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Why do Pugs Fart so Much?

We all love our pugs from the core of our hearts, but sometimes pugs fart can indeed be intolerable. There can be many reasons why your lovely pug is turning out to be a farting machine. Is he eating anything wrong that is causing him digestive distress? How do you go about tackling the issue? Is your pug getting less exercise? Well, less exercise can also lead to indigestion which can cause distress in his stomach. We can even suffer from pug farts because of genetic issues. Let’s unfurl on this topic more.

Why Do Pugs Fart?

Your pug can fart for a variety of reasons, it can be because of something he ate which is bad for his stomach. Anything inorganic or non-natural can lead to a lot of digestive distress to pugs. Pugs can also have genetic issues which makes them more likely to fart. It’s mostly diet that causes them to fart. It is advised for pugs to not be fed liver treats and also meals that possess a lot of dryness. It is advised to watch your pug when they start eating table scraps, sometimes left out bad food can cause a lot of gas in their tiny stomach.


Foods that Cause Pugs to Fart

The first factor to consider while understanding the correlation between food and pug farts is to understand the allergy and sensitivities of your pug. Is your pug allergic to any food? Or if he is then what? Pugs can be allergic to beef, corn, chicken, or even milk. It is important to not feed them things that make them suffer from flatulence. Along with that pugs can suffer from intestinal problems and even diarrhea. The focus as far as meals is concerned should be on natural foods and no spicy, home-cooked foods should be given to the pug. The pug should be fed either dog food or any food which can be the most natural to him like meat. It is advised to not feed your precious pugs foods rich in high concentrations of soybean, peas, and beans which can cause flatulence. It is advised to not feed your dogs foods such as the following:

  • Fat rich foods
  • Dairy items
  • Sugary eateries
  • Spicy foods
  • Foods rich in additives

Here is a list of food items that a pug is comfortable eating and vice versa:

Foods that are good for a pug Foods that are not good for a pug
Rice and Veggies Corn, Soybean
Chicken breast, lamb Beef, Liver
Dog food Dry food
Natural food Food having additives, processed meats

Is Your Pug Eating a Lot of Table Scraps?

It is also advised for pet owners to look after your pug and see if he is eating leftovers from the table. A pug will always act cute and want more food, but eating more can cause a lot of digestion problems. Moreover, if a pug is eating leftovers it will also mean that a pug has also eaten human food which might have a lot of spice and additives and that can cause severe stomach problems. 

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Is the Pug Gobbling Excess Food?

One major cause for excess air in the stomach can also be because a pug can eat too fast. Eating too fast can lead to a lot of air being formed in the stomach as there is a lot of engulfing of air along with the food. While a pug is chugging as much food as he can in one go, the air is bubbling through his oesophagus, intestines, and then releasing a strong smelly wind. In case your pug gobbles food fast, you can serve him food in a slow feeding bowl.

The slow feeding bowl is not a solution per se, but it acts as a deterrent for eating excess food for a pug, A pug can be restless to eat a lot. To curb that restlessness a slow feeding bowl has multiple divisions in a bowl that do not allow a pug to be restless while he finishes his food. He is bound to be slow because of all the demarcated divisions. This feeding frenzy bowl teaches our furry friends patience, it protects our pug from overeating which in turn causes flatulence. 

Why Do Pug Farts Stink so Bad?

A pug fart can stink because bacteria inside their intestinal tract breakdowns food into valuable nutrients, during the conversion of food to the fuel process, an excess amount of hydrogen sulphide is released and when it becomes more spread out in the gastrointestinal tract, it is often blown out through the anus. Its smell can be more intense because of some health problems or genetic factors. It’s the wrong foods that can cause smelly farts.

Stomach Problems of Pugs

Some pugs also face a lot of stomach distress like flatulence. It is generally the process where there is excess air being formed in the gastrointestinal tract and colon which will be later expelled from the anus. Dogs can have major stomach issues such as bloating, stomach discomfort, mild stomach distention, or rumbling around the abdomen called borborygmus. It is advised to check your pug’s stool regularly to trace any additional symptoms that might cause stomach issues in your dog. Check if there is any blood in your pug’s stool or any diarrhoea symptoms. In case there is a health issue, the pug should be taken to the hospital. Some other stomach issues that can cause the problem include pancreatitis, lactose intolerance, a stomach infection, irritable bowel syndrome, parasitic infection, cancer, allergies, canine colitis.

Is Your Pug in Pain?

While during a  pugs fart there can be a lot of gas that they release. It also goes to show that pugs can suffer from extreme discomfort while they release so many heavy gases. They also suffer from stomach pain and distress in a similar way like a human does. If they are in any sort of distress you will see it through their behaviour. If they act unusually or behave erratically, it is here you got a clue that your pug is not well.

