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Why do Chinchillas Dust Bath? #BathTime #BathHouse

Well, you have brought a new chinchilla and gradually learning a few things about your new pet. But one of the strange habits that you may find quite unique and different is how chinchillas bathe in dust.

Well, that is precisely what we will be covering today. Why do chinchillas dust bath and how often do they need to do that. In this post, we will make an attempt to understand what precisely a chinchilla dust bath is all about. We will also learn about a few good dust bath houses you can choose for your beloved chinchilla.

Why do Chinchillas Dust Bath?

Chinchillas are quite cute and fluffy. In fact, they do have the softest ever fur that you would ever find on any of the animals. In fact, the abundant and fine hair follicles are what would make it one of the most fluffy coats ever.

The self-cleaning that chinchillas opt for is what makes them take a dust bath. Dust baths are how chinchillas would want to keep themselves healthy and clean. Taking a dust bath can be one of the right means for the chinchilla to groom itself. It will help the chinchilla to keep itself completely clean and helps keep the hair lush and luxurious.

But how can dust baths be helpful for the chinchillas to stay clean and healthy? Well, that is an excellent option to clean their coats of any debris and other elements. In fact, taking dust baths also assists the chinchillas in removing the extra oils and moisture from their skins. The perfect option to take a dust bath is through rolling around, flipping, and flopping in the dust. That’s not the only reason that chinchillas indulge in dust baths. They also love it! They tend to have fun in rolling around in the dust. Thus, in addition to letting them clean themselves, they enjoy doing those flip flops and a host of other tasks.

The chinchillas have really the densest hair ever among its close relatives. They have around 75 to 80 hair emerging from each of the follicles. This hair or fur density is much needed in its natural habitat where it needs to protect itself from the severe cold so that to can retain heat.

In their natural habitat, they get access to the volcanic ash and use it for rolling over in it. However, in case of a pet chinchilla where it would not get access to volcanic ash and thus would need dust for rolling over.

why do chinchillas dust bath

How Often do Chinchillas Need Dust Baths?

That should be something that we would not be able to state anything specific about. Chinchillas do not have a fixed routine that they abide by. Ideally speaking, the chinchillas take dust baths once or twice a week.

Each of those dust baths would take around 5 to 10 minutes at the most. Chinchillas usually take the dust baths during the evenings as this is the time they are most active. Do note that you should provide your chinchilla with a dust bath at least two times a week. That should be one of the most ideal frequency in most of the cases.

However, just ensure that the dust bath arrangement is made available throughout the day. There are two reasons we do not want you to opt for the dust bath house an always available option. For one, your chinchilla may begin using the dust bathhouse as a litter box. Yet another reason is too much grooming can make the skin and fur go dry.

While the frequency of two times in a week is dependent on the weather conditions in your area. Based on the specific humidity and other conditions in your locality, you can change the frequency of the dust bath for your chinchilla.

Do remember one thing – Chinchillas do need dust baths as that is the best that their dense hair can get. The dust bath provides your chinchillas with an excellent option to absorb natural oils and maintain their fur cleaner and healthier.

A Few Factors You Need to be Careful About Dust Bath

To begin with, make sure you buy the genuine dust from the authorized sellers. Never use the normal sand or similar other dust-like substance. They may be dangerous and can even cause serious concerns as long as the health of your pet is concerned.

Yet another vital factor you need to consider is not to keep the dust bath container inside the chinchilla cage. You can use it as an enticement for entering into the cage. Do note that a dust bath for the chinchillas should be equivalent to what shower stands for the humans.

What is Chinchilla Dust Made of?

So, how would you help your chinchilla get the best possible dust bath ever? Then you need to understand what exactly your pet chinchilla needs for the best possible experience. The environment of the dust bathhouse you want to get for your chinchilla should be equivalent – as much as possible – to its natural habitat.

That would man your chinchilla dust bath environment should have high-quality chinchilla dust or sand that your pet chinchilla would be comfortable with. Under ideal conditions, chinchilla dust would consist of fine grey sand and is made entirely of natural volcanic mountain pumice.

In addition to the dust or sand, you would also need to have access to a bathtub. They can be made available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Of course, that should not have anything to do with the specific requirements of your chinchilla. The dust baths would come in a variety of materials in terms of constructions – a few options being ceramic, plastic, or wooden containers.

Of course, the dust need not necessarily be placed inside the dust bathhouse. However, using a bathhouse will help the pet owners avoid the mess that your chinchilla may create while taking a dust bath.

Do remember that you should not use any dust for the dust bathhouse. You should always purchase the dust from the stores. You should opt for the specifically created for chinchillas.

How Much Dust Would You Need for a Chinchilla Dust Bath?

How much dust does a chinchilla need for a dust bath? Ideally speaking, your chinchilla would need to have at least 2 inches of dust in the dust container. Do note that this is irrespective of the type of container and dust you are using.

