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Best Collar and Harness for Tie Out Your Pug!

Taking a pug out for a walk can be very tedious. You probably know that they might run away from your sight. Are you confused about whether to tie them with a Harness or a Collar? Do not worry we will try to reason this out for you. We will discuss all possible merits and demerits of both collar and a harness. Collars in general can cause physical issues to your pug when not tied properly. Harness, on the other hand, is much safer as it distributes the pressure acting on your dog in a much even manner. Collars attached with a leash can put a lot of stress on a pug’s trachea. It will be recommended that you use a no-pull harness.

Harness vs collar

Can Pugs Wear Harnesses?

Pugs can wear a harness as it gives great support to your Pug. Additionally, it doesn’t put any pressure on Pug’s trachea which the collar may put because of being pulled by you through the neck. So, Harness is the best option for the pug and any other dog.

You must try Harness rather than just a collar because Harness gives more support to your Pug as well as it keeps it secure as well when you are in a crowded place. Your pug cannot slip away and get lost in the crowd if it is wearing a harness. On the other hand, if it wears a collar, and you are holding its chain, collar may at times, get out of the neck, and your pug may get lost. Additionally, at times, when your pug is showing some tantrums, and you are trying to pull him, and he is not coming to you but putting pressure in opposite direction, the collar may put pressure on its throat. So, in my opinion, Harness is the best option for the pug. So, yes, Pugs can wear the harness.

There is also a question asked by many “Why can’t pugs wear collars?”For that I would say, they can wear it but collars are not great for them because pugs have flat noses which cause a bit of breathing issue. And, when the collar is there, it puts pressure on Wind Pipe as well. So, it is better to use a Harness than collars for your adorable pug.

Why Should Pugs Use a Harness and Not a Collar?

Using a harness gives better support to the pug’s body and also, it doesn’t put any pressure on the trachea so that your pug feels more comfortable. On the other hand, the collar may put tremendous pressure on the trachea of your pug when you pull him through the chain which is attached to the collar. Thus, it is advised to use a harness than a collar for your pug

Although I have already described the reasons for using Harness over a collar, let’s discuss this in a bit more detail. Using a collar can have serious problems with your pug’s breathing. It can cause a lot of strain on a pug’s breathing process. It can pressurize the larynx and obstruct oxygen to pass through your pug’s lungs. Pugs can also stress their windpipe when they lunge or jump ahead while having a collar. The best option however is to use a harness instead of a leash as it specializes in spreading the pressure and tension evenly. It spreads out the force, tension, and pressure across the pug’s broad shoulders, chest, and back.

Using a harness reduces your pug’s breathing and body strain. It saves your pug’s neck area which is more prone to damage while using a collar. The entire body of the pug is much sturdier than the soft neck area. The entire body of the pug has muscles compared to soft cartilage around the neck area. Hence, the pugs are safer on a leash. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, which means they are more prone to danger while using a collar along with a leash for tie-out.

What Type of Harness is the Best for Your Pug?

The back clip Harness suits the best to your pug but there are other types as well which you can see and decide which one is good for your pug.

You would want a harness for your pooch that does not strain his/her body and cause any possible injury. Some harnesses do incredibly well in tie-outs. The purpose is to let your pug enjoy the outing, but also be wary about their activities. You want to look after your pug and want them to enjoy the outing. Let’s look at some harnesses that suit your pug.

Types of Harnesses for Pug

  • The Back Clip Harness: At the very back part of the harness, you would find a ring that adjoins the leash to your pug. This type of harness is called a back clip harness. The bad thing about the harness is that it does not provide you with the full control to keep a hold on your pug. Too much pulling of the harness can lead to the leash being separated from the back clip. It is recommended if your pug is properly trained. 
  • Front Clip Harness: As far as the front clip harness is concerned, imagine it being in the middle of a dog’s chest. That means it has more control over the pug. When your pug pulls, you can resist your pug and hold him/her still. It provides good control over your pug’s movement. It is a bit better than the back clip harness. While tying the leash on your pug’s chest make sure it does not get tangled in his legs. 
  • Combination of Both Front and Back Clip: There is also a harness that combines the two and does great in the tie-outs. You have a clip both at the back and the front attached to a leash. It gives you a lot of control over your pug’s movements. 
  • Harness Vest for Your Pug: Along with knowing the back and front harness, you should also explore others like the vest harness. These harnesses tend to be very simple and easy to put on. Materials that are required for this kind of harness include mesh, plastics and nylon etc. It is a great harness for a pug who does not run. It has simply a vest elongated with a leash. 
  • Fabric Harness for Your Pug: You can also choose fabric-type harnesses. You will find that a harness often has nylon and other synthetic fabric along with padded leather. A nylon harness is more durable. It provides dog comfort in a humid environment. Whereas, a padded harness is comfortable for your pug year-round.
  • Tightening or Control Harness: This is the last kind of harness. This harness is mostly used to have tight control over your pug. If your pug is naughty and loves to run away this is the best type for you. This tightening kind of harness can cause a lot of problems for your pug as well. It can rub against your pug’s skin and cause skin irritation. It can bruise your pug’s skin. Moreover, due to its tightness, it can cause suffocation. This kind of harness is more used by professionals who train pugs. If a pug wants to run away, the tightening of the harness tends to restrict the pug’s mobility. If pressure is exerted that makes a pug suffer, they will try to run away. It is advised that you use this kind of harness under expert supervision. 
  • Buy Harness as Per Your Pug’s Measurement: Please, it is advised for you to take measurements before getting a harness for your pug. Make sure that you are using a harness after measuring some vital parts of your pug’s body like its chest span. Make sure you weigh your pug. As per the weight of your pug, you can put on an adequate harness. If a harness does not fit well on your pug, it will have some empty room. The harness can slip from your pug’s body. There is a chance that the harness might even rotate on the backside of your pug. If the harness is too tight it can cut skin and make your pug feel uncomfortable.  Pug is a small dog which means small harnesses will fit better on a pug. If we look at the small harnesses, they measure around 33-60cm chest girth, 33-48cm neck girth, and 8-16kg weight. Remember to take the XS size in case you want to buy a harness for your puppy.

