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Which Animals Eat Turtles?

The turtles are beautiful and wonderful creatures, and that is perhaps what makes them adorable. But, sadly enough, nature does not understand it, and it has its own food cycle or food chain. That is precisely why you would find that there are predators who eat turtles.

So, what animal eats turtles? Well, that would be something that would be dependent on the species and location of the turtle. Let us check out a few predators who feast on turtles.

What Animals Eat Turtles

What Animals Eat Turtles?

Well, let us check out a few of the animals that eat turtles. They do have hard shells, and despite this protection, there are a few animals that eat turtles, or at least the baby turtles.

Here are a few animals that would eat turtles:


Among the birds, the Bearded Vultures have been considered to be one of the dreaded enemies for the turtles. In fact, they use a unique concept to kill the turtles. They lift the animal and release it on rocky terrain. If the shell does not break in the first attempt, the bird repeats the exercise multiple times.

Crows have been one of the predators on the swamp turtles in the Australian region. Other carnivorous birds you would find eating the turtles are ravens and herons. The seagulls feast on the turtle hatchlings.


The smaller freshwater turtles run the risk of mature frogs. The Nile monitors have been observed to be eating turtle eggs and hatchlings. The adult turtles can be targeted by the crocodiles and alligators.

Carnivorous Mammals

There are several mammals that attack and predate on the turtles. Raccoons have been one of the most prevalent predating animals feasting on turtles. In fact, you would find them easily carrying these turtles wherever they want to and at them to their heart’s content.

The Coyotes and foxes can come from the wild and feast on the turtles. In fact, it has been observed that some domestic dogs also have been prying over the turtles. The younger turtles can be predated upon by domestic cats. Other wild animals that can feast on the turtles include opossums, weasels, skunks, and ferrets.

Other Animals

While other pet animals or common inhabitants in the area can also harm the turtles. In fact, larger animals like horses and cattle can kill turtles. Of course, they would not eat them but can cause damage to the turtles by causing harm to their vital organs.

Rabbits and other similar animals can be yet another class of animals that may be found harming the baby turtles or even the adult turtles.

Whales & Sharks

The larger animals such as whales and sharks can be yet another huge concern for the turtles and their safety. The Great White Shark – for instance – can overturn a huge ship. You can expect what it can do with a turtle.

Sharks and whales attack the turtles frequently from underneath. The turtles ideally have no option to escape when they are attacked by a whale or a shark.

Human Carelessness is a Primary Concern

More than anything else, the primary concern that a turtle would face would be the carelessness of humans. The injuries because of the boats and other watercraft can be a risky affair. The trash on the shores is one of the major concerns for the turtles and can cause death and other severe conditions.

The trash on the shorelines can be swallowed by the turtles, which can further cause severe health issues for them. In fact, this can even cause issues such as strangulation. The fishing nets have been yet another reason that can cause severe issues with the lives of the turtles. They can get caught in the fishing nets and can get harmed or even get killed.

In fact, the turtles can protect themselves from the predators through the act of hiding and crawling into their shells. However, the biggest concern would be for the eggs and turtle hatchlings. Eggs are not in a position to protect themselves, and the hatchlings are extremely vulnerable to predators. It has been estimated that the predators kill almost 90 percent of the turtle hatchlings. This is one of the reasons why the turtle population is dwindling, and they have been notified as an endangered species.

How Can We Help Turtles Stay Safer?

Well, there are multiple ways that we, humans, can be helpful in achieving the best results in safeguarding the turtles. Of course, there is a limit to the manner in which we can interfere with the natural food chain that nature has designed.

Here are a few options that can be helpful. Of course, you can devise a few possibilities yourself.

  • Turn off the lights at the beach. Turtles use the light to reach the water. Turning off the artificial light can be helpful enough in helping them avoid confusion.
  • Reduce the amount of garbage you produce at the beaches and other turtle habitations.
  • Make arrangements to clean up any of the trash observed at the shorelines.

Those few should be the minimum effort that we can put ahead in helping the turtles live a peaceful and happy life.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, there are several predators that prey on the turtles, and we cannot perhaps do anything about it. It is a part of nature’s way of keeping equilibrium in its ecosystem. But, how about trying to minimize it by employing a few scientific methods?

The right way we would be able to address the concern would be to avoid the human interventions that have become a significant reason for a considerably good number of strangulations and other fatalities. We can perhaps make life easy for the cute little animals like turtles by making their habitat a good one for them.

Jut ensure you avoid making the beaches filled with trash and assist them to live a better life.

After all, they do have every right to a peaceful life, just the way we do!

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