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8 Basking Rocks/ Platforms for Turtles – A Perfect Guide

Turtles spent most of the time underwater. However, they do need heat to stay healthy. The most important thing being UV rays which help to improve metabolism, regulate the mood, or produce vitamin D3 which is essential to make their bones and other organs strong. These UV rays can be obtained by exposing the turtle to natural sunlight or UV bulbs. This process is called basking.


However, they need to have a dry platform when they are basking. Thus, we create artificial platforms for the turtles to bask. There are rocks and various artificial platforms available in the market. Here are a few basking rocks for turtles.

8 Basking Rocks/ Platforms for Turtles

Well, when you get a pet turtle, you need to take care of the ambiance and necessities for them. Basking is one of the essential activities for turtles. For, that you need to provide your little turtle with a basking platform.

We would like to make it easier for you, by giving you some best options for turtle basking.

LaBrinx Hanging Ramp – Aquatic Turtle Basking Platform


  • Can be hung up in 11 inches high tank
  • Total length of ramp is 13″
  • Ramp is fitted with friction grip tape
  • Acrylic struture
  • Adjustable height.

Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper – Basking Platform for Turtle Aquariums


  • Tank topper for basking
  • Suitable for 55 gallon tank
  • It is 13″ wide
  • Grill door at the top
  • Removable Hanging Platform

Zilla Basking Ramp


  • Plastered, hardened and colored with special coat
  • Step design
  • Top surface is 6″*4″
  • Can be easily cleaned

Penn Plax Turtle Basking Platform


  • Height of ramp may vary from 8″ to 10″
  • Ideal for a 20-gallon tank
  • Made of acrylic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Can mount the ramp at your ease

Turtle Dock – Basking Area for Turtles


  • Floating dock for basking
  • Self-levelling feature
  • Made of natural material
  • Small ramp to climb

Exo Terra Turtle Bank Magnetic Floating Island


  • Magnetic support to the surface
  • Gets automatically adjusted to water levels
  • Easy to mount
  • Tested for safety and health of turtle

Creation Core Large Turtle Pier Reptile Basking Platform


  • High quality ceramic and beutifully tempered
  • Easy to clean
  • Platform has hiding space
  • May be suitable for small turtles

Reptile Basking Platform Tortoise Rock Plate


  • May not float above the water
  • Easy to clean
  • Good moisturising effect
  • Helps for grinding nails
  • Natual rock plate

These few options are the best basking rocks or platforms for the turtles. The not only add to the beauty of the turtle tanks but also provide them with natural habitat for their living. Now, let us see a few more facts on turtle basking.

Why Do Turtles Bask?

Well, turtles bask for a healthy life and absorb the required amount of heat from the sun or the UV lamps. So, the turtles are basking for the following reasons:

  • Heat Absorption
  • UVB Absorption
  • Drying Out Themselves

Let us elaborate on each of these reasons:

Heat Absorption

The heat on which the turtles bask is required to improve their metabolism, which in turn improves its activeness. Turtles are less active as the temperature of the water keeps falling. Thus, to gain heat they come out of the water to bask in natural sunlight.

If we have a pet turtle, we need to create a basking platform wherein the turtles absorb artificial lights for basking. Water being a poor conductor of heat may not be a sufficient source of heat for the turtles to bask. The absorption of heat is required to maintain the body temperature of the turtles.

UVB Absorption

Turtles absorb UVB rays for producing vitamin D3 which is required for the absorption of calcium in the body of the turtles. Turtles need calcium for the strength of bones muscles in its body. Lack of Vitamin D3 may also lead to severe health complications.

Drying Out Themselves

There might be fungal infections if the turtles are moist continuously. Thus, it is important for turtles to dry out themselves in the heat. This will help the turtles to be free from algae and fungal infections. No wonder, algae might not be harmful for turtles, they might spoil the aerodynamic structure of the turtle’s shell.

These were the few reasons, why turtles bask. However, if your turtle is not basking it might be a matter of concern. Let us know why a turtle is not basking?

Why Is My Turtle Not Basking?

There can be several reasons for why your turtle is not basking. Let us list a few of them:

  • If your turtle is new to your home, wherein it has come from its natural habitat away from its friends, it may take time to adjust. It may be scared of new ambiance and people around and thus the turtle would not bask.
  • If the turtle is pregnant, it might not bask due to its health and discomfort. You need to let them have their own space.
  • If the turtle is stressed with high volumes or improper handling, it might get scared and uncomfortable in which case it will not bask.
  • The basking area might be overheated which can cause burns on turtle shells. So, if the basking area is too hot, they might not bask.
  • A turtle needs comfortable access to the basking area like it should have a proper ramp to climb the basking spot. Also, it should not be slippery and the top should be spacious enough as per the turtle’s size to bask on.

After knowing these few reasons, you may give the turtle time, treats of what they like to eat, and all other possible comforts to adjust and start basking. Still, if it doesn’t, it is a matter of concern and you may need to consult a vet.

How Long Do Turtles Bask?

Turtles generally bask for 2-8 hours a day. Turtles are aquatic animals and they spend most of their time underwater. However, to boost their metabolism, have a healthy life, and prevent themselves from fungal infections they need to expose themselves to sunlight or UV lights.

How Hot Should A Turtle Basking Area Be?

The basking area should ideally be at a temperature of 75°-88° F (24°-31° C). Except for species like the red-eared slider, the turtle may not need excess light and temperature if it is already around 65°-70°F (18°-24°C).

Also, it is likely that if your water temperature is already 85°F, your turtle may need a basking temperature of around 95°F for your turtle to come to the basking platform. If the temperature of the water and basking area is the same, the turtle might be reluctant to come out for basking.

Also, ensure that the basking area is not overheated to cause any burns to the turtle shells.

What Happens If The Turtle Doesn’t Bask?

If a turtle does not bask in the sunlight or UV lamps, it would not get the required amount of heat for its shell and also it won’t be able to maintain the temperature of the body. It would reduce the metabolism of their body. Also, they might not be able to dry themselves and may be prone to fungal infections.

If the turtle doesn’t bask for a prolonged period and also you are not aware of the reasons of the same, you ought to visit a vet to know what is wrong with your turtle. Your turtle may be going through some severe health issues which you need to detect very well in time.

Concluding Thoughts on Turtle Basking

By now we know, which are a few best basking platforms for the turtles. Also, we saw certain facts of why the turtles bask and why don’t they and so on and forth. Basking is very important for the health of a turtle. For this, a perfect turtle tank not just needs basking platforms but also many options like water heaters, UVB lamps, so on and so forth. We shall see them all in detail.

Hope you get the best basking platform for your turtle and provide them with natural habitat. For any suggestions and improvements write to us in the comments section below.

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