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How do Parakeets Sleep? #BedTime Facts of Budgies

If you are a parakeet owner, you need to know all the facts about their sleeping, bathing, emotions, breeding and many more things. In this post, we shall highlight all the facts regarding the parakeets sleeping patterns. What time they love to sleep or how they sleep or what are their needs when they sleep?

By the end of this post, every parakeet lover shall be well-versed on information about how do parakeets sleep.

how do parakeets sleep?

How Do Parakeets Sleep? / How Can I Tell My Parakeet is Sleeping? #Images

If you have parakeets in your house, you shall know how do they sleep. Following are the signs when you can say the parakeet is sleeping:

  • The parakeets close their eyes when sleeping. However, if the parakeet’s eyes are closed that does not necessarily mean, it is sleeping. Sometimes, even if they are feeling cozy, they simply close their eyes to rest.
  • Another common pattern observed during the parakeets sleeping is they rest on one leg. They tuck another leg in the feathers to avoid loss of heat via the featherless legs. They tend to have a good grip on the cage bars or the swing with the single leg tucked.
  • Many times the parakeets tend to tuck their heads into the feathers. They do this to relax after keeping the heads up for the whole day. This gives them a comfortable sleep.

Well, in a natural environment where parakeets are surrounded with trees, they generally hold on to the top-most branch with their legs. The tightly hold the perch of the tree with one leg and another tucked into their feathers while sleeping.

Do Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

The parakeets don’t really tend to sleep with open eyes. During the day, they generally are taking a nap and even the slight movement wakes them up which might seem like a blink of an eye to you. However, at night when there is complete silence, they tend to sleep just like humans do.

In all, the parakeets do not sleep with open eyes. They tend their head on the back and sleep comfortably with closed eyes.

This is how parakeets sleep. Now, let us see many more questions that come to mind about parakeet sleeping.

Do Parakeets Need a Bed?

Just like any human feels most comfortable in their own bedding, the parakeets too love their privacy and feel safe in their own nest or huts. The secured feel helps them relax and restfully sleep. Thus, having a bed for your parakeets shall assure them a feeling of safety and peace.

A few good nesting beds we would recommend are:

hanging warm bird house

Hanging Bed for Parakeets & Budgies

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This is a small parakeet bed which you can hang in the cage with the help of two hooks on the top. You can also choose to simply place it at the bottom of the cage.

This soft cage can add to the décor of the cage. It is a warm and great private space for a bird to rest peacefully. The birds shall not only sleep peacefully in the nest but also play around it happily.

hanging natural bird house with ladder

Sun Grow Bird House with Ladder

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This bird house is made up of natural and sustainable materials. The coconut used in this house gives it a natural texture which also encourages foot and beak exercises of the bird. This can also be used as a bird feeder.

It is also a comfortable house for the budgies to rest in. They feel safe and comfortable in this natural surrounding designed for them. The ladder added to the house gives them more pleasure as they enjoy playing on it too.

These beds shall be a great choice if you are looking for comfortable sleep for your budgies.

Do Parakeets Need to be Covered at Night?

Parakeets, in the natural habitat tend to rest in the holes in the trees where it is completely dark and they also feel safe. To provide them with such a habitat, you might cover the cage with a cotton cloth. This can also ensure there is no disturbance due to any movements outside the cage while they are asleep.

However, make sure that your bird is not behaving unusually due to covering the cage at night. At times, they might be more comfortable with the uncovered cage. You simply need to observe the sleeping and behavioral pattern of your budgie.

Also, ensure that the parakeet is sleeping for 10-12 hours a day to have good health. The lack of sleep might sign the sickness of the little budgie.

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Now, let us see facts related to sleeping time and duration of a parakeet.

Sleeping Duration

How Long Do Parakeets Sleep?

The parakeets generally sleep for 10-12 hours a day. However, it is not necessary that they sleep for a continuous period of 10 hours. They keep taking small naps throughout the day whenever they are tired.

Sleep During the Day

Do Parakeets Sleep During the Day?

The parakeets do sleep during the day. The external movement and sound during the day might not let it sleep at a stretch, but it does sleep at intervals during the day. The parakeets do take short naps during the day at intervals.

Sleeping Time

What Time do Parakeets go to Sleep?

The parakeets sleep well in the silence, dark, and cozy environment. So, once your light goes off, it is the right time for them to sleep. They need to sleep for at least 10 hours. Thus, if the sun rises at 6.00 a.m., make sure your budgie is off to sleep by 8.00 p.m. night.

Do Budgies Need Darkness to Sleep?

Your budgies sleep well at night in the darkness. The silence is more important for it to sleep peacefully. During the day, they generally get disturbed with the external movements and sound around. However, a dim light in the room where the parakeets stay would be a good choice. The complete darkness might be a little scary for the little ones.

Thus, budgies do sleep in darkness. But a dim light would be appreciated where they sleep.

Concluding Thoughts on Parakeets Sleeping

Well, this was all about how and when the parakeets sleep. By now, you are well-versed with what routine should your parakeets have with regards to sleep.

If you have any more questions on parakeet sleeping patterns, write to us in the comments section below.



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