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How High Can a Bunny Jump? #Garden Fence #Bed

Bunnies are well-known for their hopping. When you have a pet rabbit, it is mesmerizing to keep watching your little one hop here and there making you actively involved in him. However, they are very delicate, and watching them jump from heights can be frightening.


You should also know, how high can a bunny jump? A height of 3-4 feet shall be a safe height for a bunny to jump from. However, this would vary from species to species. Also, the size and age of a bunny is a big consideration when it comes to knowing how high can a bunny jump.

In this post, shall see the height different species of rabbits like Holland lops, Dwarf rabbits, etc. can jump up to.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Garden Fence?

If you have a garden, there might be many trees and shrubs out there. You need to protect them from the rabbits in your yard. For that, it is essential to create a garden fence that will keep the rabbits out of your beautiful garden. However, you need to know the right height of the fence to stop your bunny from jumping in the garden.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Garden Fence?

Rabbits can jump up to 2 feet high garden fence. If you have a jackrabbit in your vicinity it can easily jump up to 4 feet, if it is chased by another animal or frightened due to any reason. In normal circumstances, a 3 feet high garden fence is sufficient to protect your yard.

However, we know it well that the rabbits dig the ground and create way from below the ground. To ensure that the bunny does not burrow, bury at least 3-6 inches of fence under the ground. Also, make sure the buried portion is bent away from plantings so that even if the rabbit burrows it will not harm the plants. It is always better to take precautions, so keep inspecting the fencing regularly to ensure that the bunnies haven’t created an opening to enter the garden.

This was about the bunnies in the garden and your neighborhood. What if you have them in your home. Can bunnies jump off the beds, furniture, etc.? What are the reasons for your bunny jumping on the bed?

Can Bunnies Jump Off Beds?

If you have a bunny as a pet, it would be hopping on and off the bed again and again. There is absolutely no problem with your bunny jumping on your bed. Just that, you need to be careful that your bunny does not spoil the bed cover with pee/poop stains. However, if you have trained your rabbit to litter, this might not be a matter of concern for you.

can bunny jump off beds

Well, your bunnies can definitely jump off the beds. You simply need to make sure that your bunny is landing on the soft surface when he is jumping off the bed. This can be a carpet or a rug. Also, you can give the support of boxes, pillows, or bolsters for your bunny to land on the floor.

The bunny realizes that it is safe to get on the soft surface, boxes, or pillows and would target that surface to step down. A hard surface may injure the legs of your little one. However, it would be really fun watching and playing with your bunny on your bed.

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Why Does My Bunny Keep Jumping On My Bed?

Well, a pet rabbit is no less than a kid in your house. It is just another kid who loves to hop on your bed. There can be several reasons why your bunny keeps jumping on your bed. Some of the reasons are:

  • A bunny feels safe when it is on your bed. It cherishes safety and loves to gain your attention.
  • The bunny likes nibbling and cuddling with the pillows on the bed.
  • A strange, but factual behavior is rabbits love to pee/poop on the soft surface. They enjoy doing it on the bed. It might be irritating for you though.
  • Your bunny loves to play with you. Hopping is the way of expressing its joy of playing with you.
  • It is absolutely normal if your rabbit is jumping on your bed and playing around. There is nothing to worry about it.

These few reasons clearly depict that there is no harm in your bunny jumping up and down and hopping around your bed. It is simply because they feel safe and happy being with you and around you.

Can Rabbits Jump from High Places?

Rabbits can jump from high places be it a bed, couch, or a balcony. They can easily jump up to 4 feet. They also tend to climb the furniture or cupboards in the house and hide in there. If left undisturbed they would jump small heights and come down, but if frightened they would jump off directly down to the ground.

When your rabbit is at a height, make sure he is left undisturbed and is not frightened due to any reason. Ultimately, your bunny is quite delicate and soft. If he jumps from a height it can cause injury to him. Also, they are prone to crash landings which can become arthritic in the future. Every time they jump from unsafe height their joints and bones stand affected.

Rabbits are quite active. If they are in a scary situation at a height, they would try to escape it even if they are at a height. However, staying at a height makes them feel safe unless they are in the wild.

Will A Rabbit Jump Off a Balcony?

A rabbit has a nature of hopping all around. It also jumps off from high places like furniture or a balcony. Your balcony needs to have at least 4-5 feet fencing in normal circumstances. But a frightened bunny may even jump of that height.

If you have a pet bunny it is better to have cover from the ceiling to the bottom. This is to ensure no predators from outside can harm your bunny and also it can’t jump off the balcony. Also, understand the fact your little rabbit can squeeze itself into the grills.

You need a properly covered balcony if you are keen about keeping your bunny in the balcony. However, in case you don’t wish to block the view of your balcony, you can cover the balcony with Perspex sheets.

How High Can Baby Bunnies Jump?

A baby rabbit is called a kit. A rabbit normally litters 4-5 babies at a time. They are well-born and bought up with their mother. If you have a small bunny and you want to know how old is he, you can consider the following things. No wonder, none can tell the exact age of your bunny. A baby bunny can be recognized by the following considerations:

  • If its eyes are open and it is still taking little hop steps, it might be of simply 10-14 days.
  • At this age, they have a very thin layer of fur-coated on their body. However, a cottontail rabbit must have developed full fur till now.
  • If you see your rabbit moving out of the nest and developing its leg to hop around, it may be of 1 to 2 months.
  • At this age, they move around trying to explore the surroundings by themselves. They would not need their mother around. No wonder, they tend to get back to their mother to sleep, if they are in the wild.
  • Also, they are very curious about exploring things around at this age. So, if you have a baby pet rabbit, you need to be very careful with your belongings.

