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Best Time & Place to See Turtles in Hawaii #O’ahu #Maui #Kauai

Hawaii has been a very popular destination and one of the prime attractions that the tourists visit the region is to see the endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle, also referred to as Honu. If you want to see them, you need to come to Hawaii at the right time and of course, the right place!

Let us check out a few select places in Hawaii that you can visit and get access to the best experience in visiting a few Turtle spots. Of course, you would need to snorkel or scuba dive if you really want to get find the turtles at any of these laces.

Where Can you Find the Turtles in Hawaii?

Here are the best places to visit if you want to have access to a few excellent views of the Hawaiian turtles.

Best Time & Place to See Turtles in Oahu – Laniakea Beach

The Laniakea beach is known as Turtle beach, and that in itself stands proof to what you can expect from the region. Summer is the best time to visit the area in case you are looking to get access to some best experience. The right time would be to visit it is between 11 am to 1.00 pm. Of course, you would be able to locate them at other times of the day, but there are better chances at those times.

Best Time & Place to See Turtles in Oahu - Laniakea Beach

You should be able to find these little fun creatures on the beach or during snorkeling. If you want to gain some more information about these sea turtles, there are people who should provide you with enough information.

Malama Na Honu, an NGO, takes care of the turtles here, and you need to abide by the rules they place from time to time. The volunteers from this NGO undertake a wide range of activities to safeguard these turtles.

Best Place to See Turtles in Maui – Turtle Town

If you are checking out the best options for watching turtles in Hawaii, nothing can beat the beaches in Maui. Maui has one special location that has been one of the most prominent ones in the entire Hawaiian region.

Yes, we are talking about the Turtle Town. The beach stands between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach, but the turtles would specifically be found at Maluaka Beach. It should be one of the excellent options for snorkeling and has a very high population of Hawaiian Green sea turtles. The location is where the coral reef will begin and thus should be the best place for finding the turtles.

Best Place to See Turtles in Maui

Turtle Lagoon is one of the excellent options for watching turtles in the Maui region in Hawaii. The Aquarium of Hawaii is just around the corner, and you would find them one of the unique options. The Maui Ocean Center is one of the great options you would want to fall in love with.

Best Time to See Turtles in Kauai

The ocean speeds here reach the speeds as much as 35 miles per hour. You should be able to find the turtles at a safe distance of 10 to 15 feet away.

The green sea turtles found here should be seen to be living for up to 80 years. You would also find the nests of Green sea turtles in Kauai. There should be around 6 to 8 nesting female turtles here that lay eggs.

Best Time to See Turtles in Kauai

The turtles here would be on a nesting period of around two years. The eggs are typically laid between May and September. You would find them laying around 1200 to 1400 eggs per season.

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Turtles at Kiholo Bay, Hawaii

The Kiholo Bay in Hawaii is yet another excellent destination for the best options for watching the best turtles ever. Of course, the location is not much popular, and you may find it a little challenging to reach the location.

You can find a host of sea turtles in this region. It can be one of the excellent options for snorkeling activities. The beach is quite rocky in nature and offers you an excellent option for a calm and relaxed terrain.

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Which Breeds of the Turtles Can be Seen in Hawaii?

Hawaii is home to three significant varieties of turtles. Of course, you may find a few other species of turtles, but the region is primarily known for three of the following species.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

These are locally known as Honu and have been the primary inhabitants of the location. These turtles are primarily vegetarian and eat algae as the prime option. The Honu turtles can grow to about 250 pounds in weight.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

The Hawaiian Green sea turtles can dive to a depth of up to 500 feet. The turtles take around 25 to 40 years to reach puberty and begin reproducing.


They are called Honu’ea and are much smaller in size. These are quite rare and can perhaps be considered to be an endangered species in many cases. Except in Kauai, you should be able to find them in almost every other region of Hawaii.

Hawksbill Turtles

The Hawksbills can grow to be around 3 feet in length and can weight at up to 200 pounds when grown fully.


This is the largest turtle breed in the entire world. They can grow to up to 8 feet long and can weight to up to 2000 pounds. They can also be seen in the deep offshore waters. They feed on the jellyfish and other invertebrates.

Leatherback Turtle

While the sea turtles do not have a hard shell, but the Leatherback turtles have been considered to be one of the rare breeds of sea turtles that have a hard shell.

In Conclusion

Well, if you have been a turtle lover and looking for the options to find the right time to visit Hawaii and gain access to a wonderful experience with the turtles around the area, the tips and ideas offered here should be the best for your needs.

While it would be a great experience to watch those funny little creatures, you also need to ensure that you are on the right side of the law. While it may be fine to watch these turtles, touching, chasing or riding these endangered turtles is an offense.

Do exercise caution and spend some quality time with those lovely creatures.

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