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Why Won’t My Parakeet Stop Chirping? #Reasons#Solutions

Parakeets use the voice calls for practically everything – no matter what they want from us – they keep calling us! If your parakeet cannot stop chirping, it can be because of any need it may have – food, comfort levels, social contact, discontent, pleasure, boredom, or even craving for your attention. The best way to stop your parakeet from chirping is to identify its needs and satisfying all of them.

why wont my parakeet stop chirping

Why Won’t My Parakeet Stop Chirping?

There can be several reasons why won’t your parakeet stop chirping. Chirping is the only way it can communicate with you. It will keep chirping and will not stop chirping till all its needs are satisfied. The needs may include just a little attention from you or even discontent with something. Detecting the exact reasons for the constant chirping is difficult to understand. It will need you to spend enough time with the parakeet for a proper understanding.

Actual parakeet behavior is to call out loud, even in the wild. This can be the primary reason why your parakeet is continuously chirping. Parakeets “talk” to other parakeets by calling them out loud through loud chirp, scream or squawk. When a parakeet does it, it does expect the other parakeets to respond.

The continuous chirping may be irritating at times and you might want to know how to stop a parakeet from chirping?

How to Stop Parakeet From Chirping?

One of the best ways to stop parakeet from chirping is to provide it with enough warmth and a little darkness. You may even try to cover your parakeet at night if it is continuously chirping at night.  If the bird is relatively small, you can hold it close to your body or even under your shirt to provide it with the much-needed warmth. However, for this, the parakeet should have adjusted to your home which might be a new place for it. You will need to hold it from the bottom. Speaking quietly to the parakeet can also be one of the best options to keep it quiet.

Here are a few of the options to stop parakeet from chirping –

Move The Cage to Some Other Place

Maybe the parakeet is not happy with the place where the cage is kept. In fact, boredom can be one of the reasons why your parakeet won’t stop chirping. Changing the scenario can be quite helpful in letting you pacify your parakeet.

Move the cage outside or move it to another room which is either more active or more peaceful, depending upon where your parakeet is now. This can perhaps offer the parakeet a different scenario that will keep it interested.

Use Avicalm (Nutritional Supplement) To Calm Them Off

Avicalm is a food supplement formulated to specifically calm the birds. If your bird gets anxious for one or the other reason, using Avicalm can help it achieve the best results.


AviCalm – Nutritional Supplement to Calm Your Parakeet

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Avicalm is safe and can be given to any of your birds, including parakeets. It is completely non-toxic and can be as safe as the normal food. It may not stop him from chirping incessantly, but can be used to calm him until you can find the actual reasons for his chirping.

When the birds are anxious they tend to pluck feathers, bite objects around and behave a little aggressive. AviCalm shall help overcome all these problems. The best part is, it is very safe and is FDA listed as safe for consumption by birds.

Shift Him To A Time Out Cage

It can be a cage where it can spend some time alone until it calms down completely. Make sure the bird has its own food, toys and water at that place. Make sure he is not agitated for any reason.

A soothing music can be helpful at times, though there is no sound scientific backing to that option. You can put a blanket on the cage to cover it as you would cover the parakeet at night. Once he gets back to normalcy, you can put him back into the original cage.

Socialise Him To The Best Of Your Efforts #Video

When the parakeet has just been brought from the pet shop or the wild, you will find that it may not stop chirping. Putting him on your body frequently can be helpful in achieving the best results. Doing it frequently can help you make him trust you.

Talking smoothly to the parakeet is one of the best options that can prove to be handy. Make sure that you go slow in introducing him to the surroundings.

The video here should perhaps be helpful –

Well, these are a few tried and tested methods of how can you stop your parakeet from chirping. However, there might many unique ways specific to your budgie which you might know well. You can simply follow it and stop your parakeet from chirping.

Why Does My Budgie Scream When I Leave The Room?

If you notice your parakeet screaming when you leave the room, it is a clear sign of the fact that he wants you back where you were. He is calling you to return immediately. Parakeet behavior is such that it relies on verbal communication for its needs and chirping when you leave the room is an indication that he is asking for attention and a sort of affection from your end.

If your parakeet begins chirping loudly when you leave the room, it would clearly indicate that he has grown fond of you and feels extremely secure when you are inside the room. You are lucky that the parakeet trusts you and you are one of its closest humans.

Do not let him alone. Make sure that you carry him with him when you move out of the room. Maybe you would want to make him follow you on his own.

In the wild, the parakeet never leaves its flock, and now this behavior should indicate that he now considers you as his flock. Make sure that you do not leave him alone and try to be with him as much as possible. One of the best options may be to bring a second parakeet. The parakeet will get a companion, and since it is happy, it will stop chirping all night.

Why Is My Parakeet Chirping Softly?

When a parakeet chirps softly, it should be a clear indication that they are relaxed and happy. In fact, they do not chirp softly, but this sound of the parakeets is referred to as warble. It would sound something like the bird is chattering very softly to themselves.

There are several reasons you would find a parakeet chirping softly. It would chirp softly when it is feeling happy. It can chirp softly when it is falling asleep, preening itself, or even listening to music.

Why Do Parakeets Keep Chirping All Night?

A parakeet communicates explicitly with one another through a louder voice. They do live in flocks, and they number in hundreds. They do use several types of vocalizations and c=sounds to communicate with one another. They use several ways to communicate with one another, whether to communicate the dangers or happiness.

The parakeets kept as pets will also be vocal and keep chirping in different ways to communicate with one another. There can be soft chirping, high-end yelping, whistling, mimicking, and a wide range of other voice notes.

Concluding Thoughts on Parakeet Chirping

Well, if you find your parakeet keeps chirping incessantly, you would definitely find it quite annoying. In fact, most of the times, you would get confused unable to understand the reason for the continuous chirping. The information shared here should ideally help you arrive at the best results in understanding why won’t your parakeet stop chirping.

Also, we have shared the best possible ways for you on how to stop parakeet from chirping. If you have a parakeet and you have better experiences and suggestions, please write to us in the comments section below.

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