind and seeds. Needless to say, no part of a watermelon is dangerous, but one should follow these steps while feeding watermelon to a pug:

Take the Seeds Out

Do not feed watermelon seeds to your pug. If your pug eats too many watermelon seeds, he/she will have a lot of digestive issues. It might also lead to a painful digestive tract blockage. You might have to rush to a hospital for treatment. It is more prevalent among pug puppies as compared to larger dogs.

Do not feed skin and rinds

The other problem that can happen while feeding watermelon to your dog is when you feed your pug skin and rinds of watermelon. It is a humble request not to do that. Rinds are a very hard part of a watermelon, it cannot be broken down by a tiny pug’s stomach. It can cause diarrhoea and gastrointestinal problems in your pug’s stomach. 

Feed natural watermelon

One very important piece of information you have to remember while feeding your pug watermelon is to not feed artificial sugars in the name of watermelon. It should either be a natural watermelon or no watermelon. Artificial fruit products can contain high amounts of sugar, artificial sweetener and none of these products come close to the natural nutrients a watermelon has. Instead, all these heavy sweetening products will make your pug sick.

Limiting the treat

Yes watermelons have a lot of nutrition but remember indulging in excess will always be a problem why not limit it. Watermelon is heavy on water content and feeding in excess can cause a lot of bloating on your pug. They will urinate more often and if your pug is allergic to it then there can be more extreme health problems, it’s better to know that moderation is better than excess which can cause a lot of problems. 

Can Your Pugs Have Side Effects While Eating a Watermelon?

The most important thing while feeding watermelon is to check whether your pug is eating the seeds and rind part. Those are dangerous parts to be fed, but regardless of additional symptoms, please look if your pug is allergic to the fruit. Some pugs will simply have digestion problems because they cannot tolerate eating it. Or their body suffers because of it. It is upon us to look for any problems related to that.

Forms in Which Watermelon Offered to Your Pug

Well, giving it in its pure fruit form can do the deed, but doesn’t your pug deserve some fun in their food? Add a kick to the existing nutritious food. A pug needs to enjoy the food he/she is eating, watermelons can be given to the pug in many forms, whether as frozen popsicles or doggie slushies. 

Here are the top ways and forms in which you can serve watermelon to your pug:

Frozen treats

In summer times frozen watermelons act as a natural coolant for your pug. It provides immense satisfaction to your pug. You should consider giving this ‘coolant’ version of the fruit in summer times. You can also use some mixing tricks to make your watermelon more nutritious, why not add some other stuff. One trick is to use coconut water with watermelon and milk and freeze them. If you want you can even use honey to sweeten your frozen watermelon. After the freezing is done you can serve this to your pug as ice cream.

Raw and unfiltered

The other way to serve your cute little pug this wonderful fruit is by giving it raw. You do not need to put any extra effort into it, just serve it plain and raw and your pug will love it. What matters is that his nutritional requirement is getting fulfilled. If it is, then you are good to go. If for some reason you want some additional steps even while serving it raw, make sure you wash your watermelon carefully. There is a lot of pesticide being injected into fruits, we need to wash our fruits as carefully as we can. We do not want our pugs to fall ill because of our carelessness. 

Icy flavoured cubes for pug

The other way around that will help in preparing awesome treats for your pug is using ice cubes. You can use ice cubes made out of watermelon mixed with coconut milk and honey. To prepare, pour in honey, watermelon juice, coconut milk and form a thick concoction. And then fill the thick liquid in an ice tray. You can even use a tray in various shapes and sizes to make your treats more appealing. And then give it to your dog, he will shake his tail in excitement and feed on it.

Melon Dairy icy treats

Is there a chance your cute pug does not have any issues with dairy? If that is the case then you can accessorise your melon fruit with some good amounts of dairy, just make sure that it’s not too much. And, make sure your pug does not have any affliction to it. Hopefully, with your careful preparation, the pug will have it all, good tasty food, and healthy nutrition. Just freeze the liquid and feed it to your pug.

Melon Taffy

The other way in which you can feed melon to your pug is by making melon taffies. Melon taffies are not hard to make, all you will need is a dehydrator and saran wraps to do your deed. After that, a refrigeration process will make your treats more appealing than ever. Make sure it’s nicely refrigerated. The stickiness and dryness of it will do the work.

Can Your Pug Puppies Eat Watermelon?

The other aspect of this discussion is about your cute pug puppies. Can they eat watermelon too? The answer is yes, pug puppies can also eat watermelon provided that they are seedless and also watermelon has many beneficial nutrients that will help our pug puppies grow. But, it is recommended that your pug puppies have a strict diet, if you see any major health issues with your pugs you should stop feeding watermelon. As discussed earlier, sometimes watermelon is not easily digested by pugs and some pugs have issues like allergies. If allergy is the case, then feeding watermelon can cause gastrointestinal issues in your pug puppies.

Other Fruits That Can be Provided for Your Pug to Eat

  • Apples and Pears: Apples and pears contain Vitamins A and C which helps in the immune system and vision
  • Bananas: Bananas are extremely mineral-dense for your pug. Cut it and serve.
  • Mangoes: Mangoes are incredibly mineral dense and good food. Moderation is the key, too much can cause a sugar rush.
  • Kiwis: Kiwis are packed in healthy nutrients like vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Berries: Berries are an important source of nutrients. Strawberries are very good for fibre while blue and blackberries have plenty of antioxidants.

Final Thoughts

Well, you can feed your pug watermelon by adding all your love and warmth. But also remember what not to do? Do not feed them the seeds and rind of a watermelon. Check for allergic reactions after giving them watermelon. Try to make the watermelon as a treat so that your pug will lick on it with its heart and soul. They will love it if you can get creative in your kitchen and serve it in the form of taffies, icy treats, frozen, and even raw. It is a good source of healthy nutrition, given the fact that it’s served well with necessary precaution.

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