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Pugs for Sale El Paso {List of 9 Pug Breeders in El Paso}

Pugs are an amazing dog breed that acts as companions to people. They can shower endless love to their owners. The amount of warmth and care they can provide is beyond words. Pugs love people from the deepest core of their hearts. Though pugs can be needy for love. They can be stubborn and a tad bit difficult to train. 

But they form beautiful relationships with people. The kind of relationships that you cherish have with your loved ones. Pugs become a part of you as they have characteristics to be humane and loving. If you need a pug and you stay in the El Paso area, it wouldn’t hurt you to check out these stores:

Pugs for Sale in El Paso, Texas: List of Breeders

El Paso Pug Rescue

El Paso Pug Rescue is an organisation that looks after dogs and other animals that were treated with pure neglect. EPPR tries its best to provide all medical facilities to pugs that are injured and want serious medical care. EPPR completely runs on public donations and can only subsist if people help the organisation.

They operate to educate people about pets and also spay/neuter pets and animals so that they can have a very good quality of life. All volunteers of El Paso Pug Rescue were also members of the City Of El Paso Animal Services. They know first-hand accounts of the neglect of animals. So, they contributed to this organisation to make a change in the life of pugs and other pets.

Humane Society Of El Paso

  • Address: Humane Society of El Paso, 4991 Fred Wilson El Paso, TX 79906
  • Website:
  • Contact: 915-532-6971

Humane Society Of El Paso is an excellent organisation and one of the oldest to advocate for the no-kill motto in shelters in the El Paso area. They like to build good formative relationships with pugs and other animals through multiple services like adoptions, education, foster-care, volunteer work and community events.

The monetary requirements of the organisation are met by services including service fees, fundraising activities, donations from the community and grants for all of the operating expenses. In 2010, the organisation became a no-kill shelter and pledged to make El Paso one of the few counties in the US to operate complete no-kill shelters for animals.

El Paso Animal Services

El Paso Animal Services is an amazing organisation that operates by being served by the people through volunteering, fostering, donating and adopting. They focus on eradicating five different types of problems that a dog can suffer and they are

  • Hunger and thirst.
  • Discomfort.
  • Pain or health issues.
  • To enjoy their natural response to the outer world.
  • To not fear and be tied to worries

You can help this wonderful organisation by contributing a meagre part from your side and making the organisation serve its duty and protect pooches and pugs.

Pet Barracks

Pet Barracks is an excellent dog care organisation that helps you to board your dogs. They also have a daycare salon in their facility. They groom dogs and you can help you in keeping your dog in daycare. They provide a great service in terms of knowing details about your pooch and its liking and disliking.

They make sure that sunlight is minimal and their entire facility is centrally air-conditioned. The dogs can play around well and can lie down when bored from playing.


Epknine is your safe bet to leave your dog for day boarding. They have a host of day-boarding, daycares. Lodging activities for pugs. Pugs are a very social breed and they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. We must protect our pooch from tumultuous emotional feelings. EPK9 provides an environment that can be stimulating for the pug and also your pooch can have a great social life in the dog care centre.

Dog Day’s Out

Dog’s Day Out is the final redemption zone for your pugs. Pugs are lovely dogs and they need to be groomed properly. DDO has an excellent track record in taking care of the grooming needs of smaller dog breeds. Lulu Quinones, the owner of the store, knows how to give a makeover to dogs who come in all shapes and sizes. Every pet owner will have some kind of apprehension regarding the makeover of their pug but Lulu is trained and she knows her skills very well.

Fancy Pup El Paso

Fany Pup El Paso seems to be a great dog services shop. Pugs can have a great time over here. They can avail a bath service, have their grooming done and also dogs are trained in the facility. The pricing for all services ranges from a starting price of 25$ to 40$. They take grooming responsibility seriously and charge a very generous price in return for excellent service.

El Paso County Canine Rescue

El Paso County Canine Rescue is an excellent place that strives to protect disadvantaged and weak animals that need support and love. They serve all the animals in the Colorado and Texas county area. You can also see them helping pugs and providing them with a wonderful home. To adopt a dog from the facility and lease the poor soul a new life, first of all, you need to complete an application fee. 

Once you are done completing the application, you have to wait for another 72 hours where your entire application will be reviewed. Once all the formalities are completed, you will be invited to attend the adoption. Then you can pay the fees and take the adopted pooch with you.

Animal Rescue League Of El Paso

  • Address: 7256 La Junta, Canutillo, TX 79835
  • Website:
  • Contact: Phone- 915-877-5002, Fax- 915-877-1923

Animal Rescue of El Paso is another great organisation that takes excellent care of pets like dogs and cats. They started their rescue work in 1995 and pledged to save as many dogs and cats as they can. These dogs and cats get either killed at a rescue home or die in the streets as strays. Dogs and cats that are taken in the facility have to mandatorily be vaccinated, microchipped, tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Lyme disease or Feline Leukemia before they are adopted. 

They make sure that you get a healthy pug to spend your life with. The rescue shelter is ginormous and is located in a giant facility in Canutillo, Texas, 10 miles north of El Paso. The shelter is a haven for all disadvantaged animals and houses as many as 1000 dogs, and some of them are pugs.

How to Get a Cute Pug Puppy?

Everyone wants to get a cute pug puppy. After all, pugs are cute and that’s their strength. If you can get a cuter version of them, that will itself be an amazing day to rejoice. To find a cute pug puppy, you can do the following things:

  • Make store visits and see if you can find a cute pug. Going shopping for a dog yourself will help you have a lot of options to select a pooch. You can pick one that you like.
  • If you are shopping online, look for more profile photos of the dog. On the websites of stores, they make your pooch wear different outfits or groom them. If they can pull off any wear, you are in for an amazing treat. 
  • Contact a breeder that indulges in providing designer breeds. Puppies that have the lineage of different dogs tend to be cuter. You will love your pooch and its cuteness more.

What to Ask When Buying a Pug Puppy?

Well, nowadays to get a puppy one has to wait for some time when getting a puppy. If you are getting a puppy on short notice, chances are that puppy was brought from a puppy mill. You need to stay away from puppy mills as much as you can since they exploit dogs badly. 

You have to fill out an application form and then you will be processed for an interview. In the interview, you can emphasize the following info to know more about your pooch-

  1. Ask for the pug’s medical records and history, be sure if the pug does not have a bad medical problem.
  2. Ask what your pug eats and likes.
  3. Talk about your preferences and personality type that you would prefer in a pug.
  4. Ask about a pug’s parents, a lot of genetic problems are transmissible in today’s day and age.
  5. Be sure if your pug has had booster shots, vaccines and deworming done. And if he is microchipped or not.


Pugs are an amazing dog breed. They nurture and love people with their hearts. They can be genuine hearty friends to humans. If you take in a pug, you choose a friend in the form of a pug who emotionally supports you. 

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