After identifying, the age of your bunny rabbit with the above considerations, you need to know how high can the baby bunnies jump? Definitely, when you get a pet its safety becomes the top priority just like having a kid.

Well, a baby bunny is more notorious and seems like an athletic. They tend to jump high in the air and twist and turn at a height. This move of the rabbits is called a binky. They can easily jump 4-5 feet high.

rabbit binky

However, baby bunnies are delicate. It may be a breath-taking scene for you when your bunny is jumping so high. You need to take care if you have one as a pet. But, a jumping baby bunny is joyous and adventurous. Ideally, you don’t have to worry about it.

How High Can a Hare Jump?

Many of us might be using the term hare and rabbit interchangeably. Did you know, that’s not the fact? They are completely different although they belong to the same species. So, let us know how are hares different from the rabbits. Some differences are highlighted below:

  • Baby rabbits (kit) are born with eyes closed and very thin fur and hare are born with fur and open eyes due to which they start moving within an hour of birth.
  • Hares look slightly larger in appearance than rabbits.
  • Hares have longer hind legs and longer ears than rabbits.
  • Rabbits generally burrow and hide below the ground (except cottontail rabbits). Hares make their own nests above the ground.
  • Hares are generally wild; rabbits are loved by many as an option to be kept as a pet.
  • Rabbit’s fur does not change color throughout the year; whereas the hare changes its color from summer to winter.
  • Rabbits love to be around people and are thus social; hares like to be with themselves and rarely pair-up to mate.

These were a few differences between hare and rabbits. Well, here we are concerned with how high can a hare jump?

how high can hare jump

A hare has long hind legs which allows to jump really high. They can jump up to a height of 12-feet in a single bound. They also run really fast, their speed being around 45 miles per hour. However, the figures may differ depending upon the different species of hare.

Hares are really faster than rabbits and don not fall prey to other predators easily. They can escape the situation with their speedy running abilities.

Well, this was all about how much does a rabbit jump and what care one needs to take with regards to hopping rabbit in case one has kept it as a pet. Now, let us see how high can a few species of rabbit jump.

How High Can Dwarf Rabbits Jump?

How High Can Dwarf Rabbits Jump?

The Netherland Dwarf rabbits are very small in size. They have a body length of around 7.5”-9”. Their weight ranges from 0.9 kg to 1.1 kgs. They are very delicate and tiny little creatures.

how high can dwarf bunny jump

As far as how high can dwarf rabbits jump is concerned, they can jump a height of around 3.5 feet. So, in case you want to protect your garden from these little creatures, you would need fencing of slightly more than 3.5 feet.

How High Can Holland Lops Jump?

How High Can Holland Lops Jump?

Holland Lops are one of the smallest lop-eared breeds. They are 4-5 inches tall and 10-12 inches stretched. They weigh a maximum of around 1.8 kgs (4 lbs). They are another category of rabbits which is tiny and active.

how high can holland lop jump

The Holland Lops can jump up to 3 feet high. If they find, a surface to land on like a couch, sofa or a bed, they will easily jump up to 3 feet. Not just that, the Holland Lops have a flexible body and so they can easily squeeze themselves in the grill or balcony. You need to take extra care if you have a lop.

How High Can Lionhead Rabbits Jump?

How High Can Lionhead Rabbits Jump?

Lionhead Rabbits have a wool mane encircling the head just like its name implies. They are 8-10 inches in length and weigh around 1 to 3 kgs (2.5 to 3.75 lbs). They are also delicate, soft, and tiny.

how high can lionhead bunny jump

The Lionhead rabbits can jump at least 3 feet high. However, if it feels threatened or is scared it may even jump up to 4 feet. Thus, it is safe to have a fencing of around 4.5-5 feet wherever you want to have safety, be it in a garden or a balcony.

Can Rabbits Jump Higher Than Cats?

Rabbits can generally jump maximum up to 4 feet in case they are frightened. However, some species like jackrabbits can be an exception which can jump about 5 feet also. In normal situations, they can jump up to 3 feet. However, cats can jump much higher than the rabbits, somewhere around 5-6 feet. Cats can easily jump on the kitchen platform, whereas rabbits are limited to the sofas, beds, couches in your home. Thus, we can say rabbits cannot jump higher than cats.

Facts to know on how high can bunny jump?

As per Guinness World Records, the longest cat jump record is of 7 feet (to be precise 213.36 cm) which was created by the 10 years old Waffle the Warrior Cat in the USA. On 30th January 2018. However, there is no high jump record for the cats. One of the species of cat, the Caracal cat, can jump as high as 10 feet.

However, the highest rabbit jump record was created by Tine Hygom in Denmark on 28th June, 1997. He jumped 99.5 cm i.e. 3.2 feet high creating a world record. However, a Yabo from Denmark maintained by Maria Brunn Jensen has jumped as long as 9 feet 9.6 inches creating a world record.

From these records, we can identify the bunny cannot jump higher than cats, but they definitely jump longer than cats.

Final Verdict on Rabbit Jumping

Rabbits are hopping always and they love to jump around. However, they are very delicate and soft. Continuous jumping up and down may be dangerous for their health. Not just that, it can lead to arthritic problems in cats. However, the rabbits jumping on your bed are quite enthusiastic and happy. You cannot always stop your bunny from jumping, but you can definitely give them a soft surface to land on wherein they don’t land up hurting their legs.

Well, this was all about rabbit jumping. If you have any personal views or experience of how high can rabbits jump, write to us in the comments section below.

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