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6 Best Automatic Turtle Feeder / Food Dispenser – Ultimate Buying Guide

We have already seen what do turtles like to eat. However, that was all about natural food which includes vegetables, fruits, etc. However, there might be instances when you might have to leave your turtle home when you are out for a vacation, weekend, or a business trip. How will you feed your turtle in such situations? Exactly, where the automatic turtle feeders come in the picture. You can simply add the ready turtle food available in the market and set the feeder in such a way, that your turtle doesn’t starve. With these feeders, you can also ensure that they are not over-eating.

Before going out on a vacation, you can ing simply try the working of the feeder to ensure that your pet has no issues of food when you are apart. However, what considerations you need to have in mind when you are desiring to buy the automatic turtle feeder.

How to Choose the Automatic Turtle Feeder / Pellet Feeder – Comprehensive Guide

While buying any product, we do have certain considerations in mind. Here, we have highlighted certain considerations for buying an automatic turtle feeder.

1. Charging2. Capacity 3. Installation4. Moisture-proof 5. Warranty

Generally, the feeders come with two methods of charging – USB charging and battery operated. There are a few feeders that have both charging options as well. However, many are either only battery-operated or charged only with USB.

The USB charging is an energy-saving option. However, if you are out for a long you may opt for batteries wherein there is no risk of over-charging. Many of the feeders, may last for 3-6 months once completely charged depending upon the settings of the feeder.

This can be a major concern when it comes to buying a feeder. You need to be able to feed a sufficient amount of feed which helps your pet survive during your entire vacation.

Most of the feeders are available in 200 ml capacity, however, there are few options with lower capacity in case you don’t need a large capacity feeder.

The turtle feeders are generally easy to install.  There might be different options to install the feeder like you may have to simply place it on top of the feeder, fit it with double tape or install it with a clamp to the wall of the tank.

However, if you are installing the feeder to the clamp of the tank, make sure you consider the thickness of the glass of the tank before buying the feeder. Other methods can be used on any tank with a top cover.

This is another important thing to be considered while buying the feeder. You need to ensure that the feeder has a proper ventilation system to keep the food dry. The wet food might jam the feeder opening which might not let the feed flow in the tank in the desired quantity.

Also, you always fill the feeder for the 2/3rd portion. The completely filled feeder might damp the feed and for a prolonged period, it may even spoil the feed in the feeder drum.

You do consider the warranty of the product as an add-on to buying the product. The warranty ensures better after-sales service for any problem in the product.

These are the few factors to be considered while buying an automatic turtle feeder. Now, let us see a few best buying options of the feeder.

6 Best Automatic Turtle Feeders / Pellet Feeder / Food Dispenser

The following are the few best automatic turtle feeders which we have found. All are the best when it comes to features. You need to select the right one for your tank and grab the right option for you.

Zacro – Best Automatic Feeder for Turtle Tank


  • The capacity of the feed bucket is 200ml.
  • Suitable for a 150-gallon tank.
  • Can be charged with USB or batteries

Eheim Everyday Turtle Feeder – Automatic Feeding Unit


  • Best for everyday use.
  • The feeder drum capacity is 100ml.
  • Integrated fan and ventilation system.
  • Warranty of 3 years.

ShinePick – Automatic Turtle Food Dispenser


  • The feeder has a capacity of 200 ml.
  • It has a hopper with a moisture-resistant design.
  • 2 ways of installation.

MQ Feeder- Automatic Turtle Pellet Feeder


  • The feeder capacity is 200ml.
  • Two ways of installation.
  • Fill the feeder without removing it from the top.

TOPBRY – Best Automatic Turtle Feeder for Aquarium


  • Only USB charging.
  • The feeder capacity is 200ml.
  • 360° rotation pedestal feeder.

Noodoky – Best Automatic Food Dispenser for Turtles


  • The feeder has a capacity of 200 ml.
  • No USB charging.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Two ways of installation.

After seeing, the best automatic turtle feeders available, there are certain questions every turtle owner would have relating to turtle feeding. Let us see a few of them for your understanding.

Few FAQs Related to Turtle Feeding

How Often Should You Feed a Turtle?

You feed your turtle as per age of it. If you have a younger turtle, they feed happily for 2-3 times a day. They are in the growing stage and thus require all the nutrients for their healthy growth.

However, as the turtles go older, they start surviving without food for a long time. You can feed the turtle every second or third day. The turtles, generally are adults after 7 years of age. However, some turtles grow really big at the age of 3 years only.

Can I Feed My Turtle Fish Food?

Feeding a turtle with fish food is not a great choice, but you can definitely do it often. Turtles need more calcium-rich food than the fishes. You cannot feed them regularly with fish food. If you do, they might develop metabolic diseases and eventually die.

So, you can often feed your turtle with fish food although it is not a good substitute for turtle food.

How Much Should I Feed My Turtle a Day?

The thumb rule of feeding a turtle maybe, you feed the turtle so much as they finish in 15-20 minutes.

You can consider the following ratio to feed your turtle:

Juvenile Turtle

  • You can feed turtle pellets in a proportion of 25% per week.
  • Leafy vegetables consisting of 50% of food per week.
  • Other food items like shrimps, fishes, etc. can form 25% of the food per week.

Young Adult Turtle

  • Leafy vegetables consisting of 75% of food per week.
  • You can feed turtle pellets and other food items like shrimps, fishes, etc. up to 25% of the food per week.

How Long Can a Turtle Go Without Food?

  • Juvenile Turtles – Can go without food up to two to three weeks.
  • Healthy adult Turtles – Can go without food for up to 6 months.

The juvenile turtles are in their growing age and need a lot of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients for their healthy growth. Thus, they cannot survive for more than two to three weeks without food.

On the other hand, the healthy adult turtles, are already full of nutrients and are well grown.  If well-handled and properly taken care of they can survive for up to approximately 6 months without food.

These were a few common queries for feeding a turtle. We hope, we have given you sufficient information for automatic turtle feeders and how much and how often to feed a turtle.


Well, these were a few best automatic turtle feeders. Now, you can travel leaving all the worries for your pet behind. Your pet surely won’t die out of starvation with this option nor will they be overfed. However, one thing that needs care is, the tank would need cleaning in case the feed has spread all over the tank.

That was all about the automatic turtle feeders. If you have any suggestions write to us in the comments section below.

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