How to Measure Pugs for a Harness

  • Get a Measuring Tape: Make sure you have the measuring tape to measure your pugs size from all sides so that you can make sure that the harness you are going to get would fit well.
  • Measure the chest: Measure the chest of your dog. Specifically, the broadest part you need to measure. Note down the measurement.
  • Get the Weight: Now, it is time to weigh your pug. And, note down the reading.
  • Get the Harness: Now, based on the measurements and weight, get the harness.
  • Try the Harness: Now, try the harness by placing it properly in your pug.
  • Choosing a Harness Type: Apart from these, it is up to you as to what type of Harness you are going to get. either the back clip one or front clip one. I would advise getting back-clip one.

If you don’t want to measure, just take your pug to the harness shop, and ask them if they allow trying the harness before buying. If they do, just do try a few harnesses, and the one that fits perfectly fine, get it for your pug. That is the best way to get the exact size harness.

Best Harnesses for Pugs

  1. Ruffwear Web Master Harness

RuffwearWeb Master Harness is an assurance of safety and prolonged durability. The harness around it is thin. It was originally made to help a dog maneuvering across any obstacles. It is thin but extremely durable. The chest area is padded, it’s secure in case your pug wants to pull the tie-out strap. The adjustment straps like belly and chest straps make it more comfortable for your pug. It has five areas to adjust it better.

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You should know that this dog harness is often used in avalanche rescue dog programs as well as for amputee dogs. It will work wonderfully for the pug. It works well for hiking, scrambling, or any kind of mobility for the pug. This harness also comes in different sizes. And you can choose it in different colors like red, blue and grey. 

  • Provides security
  • Helps in lifting your pug
  • Adjustable
  • Better durability
  • Provides comfort
  • Foam-padded
  • Nicely trimmed to offer visibility
  • Beacons attached through loops
  • Strap adjustments can be a bit more complex
  1. TobeDRINo-Pull Dog Harness

The TobeDRI ring features are amazing. It consists of two rings that are attached to the front and back of a pug. The good thing about both the rings is, it’s rust-resistant. These strong delta-shaped rings are also very strong and restrict movement. The harness makes sure that when your pug pulls on the leash the force gets distributed all over the body. It makes sure it does not hurt the neck area. 

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The sewing material is in thick nylon webbing form. It helps in increasing nylon’s durability. The box stitches help the material not get ripped off. There is a loop attached to the back of the harness making it strong and durable. And also there is a buckle fixed at the back of your dog which makes it easy to put on.

  • Obstructs pulling
  • Easy to wash
  • Has a handle on the top
  • Metal rings attached to the leash
  • Leash attached to safety locks
  • Has reflecting material making it visible
  • Comfortable mesh
  • Waterproof
  • Can’t use it for small pugs
  1. RabbitgooTactical Dog Harness

For a sturdy and protective harness, this is the best option out there. This harness is certainly for pugs who like a lot of activity. It also has a good quality vest for pugs which essentially are more active and like to be in constant movement. It is a heavy-duty harness that provides great efficiency pulling your pug when it does out for running, training and hunting. The mesh however does not suffocate your pug. The harness however can be dropped off by pulling out four points of buckles. Its unique design is easy to put on and off the harness. 

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  • Protects full body
  • Five adjustable straps for fitting
  • Strong and durable
  • Multiple magic takes to attach morale badges
  • Has a molle system to carry pouches and water bottles
  • Rings attached to the front and back leash providing greater control
  • Functional dog gear
  • Only for adult pugs

Is Collar a Sure No-No for Your Pug?

