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Pugs For Sale in Florida {Best 9 Breeders in Florida}

Pugs are an amazing breed to keep as a pet. Many people like to keep pugs as a pet because they are trustworthy companions to have. Like many dogs, pugs are also special in their own way. If some dogs are bred to be fighters, pugs are companions to you. They understand you and make you feel important every now and then. They are in need of your emotional support every now and then. That’s why people love to be with pugs. If you are a pug lover you might want to read this especially if you stay in Florida.

Pugs for sale in Florida: List of Breeders

Florida pups (Pug Puppies for Sale in Naples Florida)

  • Address: 1668 Tropicaire Blvd, North Port, FL 34286, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact: +1 941-417-0782

Florida pups is owned by both Crystal Neuman and Joseph Neuman. Crystal has been an aspiring mother throughout her life. She loves to take care of others. Joseph was a retired US Army sergeant. He believes in a can-do attitude and loves to spend time with the puppies. Their facility is run by their family. Health is a very important aspect for them to take care of. 

Along with the purchase, you will also get a health warranty offer on your puppy. They will provide you with a health warranty card that you can avail of for a year. But before that, you have to prove that your dog has been facing a genetic disease.

Breeder’s Pick Puppies (Pug Breeders Orlando Florida)

  • Address: 11484 E. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32817
  • Website:
  • Contact: 407-207-0090

Breeder’s pick is a great place to find dogs. Along with pugs they also have a lot of other dog breeds for you to choose from. What sets them apart from other dog breeds is their continuous love for the animals they breed. They love their animals and the warmth they get from them. You can visit their website and look for the list of dog breeds they have.

The dog breeds that are up for sale are as follows: Yorkies, French Bulldogs, Maltese, and Dachshunds. They also have dog breeds like Boxers, Great Danes, Rottweilers, and Goldendoodles.

Petland Orlando

Petland Orlando is a great pet shop to buy your dog from. It has very highly trained professionals that take care of the pets. They also have professionally trained pet counsellors that look after the pugs and other dogs. Along with pugs, they offer a very wide variety of dogs for you to choose from. You can choose a dog that you like.

When you get your dog from Petland, you do not have to care much about their vaccination, health tests. A lot of it has been done in the facility itself. They provide high-quality food, take the temperatures of their pet dogs daily to keep track of their health.

Pick a Puppy

Pick a puppy is an excellent store to buy dogs. The best thing about them is the extensive system that they have created to select dogs. They have qualified veterinarians that do a prior checkup before letting the dog be sold. They groom their puppies well. Puppies get their hairs nicely cut, nails trimmed and properly groomed. 

Pick a puppy also provides you with an extensive health care guarantee. Along with that, they provide you with a microchip id and registration information.

Puppy Buddy (Pug for sale in Homestead Florida)

Puppy Buddy takes it upon themselves so that a puppy gets a good caring home for themselves. In the same way, they try to offer the best pet to you as a customer. Since puppy buddy has a network of breeders that supply them puppies. They do not tolerate puppy mills. They have no tolerance policy for puppy mills. They guarantee that each of their puppies comes from a healthy environment.

The best thing however for puppy buddies is that their breeders fall in the top 1% of dog breeders as recommended by USDA. Therefore, they are very careful in choosing puppies in terms of their health and background. A healthy pet can lead a well to do life with its pet owners.

Puppies Galore (Pug puppies for sale Jacksonville Florida)

  • Address: 8102 Blanding Blvd Ste 15, Jacksonville, Florida 32244
  • Website:
  • Contact: (904) 779-0091

Puppies Galore & more is the best place to get a pet. They care about the puppies and provide them with all the facilities they would need. They have an excellent facility in Jacksonville. If you want to buy a pug or any other puppy, you can get a puppy package. In the puppy package, you will get a list of other things also along with a puppy. The package will include:

  • A crate that is large enough to fit all the puppies
  • A dog bed
  • Dog leash and collar
  • Toys
  • Microchip

All the dogs are fed high-quality Nutri source dog food which keeps all the dogs healthy in the facility. They have mentioned a doctor on their website, in case your pug falls ill, you can take your dog to the doctor.

Florida Puppies Online (Pug puppies for sale in Naples Florida)

Florida puppies online is a great venture to buy pets. They are just affordable, easy and feasible. They even ship your pugs which makes them the best company in this matter. They have a lot of shipping options available for all prospective buyers. They have an introductory video that explains much of the process of their work.

Florida puppies is an excellent online venture. Before giving your pet they make sure that your pug has all the vaccinations in place. They are properly dewormed. All the certificates and documentation shall be provided to you at the time of purchase.

Chews a puppy (Pug puppies for sale in Kissimmee Florida)

Chews a puppy is an excellent pet store for not only pugs but for other dogs as well. They have a complete vet care package of 14 days. They also promise to provide a 1-year health guarantee. Along with that once you have bought your pooch, there is an e-course on socialization and dog training free of cost. You also get a dog microchipped along with the tracking id.

It’s a great store to buy pugs and other dogs. Because of their packages and facilities, it makes it better for you to choose.

Pug Rescue of Florida

Pug Rescue of Florida protects helpless pugs who have no homes. You get a chance to adopt these pugs. Before taking in a pug you might have to submit some documentation. These are just minor paperwork including your application. A review will also be done from the vet in regards to your pet. Once everything is clear you will get your pet. You can visit the website and look for pugs that you would be willing to adopt.

How to Find a Reputable Pug Breeder?

There are many ways through which one can get in contact with a reputable pug breeder. First, try your best to be in contact with friends who have pets. If your friends have a pleasant experience that can warrant that the pooch is good. Along with that, be sure to look for pet shops nearby. A good pet shop can house a pooch of your liking. Talking and interacting helps you know about the breeder.

Go for dog shows and meet different trainers. See, if they are in contact with good breeders. If you are looking for your pug in the right places there should not be any problem.

How to Pick a Cute Pug Puppy?

Getting a cute pug puppy is not a big issue. Some hands-on techniques of getting a pug designer breed must be helpful. Search for pugs and other cuter dog breeds. If you can find suitable matches that shall be great. 

Look for dog shops that let you see pug activities. If you can see your pooch one or two things you can affirm whether they are cute or not. After that, it’s up to you whether you want to select a puppy or reject one. 

You can also get a cute pug puppy online. On online platforms, you can see a pug in various dresses. If you like your pooch in a dress it means he/she is cute. 


Pugs are cute dogs. However, being cute comes with a price. They have a lot of genetic problems that can have ill effects on their health. They are mostly suffering from major diseases including breathing issues. It’s advisable to do proper research before buying your pooch. 

Until and unless you are not sure about it, it’s advisable to wait for some time and then decide whether you want to purchase it or not. 

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