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How Often and How to Bathe a Pug?

Being a pug owner, you must be spending the best times of your life. But when it comes to bathing your little companion, it must be tiresome. Are you wondering how often you have to go through this tiresome task? Or what the best ways to clean pugs are?

Well, it’s time you start scrolling down! We will not only give you a step-by-step guide on how to bathe a pug but inform you with some quick tips that come to your rescue. 

Whether your dog loves to have a bath or not, you need to take extra care of your little pup. Apart from that, we will also cover some quick tips and FAQs that will not leave a bit of query on your mind! Read on to know the tips and tricks to bathe your little pug in the best way! 

Generally, pugs are fond of baths, but if they’re among those who do not like baths, the following tips will be helpful! Also, don’t bathe them too frequently; that might lose out on their natural shine. Brushing, cleaning, and scrubbing gently at proper intervals will keep them clean and remove the chances of any infections or bad odor.

How Often Should You Bathe a Pug?

Ideally, bathing your pug once a month is fine. This is because bathing pugs frequently might result in them losing out their body shine and natural oils. So, until and unless your pug is stinking or is extremely dirty, it is best to stick to bathing a pug once a month. 

Also, you can keep dog wipes handy to wipe their tear stains and sleep off and on. But we would always suggest you go for wipes that contain natural ingredients. 

How to Bathe a Pug?

Bathing a dog is indeed tough! And the worst thing is, every dog owner will have to face this! But with our tips below, it must not be a problem at all! However, first, let’s check out what all you’ll require.

What do you require to bathe your pug?

  • Cotton pads or balls
  • Mat (preferably non-slip)
  • A dog Shampoo
  • A dog Conditioner
  • Mitt or a scrubber
  • Soft towel

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathe Your Pug

Check out the steps below and follow them meticulously, and we’re sure you won’t have a problem!

Step 1: Select a bath-friendly spot

It’s important always to choose a suitable spot that makes your little pooch comfortable. Some of the spots we would suggest are sinks, bathtubs, shower rooms, or a bath bowl. Once you’re sure about where you wish to bathe your pug, place the non-slip mat or towel. 

Pro Tip: We would suggest this to avoid any sliding or slipping. 

Step 2: Start protecting the ears and eyes

None of us like soap getting into our eyes. Do we? So, you can well imagine what your little pug would face when this happens. In that case, we would want to prevent all the chances of such problems from occurring. 

Take some cotton balls or pads and place them in their ears. Also, you can keep some cotton handy to use it and avoid water getting into their eyes. 

Quick note: Excessive water into a pug’s eyes might lead to severe infections and loss of eyesight. 

Step 3: Water temperature balancing time!

When you want to bathe a pug, always note they have super sensitive skin. So, if the water is too cold or too hot, it might lead to several problems. It’s always best to go for lukewarm water. 

Giving your pug a bath is just like nurturing another baby! So, always keep the temperature of the water balanced. 

Step 4: Begin by dampening the pug’s coat

Now it’s time to use some dog-friendly soap! Take some lukewarm water and dampen the coat and skin of your pug. But always remember to be as gentle as possible. You shouldn’t be harsh with your little pup. 

Step 5: Start cleaning the coat, ears, face, and toenails

Well, now comes in the primary part! Take some water in your palm and clean the face. Are you wondering if you have to use soap? Well, no soap now! If you lack the expertise at this, you can use a flannel cloth.

Be sure you’re cleaning the folded skin well. Also, don’t miss out on the areas behind the ears and also the eye corners. It would be best if you cleaned the corners of the eyes well, as that’s precisely where sleep and tears stains begin to accumulate. 

If you haven’t been to the groomer recently, you can start trimming the nails. Finally, take some shampoo and give your doggy a nice massage. Foam up well and have some ‘we’ time with your pug! 

Step 6: Rinsing time!

Now all you’ll have to do is rinse, rinse and rinse! Be sure to scrape off all the dirt well. You can use the scrubber if necessary at this point. You have to be sure that the shampoo is all taken off well. Repeat the rinsing process as many times as you want!

Step 7: Conditioning time!

Many people prefer using a leave-in conditioner. But you can use the ones you need to rinse off as well. Only make sure you’re using a dog-friendly conditioner that contains herbal and natural ingredients. 

Now take some conditioner in your hands and apply it. Then, use the comb to gently even out the hair of your pug smooth. However, if you’re not using a leave-in conditioner, wash your pooch well using lukewarm water. 

Step 8: Time to dry off well

It’s time to dry your pug well! Be sure you’re doing this process well because no one likes to cuddle up with a pet that has a ‘wet smell.’ However, please don’t go overboard with it! Rubbing too much might irritate their skin as well!

Pro tip: Use the towel to clean every corner of the eyes, ears, and folded skin as well. But always be as gentle as possible.

What do I do if My Pug Hates baths?

This is quite a common question almost every pet owner enquires about! If your pug loves to have a bath, then you can indeed consider yourself lucky. But not everyone has this luck! 

