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How to Clean Rabbits Feet, Fur, Eyes, Ears, Bottom and Urine Stains? #Complete Hygiene

Rabbits are very adorable and cute pets. Their furry texture makes them simply like a cute soft toy to play with. However, if you have them as a pet, you definitely need to maintain them. You have to take care of all, be it personal hygiene, vaccinations and many other things.

How to Clean Rabbits Feet?

One commonly asked question is how to clean rabbit’s feet and fur? You can clean the rabbits soiled feet with or without the bath depending on the dirt that is accumulated on its feet. You can simply wipe it off with a towel or brush it. On the other hand, you can clean its fur with a soft brush.

This was a brief answer to this question. We shall see the depth of the methods used for cleaning a rabbit in different scenarios. We shall also note down the dos and don’ts for rabbit’s hygiene.

Reasons for Rabbits Yellowed Feet

What Are the Reasons for Rabbits Yellowed Feet?

Before understanding the methods of cleaning the rabbit’s feet, let us know the reasons for why the rabbit’s feet become dirty?

  • Urinary problems can be one of the reasons making the rabbits yellow, wet and stinky.
  • A small hutch may be difficult for the bunny to clean it’s litter, thus making the rabbit dirty.
  • Rabbits spraying may make the other rabbit in the cage to turn yellow.
  • Also, if the inner part of the hind legs of your rabbit has become red and sore, the feet may turn yellow (urine scalding).
  • If your bunny has an outdoor hutch, it may run around the garden or area around dirtying its feet.

One also needs to understand not always that the rabbit’s fur turns yellow means it is a stain on its body. Rabbits often molt and sometimes they may have a different coloured fur growing on its body. However, if it is only the bottom which has turned yellow, high chances it might be a stain.

How to Clean Rabbit Feet?

Well, we know the reasons for why the rabbit’s feet may turn yellow or get soiled. However, we need to ensure that it is cleaned in the right way. Let us see how to clean the rabbit feet?

Clean the Rabbit Living Space Often

You definitely need to give healthy and hygienic condition to the little one so that it does not get dirty and become prone to any of the diseases. Clean the litter and dust from the rabbit hutch regularly. However, instead of all cleaning your rabbit may still litter and step in it.

Hold your Rabbit and Calm it

Firstly, you need to hold your rabbit and make it calm. Bunnies generally don’t like to be held. And if you stimulate suddenly, they might get hyper and try to run away. So, firstly you need to hold them right and make them feel secure.

Take a Dry and Wet Kitchen Cloth

You need to take a kitchen cloth and wet it with slightly warm water. Hold your bunny on your lap and slightly clean it with the wet towel and again pat the feet with dry kitchen towel to ensure it does not get dirty once it moves on the floor again. In this process, you can take a towel on your lap to avoid your clothes from getting wet.

If the Stain is Stubborn

Well, light dirt can be easily removed with wet and dry kitchen cloth. However, if the stain is stubborn you follow the below method:

  • Mix water and apple cider vinegar in proportion of 50:50 in the spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on rabbit’s feet.
  • Apply the corn starch powder on the feet till the feet is covered with paste like mixture.
  • Let it dry and then brush it off with a soft brush gently.

The fur might have turned white by now. But, if the stain is very stubborn you may have to repeat this process multiple times.

Cut the Nails of your Bunny

The rabbits have the habit of scratching the ground if their nails have become too long. They do this to stop the nail growth. You may help your bunny trim the nails and discourage scratching of ground. This will keep your rabbit’s feet clean as they won’t soil it.

Trimming the nails can be a task. You can take your bunny to the vet or do it by yourself. If you are opting to do it by yourself, make sure you don’t trim the pinkish part of the nail. This pink part contains blood vessels which runs in the middle of each nail. A cut on this pink area may cause pain to the bunny, sometimes leading to bleeding.

These were a few ways and methods on how to keep your rabbit’s feet clean. Well now, let us see how to clean pee stains from rabbit’s body, it’s fur, ears, etc.

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How to Remove Pee Stains from Rabbit’s Body?

