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Do Female Rabbits have Periods? #Bleeding #Heat Cycle #Red Urine

There are times you would witness blood around your female rabbits. This will naturally give rise to a doubt in your mind – do female rabbits have periods? Do rabbits go through a menstrual cycle as humans do? We undertook research and thought of what we came across.

Do Female Rabbits Have Periods?

No, rabbits do not have periods. Ovulation occurs in the female rabbit in a process called induced ovulation. This means the female rabbit ovulates only during or just prior to mating, in the presence of a suitable male rabbit in response to the mating behaviour. Thus, there is not cyclical reproduction as in the case of humans. If you find blood across the reproductive organs of a female rabbit, it would indicate a severe medical condition.

Having provided you with a straight answer to the question of whether female rabbits have periods, we will learn more about the reproductive system of the rabbits in more detail.

Ovulation in rabbits is caused by what is caused by induced ovulation. That would mean a female rabbit will respond only to an external stimulus and begin ovulating. The induced ovulation can occur when suitable males are in close proximity and when a make rabbit attempts to mount them.

This response is known as heat or oestrous cycle. This can run and is maintained throughout the year. That would mean rabbits can be in the heat throughout the year, and thus a rabbit can have all the probability of conceiving again within the period of 24 hours of giving birth.

Since induced ovulation does not come with any sort of bleeding, you will not find the female rabbit having any sort of periods or similar reproductive behaviour. Rabbits follow the oestrous cycle when compared to the menstrual cycle as in case of other mammals.

Do Female Rabbits Have Periods

Why is my Rabbit Bleeding from the Bottom?

If you find rabbit bleeding from the bottom, you should find the exact reason for the occurrence. A rabbit bleeding from the bottom can indicate a list of medical conditions. One of the prime reasons for a rabbit bleeding from the bottom can include the ailments of the anus.

The problem of the ailment which causes the rabbit to bleed from the bottom can result from the birth and thus is entirely congenital. In any case, this can also occur as a result of any type of scar that builds around the anus. The bleeding from the bottom can even happen when the rabbits fight between themselves. The scar tissue can further grow up and can cause the blockage of the anus.

You can check out the other symptoms to ascertain that there are no other issues making the rabbits bleed from the bottom.

You should check a few other symptoms that include:

  • Urine is slightly red-tinged
  • A painful abdomen. You can ascertain it by touching the abdomen and find if the rabbit flinches.
  • Bruising around the anus and other regions
  • Tumour or lump in the abdomen region
  • An enlarged bladder can cause the bleeding from bottom in a rabbit.
  • Bladder stones or kidney stones can be yet another reason that can cause your rabbit bleeding from the bottom.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be worthwhile to get your rabbit checked up by a vet.

Do Rabbits Bleed when Pregnant?

Rabbits do not bleed when pregnant. It may be just red urine in many cases. If you find repeated instances of bleeding when the rabbit is pregnant, it can be an indication that there is something wrong. One of the causes a pregnant rabbit bleed can be because it had a miscarriage. Check if you have any fetuses. In any case, it would be practical to take your rabbit to a vet to rule out any severe health issues.

Rabbits tend to mate even when it is pregnant at times though not quite common. In such cases, you may observe issues such as bleeding in a pregnant rabbit.

Why Is My Rabbits Urine Red?

Red urine is one of the common symptoms of some severe health conditions. One of the common signs you may come across can be the case of red Urine. While you may be under the impression that the rabbit is having a period, it may be an indication of an issue.

Rabbit pee is actually a pale yellow or dark yellow. It may also be carrot orange, brown or even bright red. In essence, the colour of the urine can change according to several conditions that include either hydration or diet. The diet is essentially one of the reasons that can make the rabbit urine red. One of the common reasons can consist of the plant pigment from plant food.

A few of the reasons that can cause red urine in rabbits can include:

  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Change in season,
  • Consuming Fir Leaves,
  • Consuming carrots, spinach or other vegetables

It may not be easy to find a rabbit peeing red. However, one of the prime signs that rabbit has blood in its urine can be to find your rabbit straining when peeing. It can be a classic case of infection of the urinary bladder.

It is not uncommon to find the pet rabbits suffering from Hematuria. Hematuria is a technical term used for the condition of the blood in the urine. The primary causes that cause the blood in the urine can include the urinary tract infection. It can also be caused by an infection in the reproductive tract if you find the issue in an unspayed rabbit.

When do Rabbits Come into Heat?

The female rabbits come into their first heat cycle when they are four months of age. Once this is done, the heat cycle will never end. There may be times when she is sexually more active than at other times. It can breed practically at any time, but most probably, you will find that breeding is most likely between March and September.

Rabbits do come into heat quite frequently. Your rabbit would constantly be in heat. They have an urge to keep their species alive when in the wild. This tendency carries ahead even in the case of the domesticated rabbits.