So, today we thought of speaking about some quick tips that will make it easy for you to bathe your pug! Check them out below: 

  1. Always go for lukewarm water

Dogs usually hate having a bath. And using cold water in their bath routine can be adding fuel to the fire. So, using lukewarm water is the best option! In this case, the water will neither be too cold or too hot. The entire bathing session must be soothing and give your pug a refreshing feeling. So, always go for lukewarm water!

  1. Make it full of fun

Making bath-time fun is something we all used to enjoy as a kid! Didn’t we? So, why keep your little pug away from such a fun activity. Moreover, by adding some floating toys and making the bath time full of fun, you’ll be able to distract them and eventually make them look forward to a bath-time later on. 

  1. Please don’t be harsh on them

People tend to become harsh and use a higher pitch tone when their pets don’t want to have a bath. But that’s not the right approach to have! Whereas you can try using a soothing voice that is full of affection. 

In case they like a belly rub or a back scratch, then do that. All you want to make sure is that your pet doesn’t feel the bathing time is terrible!

  1. Each bath fetches a new treat

You must have learned it during the dog training period itself. Each time your pug does something rewarding, it’s time to give them a treat. So, provide them with a treat, and soon you’ll see your pug looking forward to having a bath.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have some questions on your mind? Are you still eager to know a few more things about how often and how to bathe a pug? Well, read on! 

The list of questions below is sure to solve all your queries. So, check them out below.

  1. How often should you wash your pug?

Well, when it comes to how many times to wash your pugs, different people express their opinions differently. Some say you need to wash your pugs four times every 12 weeks. Even though the frequency might change a bit, but there isn’t any chance of giving your pug a weekly or daily bath. 

Everyone wants to preserve the natural oil present on a pug’s skin. So, if your pug is not stinking or has not spent quite a long time in your backyard, you don’t have to think about bathing your pug regularly. 

Shampooing a pug regularly can cause their skin to lose out on its natural oils. So, to keep the moisturizing properties intact, one must ensure your pug is not given a bath too often. 

However, we would always suggest you groom your pug at regular intervals. Grooming will make sure the sheen of the coat is intact and maintained in your pug. 

  1. Can You Use Human Shampoo on Pugs?

Well, quite a valid question most pet owners have! Just in case you don’t have a dog shampoo at home, you can reach out to your own shampoo. But is it good for your pug’s coat?

Well, not always! Since human shampoo is specially made for human hair and skin, it might not be an ideal option for your four-legged pooch. 

Pugs have a unique skin type, and to keep the natural oil balance in your pug, it is always advisable to go for shampoos that are dog-friendly. This is only because the pH level in human shampoo is different from the ones specially made for dogs. 

Using human shampoo once in a while is fine. But using it on a regular basis might cause irritation, allergies, and also loss of shine in the dog’s coat. 

  1. How to clean Pugs face folds?

While you are at the most tiresome task of bathing your pug, you can use a flannel cloth to clean the folds. 

But if you’re thinking of wiping off the tear stains and sleep often, you can go for dog wipes. Use the soft tissues to clean the facial folds well. But always make sure you’re not rubbing the skin too much. 

Rubbing hard might result in skin irritation. So, always be as gentle as you can. 

  1. How to dry a pug after a bath using a towel and dryer?

Another question that pops up in a dog owner’s mind is this one!

Well, you can use a towel to dry your pug. But remember not to rub your little pug too much. Check out the tutorial, and we’re sure you’ll do it just fine!

  1. How to avoid water from getting into my pug’s ears?

Well, you can always use cotton pads and balls to avoid water penetration into your pug’s ear. But another useful method to avoid this is by using a doggo head towel. Are you wondering how you need to do it? Well, check out the tutorial below.

  1. How to clean Pugs Face?

When you’re bathing your pug, you can always clean the face using a soft towel. And at all other times, you can easily take a damp cloth and wipe the face gently. Always remember not to be too harsh on your little pooch!

  1. Can pugs clean themselves?

Well, all animals lick themselves, as that is a cleaning process for them. However, cats tend to lick themselves more often compared to dogs. 

So, your pug might lick the body off and on to make sure they are groomed. However, that can also be to heal the wound as well. But if you’re thinking about pugs washing themselves, then that’s completely out of the question!

  1. Do pugs like baths?

Most pugs are fond of their bathing time. However, dogs, in general, do not like the scrubbing that you do while bathing them. So, if your pug is among those who don’t prefer a bath, follow the tips above.

Giving them treats and making their bath time fun will indeed change their opinion and make them look forward to the bathing time. 

Final Thoughts

While we are at the end of our article today, we’re sure you know how often & how to bathe a pug! Moreover, the quick tips will help you make your pug’s bath-time fun. Also, don’t forget to give them a treat every now and then. So, do let us know how you liked our tips above and how your pug enjoyed his/her bath time!

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