Collars are not a No-No for the pugs but are surely not recommended because it puts pressure on trachea (Windpipe) of your pug making him feel discomfort in breathing but on the other hand, the collar can be good at times. If you are living in a neighborhood that requires you to have an id tag hanging around your pug’s neck, collars are great. Collars are great to hang around your id tag, just make sure the collars are not causing any distress to your pugs. A collar can be very important if your pug goes missing for any reason

Your pug should avoid wearing the collar with a leash. Some reasons why your dog should wear a collar:

  • It contains vaccination registration information.
  • ID info.
  • Fashionable (spiked, leather, prong collar)

In case your pug goes missing for some reason, it will be the id tag that might bring him/her back to you.  

Features of a Collar:

While looking for a collar, make sure to find one that can adequately help you with the requirements of your pug. 

Size and width

Make sure when you lookout for a pug’s collar its size is a bit on the larger size. If the collar is small, it might cut into the pug’s neck area. The measurement information can be easily found out by placing two fingers on your pug’s neck and then measuring out with the collar. Make sure you change the collar along with the growth of your pug.

Strong D-ring 

Make sure your pug’s D ring is strong and sturdy, enough to hang around your pug’s id card. If it’s not made of good material or lacks durability, the tag might fall out. Tag is essential for you to find your pug back in case he gets lost someday.

Best Types of Pug Collars

Generally, there are two types of pug collars that you can use for your pug.

Flat Collar, Quick Release

It generally has an adjustable strap that fits around your pug’s neck. The clasp helps you to put the product on in no time and also get it off. 

One favourite collar to consider:

Rogz Reflective Stitching Snake Dog Collar

This colour is extremely useful for pugs. You can even look at your pug at night with this collar. It is available in various colours like blue, black, lime green, chocolate, pink. It is a great brand for small dog breeds like pugs. It has high-quality webbing and it is good for all kinds of weather. It has a non-rusty tarnish free finish. The collar is visible at night, the stitching is done in that way. You can catch your pug from the car while you look out for him at night.

Flat Collar that Breaks Away

It is a type of collar that breaks away. It is also good for emergencies. However, its clasp is far loose and can break if your pug applies greater force. This kind of collar is a good option if your pug is trapped underneath a piece of furniture. 

Two favourite collars to consider:

PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

It is a perfectly safe collar as far as collars, in general, are concerned. If we provide excessive force or if there is a risk of your pug getting strangled, it automatically breaks apart. This kind of collar helps reduce the risks of fatal incidents. It has a patented buckle that breaks apart in case the pug is in danger. The buckle also has an easy replacement. If for any reason due to excessive scratching it wears out you can use the replacement. 

PetSafe Martingale Quick Snap Buckle Dog Collar

This is a product that is recommended by both trainers and vets. It is very comfortable for daily wear. It has a quick on and off buckle which helps you to fasten the leash and remove it in no time. It is made out of nylon and by the looks of it, it is comfortable for your pug.

FAQ’s On Harness/Collar for a Pug

Is harness better for a pug?

A harness is better for a pug than a collar. The harness assures the safety of a pug by putting pressure on a pug’s body and not its neck. While collars put all the strain on the neck it can cause severe breathing issues. There is a chance that your pug can have a damaged trachea if you attach a leash to your pug’s collar and pull it with full force. It is advised to use a harness any day than a collar.

What is the best harness for a pug?

The best harness will be the one that does not strain your pug’s vitals. Harnesses only exist to control your dog’s misadventures and provide safety. If harnesses cause issues with safety then it’s creating a problem for your pug rather than solving one. Harnesses are of various types, you can choose one as per your need. Like there are fabric specific harnesses, tightening types, back and front buckles etc. 

Can we use a choke collar for a pug?

It should be known by now that choke collars are incredibly inefficient for a pug. It does not do any benefit. If you try disciplining a pug with a choke collar, it will most likely react more aggressively. Moreover, choke collars can do damage to the neck area. It can cause issues in the neck region in your pug. It can obstruct breathing, hurt neck muscles and destroy the trachea of your pug.

Are front-clip harnesses good for dogs?

The whole point of using a Harness over a collar is to keep your dog’s windpipe (Trachea). So, keeping a front-clip harness attached to your dog will have the same effect as the collar because it is again clipped to the neck, and when you pull your dog, it puts pressure on their Trachea which is obviously bad. So, to answer the question “Are front-clip harnesses good for dogs”, I would say, No, they are not that good for dogs. Especially for pugs.

Final Words

Well, the truth is you can use both collars and harnesses to protect your pug. But, the efficiency of a harness is much more than a collar. Moreover, collars can cause damage to your pug’s neck when put on a leash. You can use the collar only to attach an id to it. Whereas if you talk about the harness, it works incredibly well to hold onto your pug. It helps to even out the pressure in the entire body while you try to stop a pug when it starts running.

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