What are the Symptoms A Female Rabbit Is In Heat?

When your rabbit is in heat, you will notice it exhibiting a few clear signs to indicate it. Some of these changes will be personality-specific, while a few other symptoms would be physical in nature. A few of these signs can be quite obvious, but a few others may not be easy to detect.

A few signs that a female rabbit is in heat can include:

Aggressive Territoriality
The female rabbit in heat will make an all-out attempt to guard its territory. A tinge of jealousy can be observed with respect to her space. At times, she may even get aggressive and will not let you clean her hutch.
You will find the female rabbit marking the space with its urine. This is done to attract the male rabbit. By marking the place with urine, she wants to let the males of her presence and indicates that she is ready for mating.
Enhanced Affection
You may witness an increased affection towards its human owners. However, this behaviour is quite periodical. She will begin to encircle your legs and start rubbing against you.
Seeking Stimulation
More than in the female rabbits in heat, this behaviour can be found in the males. However, even the female rabbit may attempt mounting different objects. She may herself mount another female rabbit, or invite others to mount on her.
Swell in the Vulva Region
This should be one of the most common physical symptoms of a rabbit in heat. The vulva of the female rabbit in heat will swell and will become clearly visible. It will also change in colour – becoming dark brown or red.
Restless Behaviour
The female rabbit will become extremely restless. It will stop eating or drinking. In fact, it may even stop relaxing or sleeping. You will find that she is much distracted.

Do Male Rabbits have a Heat Cycle?

No, Male rabbits do not have a heat cycle. In fact, since the male rabbits do not ovulate and thus do not necessarily come into heat. However, they will still feel compelled to mate all through the day and year. As soon as a male rabbit reaches sexual maturity, he always has an urge to mate with a female rabbit.

When a male rabbit is in so-called heat (it isn’t the heat in the scientific sense of the word), it can become extremely restless and can even be destructive with everything that comes in its way. When it does not find a female to mate with, it will end up getting frustrated.

What are signs of the male rabbit in the heat? These can be helpful:

Humping & Mounting Behaviour
The male rabbit will mount on practically anything that he finds. He just needs to release his pent up urge.
Mood Swings
You will find the male rabbit affectionate and friendly at one moment, and he will turn arrogant the next moment. He may even bite you in some cases. He will be playful once and will turn frustrated the next moment.
Just like a female rabbit, the male rabbit in heat can become completely territorial. You will find him marking the space with urine. The urine will smell quite potent, perhaps giving a signal to the female rabbit.
The gnawing is not a sign of the heat in a male rabbit, but this is caused by the frustration. It will begin chewing on anything that it finds.

How Long Do Rabbits Stay in Heat?

The average days that a rabbit will stay in the heat is around 16 days. However, do note that there is no specific time that the heat will return. One heat cycle will last 16 days and may return within a couple of days and will again for the next 16 days!

During these 16 days, your female rabbit will seek a male for mating. It will straightaway mate with any of the males if it lives in the shares the same hutch with many rabbits. As we stated already, the rabbits do not ovulate before mating. It begins ovulating when the mating begins!

So, how long actually do rabbits stay in heat? The rabbits do not really come out of the heat. The heat cycle of the rabbit never ends. Once a male or female rabbit enters heat for the first time, it stays in a loop of 16 days unless it is fertilised. Even when the rabbit is fertilised, it is not uncommon to find a rabbit getting pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth to a kit.

So, technically, a rabbit never comes out heat until it is spayed or dies. They do not have menopause either. Of course, since rabbits do not have periods, the question of menopause does not arise either.

Will a Rabbit go into Heat when Pregnant?

Ideally, a rabbit will not enter into heat when it is pregnant. You will find the same behaviour when your rabbit is experiencing a false pregnancy. However, you will find that the rabbit will exhibit the same tendency and physical characteristics when it is pregnant.

The female rabbit will be moody and shows a territorial tendency in pregnancy as well as in the case of being in heat. You will find that she gets angry and aggressive when you move to her hutch and try messing with it. But, do notice that the rabbit will spring back from pregnancy and will be in the heat quite soon. This can further cause a new pregnancy.

Concluding Thoughts on Rabbits Having Period & Going into Heat

Well, females rabbits do not have periods, but they will remain in heat throughout their life once they enter the heat cycle at the age of four months. That would mean you will not witness your rabbit bleeding, whether in heat or in pregnancy. Just in case you find the rabbit bleeding, it would be a wiser call to get in touch with your vet.

When you witness redness in your rabbit from the genital area or anus, it can be due to several reasons. It can be because of the red pigment for its food or even an actual bloody discharge. But, since the rabbits do not have blood discharge under normal circumstances, if you notice any such discharge, it would be a great idea to consult your vet than waiting for the worst to occur.

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