Reusing the dust a second time may be permissible if it is clean. You may need to discard it if it has been there in the cage for a prolonged period of time.

Best Dust Bath House For Your Tamed Chinchilla

Well, now that you are aware of why chinchillas take a dust bath and how you should facilitate the dust bath, let us now check out few specific products you would get access to if you really want to find your chinchillas enjoying the best possible dust bath experience.

Chinchilla Dry Dust Bath

Anxyuan Chinchilla Dry Dust Bath

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This is one of the most convenient and comfortable options you can provide excellent dust bath options for your pets. Just ensure that you opt for the right size of the bathhouse depending upon the size of the chinchilla you own.

The bathhouse is made of sturdy plastic and can be cleaned rather easily. The two-piece design should ideally make it one of the most preferred options for more comfortable cleaning and storage. The enclosed design can be one of the strongest points that should help you take care of the scattering the dust. The three lock construction is yet another excellent option for avoiding the lid from coming off accidentally. The bathhouse comes with a design that offers the natural instincts for the pet chinchilla.

Best Chinchilla Bath House

Kaytee Small Animal Bath

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It is yet another excellent option that helps you provide a genuinely perfect option of providing a dust bath to your pet chinchilla. It efficiently provides you access to a very natural bathing behavior of your pet chinchilla.

The bathhouse is constructed with durable translucent plastic, and that would be something that should assist you in watching your beloved chinchilla flipping and flopping. One of the best options that would make it a great choice is it does come with a free sample of Kaytee chinchilla bath sand. The enclosed design would be one of the excellent options that help you avoid the unnecessary mess that the chinchilla may create while taking the dust bath.

Hamster Dust Bath House

Hamiledyi Hamster Dust Bath House

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The dust bathhouse does provide you access to an enhanced experience – both for you and your chinchilla. The bathhouse is made of high-quality plastic and offers you a genuinely compact, durable, and lightweight construction.

The bite resistant material is one of the best options that make this bathhouse highly effective and efficient. The dust bathhouse is made of 100 percent natural rubber. The gentle material takes care of the smaller animals and handles them quite efficiently. Your chinchilla gets access to an improved natural and instinctive dust bath experience making it the best gift for your pet. Highly lightweight and a natural means for your dust bathhouse, it should provide a natural means to your chinchilla to clean itself up.

Before we can check out the best chinchilla dust you can buy, we thought it would be a good idea to understand what exactly is chinchilla dust ad what you should look for in your choice of chinchilla dust.

What is Chinchilla Dust?

As we are aware, chinchillas are the unique rodents usually found in  Andes mountain ranges of Northern Chile or other similar regions. That is precisely what makes them so furry and fluffy. The thick coat of fur is especially useful and practical in avoiding the loss of heat and moisture in the extremely colder conditions.

The chinchillas tend to take a dust bath at least twice a week, and this is done as part of their grooming activity. The chinchillas’ flip-flop and roll around in dust – which is normally in the form of volcanic ash in their natural habitat.

The commercially available chinchilla dust accurately replicates the volcanic ash. The volcanic ash can penetrate through the skin of your pet chinchilla and clean it of the moisture and oils that may be trapped inside the fur.

Using any other similar sand or dust may not be the right choice. It can cause irritation to the chinchilla and even damage the fur. That is precisely why you need to go with the genuine dust or sand that comes from reliable manufacturers.

A Few Good Chinchilla Dust Options You Can Get Access To

Here are some good Dust Options for your tamed Chinchilla:

Kaytee Chinchilla Dust

The dust is extremely high quality and offers you a very natural dusting powder. It can be one of the excellent options for helping you out in cleaning up and grooming the coat of your pet chinchilla. Keep your pet healthy and cleaner with the Kaytee Chinchilla Dust.

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The pack comes with two pounds of dusting powder that can be useful for cleaning up your pet for a considerable period of time. The product is made from 100 percent pumice and the perfect choice designed for chinchillas alone. Just ensure that you discard it if it gets mixed with water or moisture. If you use it with any other pets other than chinchillas, it may cause the issue such as allergy or itching.

Poof Blue Cloud Dust

Your chinchilla will definitely love it. It is a 100 percent Blue Cloud dust with no additives of any nature. This can be one of the excellent options for assuring that your chinchilla stays with the best possible grooming options ever.

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The OxBow is what would make it one of the excellent options for your chinchillas. This can be one of the perfect options for ensuring a good deal of physical and emotional well-being of your pet chinchilla.

In Conclusion

Grooming is an essential part of a pet’s life, and that should be more so with the chinchillas. Chinchillas do need a dust bath at least two times per week. The tips and ideas shared above should ideally help you arrive at the best possible experience.

The dust bath is what would help your chinchillas groom themselves in the most natural manner. You would need a specialized bathhouse or container and the right type of dust for the purpose. In addition to cleaning himself up, a dust bath can also be a great fun activity for the pet. They want to get crazy, and the above discussion should provide you with enough information on how to make that possible.

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