Well, you don’t every time keep a watch on whether your bunny has peed. Sometimes it may move out and sometimes it may simply dirty itself in its own pee causing stains on the fur. One can easily remove the pee stains to avoid causing itching on the rabbit’s skin and irritation. Following are the two ways:

  1. Remove pee stains by bathing with water (Wet Bath)
  2. Remove pee stains by bathing with powder (Dry Bath)

Remove pee stains by bathing with water (Wet Bath)

Well, this is the best method of removing the pee stains. A thorough bath with water and shampoo can make this simple task possible. However, you need to be careful about certain things listed below:

  • You cannot use the same shampoo as that for the humans nor can you use any kind of detergent. Both can be too harsh for the rabbit’s delicate skin and fur.
  • There are special shampoos suitable for rabbits. You can use it ensure a fresh bath for your little bunny.

Bunny Wet Bath

If you are bathing your bunny in the sink, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. You need to take a shallow vessel of around 4-5 inches deep.
  2. Run a lukewarm water in this vessel upto 2.5 inches.
  3. Add shampoo (specially for rabbits) to this water.
  4. Now, wash the rear area of the bunny thoroughly with this mix of water.
  5. Also, you can remove the dried and thickened pee stains from the fur with your hands.
  6. Ensure that you dry the bunny after bath using a soft towel. The wet bunny may become ill and add to the matter of concern.

While performing this entire process, one needs to be very careful about holding your bunny well. Rabbits do not like to be held, so it might get frustrated when you hold it for bathing.

Remove pee stains by bathing with powder (Dry Bath)

Sometimes, your bunny may not prefer taking a wet bath. In that case, you need to find an alternative of dry bath. For dry bath you simply need a corn starch powder. You apply the powder on the body of the rabbit.

The dry powder sticks on the body of the rabbit and absorbs the pee. Then slightly dab it with a soft cloth the stains shall be removed. You may also have to pull out some hard stains manually with your hands.

Well, these too ways shall help you get rid of pee stains from your bunny’s body. This will not ensure a healthy pet for you, but it will also keep the surrounding happy and clean.

However, even after bathing your rabbit the stains don’t go, there might be a matter of concern and you may need to consult a vet to see if there is no urine scalding or any other urinary infection to your bunny.

How Often Should You Bathe a Bunny?

How Often Should You Bathe a Bunny?

Bunny need not be bathed very often. You can decide on bathing a bunny only in case of extremely dirty condition of your pet. The skin of your bunny is quite delicate and needs extra care.

However, you need to ensure the cleanliness of the rabbit’s fur quite often. Let us see how to clean the rabbit fur.

How to Clean Rabbit Fur?

It is quite simple to clean rabbit fur. You simply need a soft bristle brush to rub on the fur. Your bunny gets well groomed. Not only that, regular cleaning of the fur ensures the dirt doesn’t reach the skin of the rabbit. Thus, the cleaning of fur with a brush gently is a healthy practice with regards to a pet bunny to ensure there is no skin infection caused to its extremely delicate skin.

How to clean rabbit fur

Well, you can decide on bathing your bunny if it is completely dirty or soiled. But make sure you don’t often bathe your bunny. Brushing it gently shall suffice. You also need to trim the fur often so that the long fur of a bunny does not get dirtier and difficult to clean.

How to Clean Rabbit Bottom?

Rabbits have scent glands on either sides of its rear areas. This area around anus may get dirty and stinky due to pee and poop. This area needs cleaning almost every day. Cleaning of this stinky portion ensures that the rabbit need not be cleaned entirely very often.

how to clean rabbit bottom

Well, the question is how to clean the rabbit bottom? Firstly, it is very difficult to hold your bunny upside down to clean this rear area. You should take the assistance of someone while cleaning it. Dampen a piece of cotton in warm water and rub it on to the scented glands. This shall help you clean the bottom of the rabbit thoroughly without the need to bathe them completely.

How to Clean Rabbit Eyes?

Your bunny may secret some substance from its eyes are not opening or creating a stain of the fluid below their eyes. You can simply use a soft and wet dampened cloth in warm water and place it on the bunny’s eyes. Make sure you don’t pressurize its eyes and the cloth is gently kept on the eyes. After a few seconds, the water shall loosen all the secreted substance from the eyes which can be cleaned gently with a soft cloth.

how to clean rabbit eyes

However, even if the substance does not get cleaned or your bunny is not opening its eyes after repeating the process twice or thrice, you need to consult the vet immediately. Also, if your bunny is continuously shedding tears, it might be a matter of concern. Again, in this case you need to consult the vet to check if there is anything serious with your bunny’s health.