How Can You Make Your Pug Stop Farting?

As far as tips are concerned a close check on what your pug is eating will give you a lot of information on the pug and his stomach issues. Along with it, a pug owner should also ask some fundamental questions regarding pug’s food to tackle the issue:

  • Is your pug food easily digestible
  • Does your pug food have all the necessary minerals and vitamins?
  • Does your pug inhibit the character of flatulence with other foods?
  • Is your pug allergic or hypersensitivity to any food?
  • Do you see some sort of irritability in your pug?

Exercise is the Best Way to Deal With a Pug’s Stomach

A good exercise can help a pug deal with its stomach issues in a better manner. Overweight pugs will have a higher risk of developing stomach problems than one’s with normal weight. Minimal movement and being sedentary can only make you increase weight, so does a pug. Your pug needs to get as much exercise to keep his heart pumping. It is advised to take them for a walk after their meal. Along with your pug, you can also get some needed workouts and help your pug get some good exercise. He won’t have to deal with flatulence anymore.

Can Supplements Help in a Pug’s Farting Problem?

Just like humans, pugs will get their much-needed relief from proper supplements. Treats having some amounts of activated charcoal helps in the digestive issues of your pug. You can also use some pumpkin to feed your pug. Digestive aids can help in the excess gas buildup in the intestines. Supplements in the form of probiotics can be given to a pug. Some supplements like prozine also help in aiding digestion to be much faster. The most important step however always remains to consult a veterinarian regarding the problem.

Are Stomach Allergies Causing the Farting Problem?

A pug often suffers from a bad stomach when he has to face some severe allergies. It is important to go to a veterinarian and be sure about the problem. The other thing that needs strong emphasis is to look for the possibility that such a situation exists. It’s not uncommon for a pug to have issues like lactose intolerance. They also have the same set of problems humans face.

Immunity and pugs farts

Pugs can also develop problems like allergies when their immune responses are weak. It is always a primary concern to feed pugs food rich in protein, good carbohydrates especially from fruit, vegetables, barley etc. A pug should also be provided with essential oils like omega fatty acids for brain development. A pug has to also drink sufficient water to stay fit. It is also important to refrain from eating foods that cause distress and further aggravate allergies including, preservatives, gluten additives, corn syrup, processed meats etc.

Do Older Pugs Fart More?

This is a very strange question to think of, but it has a very generic answer. Older pugs do fart more and have a much smellier fart and this has to do with the fact that they age. As soon as you grow old, your capacity to digest food goes down with time. And in such a case you will fart and can have more digestive issues and hence the fart might smell even more. So, yes it’s true that older pugs might fart more or have a smellier fart. 

Are Pugs Inherently Gassy?

One should know that breeds that are byracyphecalic tend to fart a lot more than normal breeds. The scientific reason behind this behaviour is, pugs in general have shorter mouths and they tend to gobble foods fast. While they gulp on food quickly, they tend to eat alongside a lot of air which then causes a lot of gas. So the interconnection between a pug’s way of eating is very much related to its gassy nature.

Pugs Act Surprised When they Fart

This is a very evident thing with even other breeds of dogs. This also can be because the sound of farts can be often associated similarly with something that can be perceived as dangerous. Pugs can associate the sound of farts as something dangerous and hence they might get afraid when they fart. There is even a chance that they might even be embarrassed by their fart. If that happens they will slightly move away from the place.

Potty Training: Good Way to Curb Pug Farts

One incredible solution that many do not think of is the efficiency to control farts through potty training. Potty training, especially teaching a young pug to relieve himself outside helps in clearing his intestines. It does not hold a lot of bad air in the intestinal tract. The consistency of the process helps in the training. If the spot for his bowel sessions is always the same and the timing is the same, it helps. It is advised to take him to relieve himself once he stopped eating, drinking or playing. To train him about the benefits of the process, a reward should be given to the pug when he relieves always on time. This way we condition the pug to behave appropriately.

Farting is Not Your Pug’s Fault

Your pug indeed farts and it’s not in their control. They are genetically engineered to gobble food, they love to sniff and eat. They can have allergies if they are not given good quality food. If they are eating too much of liver, additives they will have an upset stomach. Sometimes we have to make arrangements to control the situation. The ideal one would be to use some scented candles to let the farts smell fade off till the soothing smell of candles overpowers. You may also use some air sprays to control the bad smell. If the bad smell is extremely overpowering one can use a mask and cover their nose to keep the smell at bay. 

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