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How to Know If a Turtle Is Happy? #Gratify Your Turtle #Playtime

Turtles can be great family members if you intend to have one. They have a sense of knowing the people they like. However, they might not be a suitable option where there are very small kids. As the little one might drop the turtles or might not take care of its personal hygiene after playing with the turtle.

When you have a turtle, you definitely want to know when they are happy or sad, what makes them happy or what toys they like to play with, and much more. We shall see all these facts in this article.

How to Know If a Turtle Is Happy?

If we have a pet with us, we definitely would love to see it happy. A happy pet is no less than a small kid in the house. It helps a person to stay calm and brings a lot of positive vibes in the house.

Toys Turtle Play with?

However, if one is very new to the pet, the question may arise on how to know if a turtle is happy? Following are the signs of knowing that your turtle is happy:

  • The turtle would roam around the house, begging for food.
  • The turtle when develops trust towards someone, it will always be in search of that person when it is happy.
  • A happy turtle may love to play with water. When kept in water it will splash it with toes so hard as to hit the walls at a height.
  • A hungry turtle gets excited seeing the food and eat until its hunger is satisfied.
  • If a turtle has a companion, it would be happy playing with it.
  • When your turtle is seen basking in the sun, it seems to be happy.

These are some signs that your turtle is happy. However, you should also know how to keep your turtle happy.

6 Ways on How Do I Keep My Turtle Happy?

Sometimes you need to take some extra efforts to keep your turtle happy. Following are the simple tips you can follow to keep your turtle happy:

Give your Turtle a Healthy Nutritional Diet

A turtle owner definitely needs to know what is a healthy diet for its pet. There are several vegetables and fruits which are healthy for a turtle like strawberries, cucumber, banana, etc.

feeding the turtle with healthy food

Make sure the diet is full of vitamins and minerals which is essential for the good health of the turtle. When the turtle is hungry, it moves around the house, especially the person who feeds them regularly chasing for the food.

Give them Hygienic and Roomy Home

Firstly, you need to make sure that your turtle has sufficient space to move around in its tank. You might be wondering what is the right size of a turtle tank to have? Well, we can consider approximately 10 gallons for each square inch of the size of a turtle. You have to select the best turtle tank for your little one.

Turtle basking and hiding in the cave

Having a spacious turtle is not sufficient, it should also be hygienic. Turtles produce more biological waste than a fish does. So, it is important to select the tank suitable for the turtle. It needs to have heavy-duty filters that can clean the tank, maintain the right levels of pH and nitrate composition in the water. Turtles can be harmed if the tanks are not cleaned and chemical levels are not maintained.

Turtles Shall Enjoy if they Get Toys to Play

Turtles are no less than a small kid or any other pet. They too enjoy playing with toys that are rolling. Turtles like to hide in the caves enjoying their very own habitat. You can also place a wooden raft for turtles for the turtle to push and play with.

Toys Turtle Play with?

The rolling toys are fun for the turtles. They move around the toys like a small ball and run around as it moves. They enjoy the movement completely. You can also place some shells to play and give them a feel of natural habitat.

Create a Sand and Stone Beach to Make Them Feel Home

Make a beach like structure stones in the tank. You may also choose to make one such structure of sand and stones out of the tank. Turtles being amphibians enjoy both on land and water.

Create beach with pebbles in turtle tank

Make sure if the filtration system is installed, your beach design in the tank is made of clean pebbles and very small stones. The sand might spoil the filtration system and affect its working.

Take your Turtles to Bask in the Sun Regularly

Every pet gets refreshed when taken out for a walk. The turtle also would love it, especially in the sunlight. However, make sure it is in your close supervision and is not left alone even for a while. The turtles need Ultraviolet A and B rays to produce Vitamin D3.

Turtle Basking in Sun

The Ultraviolet A and B rays and Vitamin D3 are required to have a healthy shell, healthy bones, and long life. These rays help turtles to absorb nutrients and minerals obtained from the food they eat.

If you cannot take your turtle out for a walk, you can fix a UV light above the tank. Make sure the major region of the tank is covered by this UV light. Also, 10-12 hours of exposure to UV light may be required to get the essential rays for a healthy turtle.

Caring for a Turtle Makes Them Happy and Content

A turtle also starts knowing the people around as and when it stays with them. It loves to be cared for. The turtle would start expecting for the food when it is hungry from the person it loves the most. It would roam around that person awaiting for the food.

caring for the turtle

However, turtles do not like to be congested. So, one shall avoid picking them very often. Let them be in their comforts. They cannot take a lot of stress. Take care when you lift your turtle and make sure it does not fall off. Also, wash your hands before touching the turtle to avoid irritation to the turtle’s skin.

Well, just by following these simple things you can keep your turtle happy. You can also decorate its tank for them to play and get some toys for turtles.

Toys for Turtles to Play With #Play Area for Turtles

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Hamiledyi Coconut Fiber Carpet

Hamiledyi Coconut Fiber Carpet

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This coconut fibre carpet gives a healthy feel to the turtles. It does not hurt the turtles and allows it to roam and play comfortably on it. The non-abrasive feel of the carpet does not hurt the turtle. It reduces the odor due to the biodegradable enzyme in it and is easy to clean under the cold running tap water.

One can also cut the mat to fit into the tank or any other surface where the turtle dwells. The carpet gives a fresh look to the turtle’s home. The dimensions of the mat is 50cms*30cms*1cm. It acts as a bedding for the turtles and makes them feel comfortable to move and play around.

WAYBER Pebble Crystals

WAYBER Pebbles Crystals Stones

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These are the crystal clear pebbles which can be placed in the tank to create the soothing ambience for the turtles. The turtles love the smooth texture of the pebbles on which they love to roam. The pebbles also ensure the safety and no pollution condition for the turtles.

These pebbles are the perfect choice for adding vitality to the plants. These pebbles also reduce water splashing when watering the plants in the tank. The turtles are well protected in this clean environment which enables them to enjoy the space in the tank.

PENN-PLAX Floating Turtle Pier

PENN-PLAX Floating Turtle Pier

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The PENN-PLAX floating pier is designed in such a way so as to float at water level. The textured slide ramp allows easy access to the basking platforms to the turtle. They enjoy playing and moving up and doen on this platform, hiding from other friends in the tank.

It has a 3 extension pylon which allows adjusting the height of the platform from 3 inches to 12 inches, making it suitable for any type of tanks without height constraint. It gives a feel of natural habitat to the turtles and allows hiding underneath. This pier can be used as a basking platform, both in water as well as on land.

PENN-PLAX Cave for Turtle Tank

PENN-PLAX Cave for Turtle Tank

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The turtles would love this shale cave. It is a realistic rock formation which gives a perfect spot to hide and climb for the turtles to go up basking. It is suitable in both acquatic and dry environment. It is suitable for any kind of reptiles.

This shale cave shall give good hiding spots, basking areas for the turtle allowing them to play around. This shall act as a home for the turtles to play and enjoy. They enjoy their privacy and play around with their friends hiding underneath the cave.

Well, these are some spots a turtle can play in. You can also buy a normal sponge ball for a turtle to play and spend a great fun time with your little one.

Concluding Thoughts on Happy Turtle

So, by now you are well versed with how to keep your turtle happy or how do you know if it is happy. We have also tried to give you the best objects to make a play area for your turtle. Now, you can definitely make sure that your turtle is happy. Also, beware that turtles don’t like to be touched and picked very often. Let them be !! They definitely enjoy it when they are left free to play.

If you have any experience in knowing how your turtles act when happy, please add it to the comments below.

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