How to Clean Rabbit Ears?

When it comes to cleanliness, one of the crucial parts of a bunny which needs cleaning is the ears. Bunnies have long ears with a large network of blood vessels in it which provide a surface for heat exchange. Hence, the rabbit ears need to be cleaned with utmost care.

how to clean rabbit ears

Some of the ways on how to clean rabbit ears are as follows:

  • Use a Q-tip (Large and Small)
  • Use a ear wax remover with LED light
  • Use a wax removing solution (Recommended by your Vet)
  • Use coconut or olive oil

Let us see the details of using each of the above methods:

Use a Q-tip (Large and Small)
  • Dip the cotton Q-tip in the warm water (make sure it is not hot).
  • Put this Q-tip slowly into the rabbit’s ears only till your sight reaches.
  • Extract the scoop of wax build-up in the ears.
  • Repeat the process until the ears are completely cleaned.
Use a Ear Wax Remover With LED Light

In this method, you can use a wax remover which comes with LED light. There is small scooper like structure which help to remove the unwanted built-up in the ear. The in-built LED light helps you see the wax in the years visibly. Thus, during the process of removing the wax you might not end up hurting your bunny’s delicate ears.

Use a Wax Removing Solution (Recommended by your Vet)

For this method, we recommend you to consult your vet for which wax removing solution to be used. You simply add the drops of this solution in the rabbit’s ears and make it sleep with ear towards the ground. The wax gets released from the ears and comes on the top which can easily be removed using a cotton swab.

Use Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

You can make the oil slightly lukewarm and insert a few drops into the ears. This will help the wax get released and you can then easily remove it using the cotton swab. Also, you can give a soft massage to the ears after putting a few drops to extract the wax stuck to the rabbit’s skin deep into the ears.

Well, these are the few tips to clean the rabbit’s ears. However, there are certain precautions to be taken before cleaning the rabbit’s ears:

  • Make sure you make your bunny calm and comfortable before cleaning its ears. If not, you may land up hurting the blood vessels in the ears of your little one.
  • If there is any abnormal sign like unusual build-up, redness, or discharge, you need to consult the vet to see if there are mites on the rabbit’s ears. You can also naturally get rid of rabbit mites if any.
  • Don’t be harsh while doing this activity. Only remove the wax till it is visible to you.
  • Make sure you don’t put in water or anything directly into the ears without consulting your vet.

Well, these are a few methods along with certain precautions to clean the rabbit ears.

What is the Fastest Way to Wash a Rabbit?

When it comes to the fastest way to wash a rabbit, you need to regularly brush your bunny using a soft brush so that there is no scope of dirt settling on its body. However, you can follow dry bathing method to wash a rabbit as it will not consume your time for drying the fur. Also, if the stains are stubborn, one has no option other than giving the bunny a proper wet bath using a shampoo.

That was all about cleaning the rabbit. If your rabbit is left in the house, it will spray everywhere around. Regular cleaning of the urine may not let any stains on your tiles. However, if some part is left unnoticed, you might be in the mess. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with how to remove rabbit urine stains from tiles.

How to Remove Rabbit Urine Stains from Tiles?

You can remove rabbit urine stains from the tiles easily with one of the following methods:

  • Mix vinegar and baking soda. Apply this mixture on the stained tile with a used tooth brush. After 10-15 minutes brush the part again and wash it thoroughly.
  • You can use bleaching powder on the stained portion and brush it with the brush. Wash off the powder thoroughly with water. The stain shall be removed within 5 minutes.
  • Spray Hydrogen peroxide on the stained tile with the help of spray bottle. There will be foam on stained part. Wait until the foam settles. Brush the tile well and wash it.

These few remedies shall easily help you remove the rabbit urine stains from tiles. This will not only ensure hygiene and remove the bad odour, it will also give the shine to your tiles.

Conclusion on How to Clean a Pet Rabbit?

We all know hygiene is a major concern be it for humans or for our pets. Unhygienic conditions may lead to serious illness. In this post, we have tried to cover each and every aspect of why and how to clean a pet rabbit be it in regards to pee stains, its fur, its ears, its bottom. This information shall help you maintain the cleanliness of your bunny and give them a happy and healthy life. Ultimately a Happy and Healthy Pet, is Happy and Healthy You.

If you have any suggestions and experience with regards to bunny hygiene please write to us in the comments section below.

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