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Pug Dogs for Sale in Kentucky {9 Best Places to Buy}

Getting a pug can be the happiest moment for a lot of people. Pugs are companion dogs. They love to be a bundle of joy and warmth for humans. They connect with humans instantly. It is also kind of their speciality since pugs were bred only to be companions.

So, the question arises where do you get this bundle of joy? Let’s see today from where you can buy, adopt and get a pug in and around Kentucky. 

Either you are looking for Pugs for sale around Fort Campbell Kentucky or Pugs for sale in Clarksville Kentucky or Pugs for sale in Danville Kentucky or Lexington Kentucky pug, these locations you would like to check out.

Pugs for sale in Kentucky: List of breeders

Bluegrass Pug Rescue{Pugs for sale in Louisville Kentucky}

BPR is a community based non-profit organisation that caters to helpless and left out pugs. They do not have a facility of their own. So, all their fur babies live in a foster care home. The entire team of Bluegrass pug rescue has been made out of volunteers. 

Once they keep a pug in a foster home, they take them to the vet for vaccinations. In the vet clinic, they run various tests including a heartworm test, spay or neuter, and any needed medical treatment. Do show a bit of patience regarding the adoption of a pug, since all organisational and administrative tasks are being done by volunteers.

Kentuckiana Pugs

Kentuckiana pugs is a community based non-govt organisation. They do not have a centralised care facility as of now. They place all their left out pugs in foster homes. Like other rescue centres and pet adoption agencies, they too run on donations. However, the donation is taxable.

You can carry on with the adoption process by first filing an online application. After submitting all the relevant documents. The team will carry out an inspection and make sure the pug has all the amenities he requires in the house. The process is tedious. Do not expect things to be super fast.

Petland Florence KY {Lexington Kentucky Pug}

Petland is a great brand to buy pets in the US. The good thing however about Petland is along with the pricing it provides amenities for pugs to remain healthy. They take good care of the pugs and other dog puppies. The pugs get a regular bath, their nails are tripped. They take their temperatures daily to check if they do not suffer from any disease.

Petland’s entire staff is very nicely trained. They make sure that their professionals become well-groomed. There are pet counsellors too who educate people about pets. When you buy a puppy from pet land you get all the documents, vaccination certificates and even a 1-year warranty on your dog.

Dream Pugs

  • Address:Renee Singleton, Philpot, KY 42366
  • Website:
  • Contact: (270) 298-0084.

Dream pugs stores are located in west Kentucky. They claim to have the best pug bloodlines. These pugs are healthy, calm and strong. You can go to their address and visit the store and check one of their pooches, you might like it. They are part of the Pug Dog Club Of America and the Owensboro River City Kennel Club.  

Piggy tail kennels

The owner of the Piggy tail kennels has hands-on experience with handling pugs. From training dogs and knowing the intricacies of a pet, the owner knows it all. Started with a labrador and now transitioning to pugs. The owner has been a vet tech and a receptionist. The kennel started in 1988 and till then a total of 21 dogs have acclaimed dog show titles on the following themes like a champion, obedience, rally tricks and agility titles.

Sulphur Creek Kennels

Sulphur creek kennels can be considered the best living space for dogs. They provide cast expanse for pets and dogs to move around. They even have large blue swimming pools for pugs to swim in. They have a great canal water system. The wastes of puppies are very well managed and keep them clean. They justify the example of quality triumphing quantity.

All the puppies in the facility have been declawed, checked, verified even micro-chipped. The dogs have been taken to the vet and vaccinated.

Golden Acres Puppies

  • Address: 188 Beckham Loy Rd, Columbia, KY 42728
  • Website:
  • Contact: 270-805-1555

Golden acres puppies are owned by three people Elizabeth, Cole, and Miya Meyer. They live on a 50-acre farm. The farm is located outside Columbia, Kentucky. All the owners loved to raise dogs and pugs. You can visit their website and their facility to get a pooch. 

If you like a puppy or a dog beforehand all you need to do is make a puppy deposit. You can book your favourite puppy and then pay the full amount and pay for the puppy.

R&C Canine

R&C Canine can be an amazing home for the pugs. The facility is located in the rural parts of Kentucky. All their pugs seem to be registered. They have been breeders for 10 years. If you deem fit to adopt a pug you will be put on the waitlist and can adopt a pug. 

There is a range of colours of pugs available in the facility including fawn, black and apricot. If you get a pug you will also be handed all the documents including- Paperwork for CKC Dog Registration. You will also get an early record of vaccinations.

Pug Puppy for Homes

The best thing about pug puppy for homes is their pug courier service. If you want to have a puppy delivered to you this is the right option. They even embed a microchip id in all their pugs. In case the pugs get lost for some reason they will be able to get back.

The best thing however of the company is they handle every aspect of the delivery. They go through all the guidelines provided by their experienced vet. Like they do not sedate their pet before delivery. The shipping however is available in both ground and air modes. In air modes mainly the delta airlines are used. The ground shipping is faster as they have to deliver your pooch on your said zip code through a courier.

How Do You Find a Reputable Pug Breeder?

Before choosing any pug breeder, make sure the breeder is listed in both American Kennel Club (AKC) and Pugs dog club (PDC). These websites are very reliable and only contain genuine contacts of breeders. To know more about pug breeders make sure you have other sources too like:

  • Dog trainers
  • Pet shops
  • Vets
  • Breeders

These are still not the best source. You have to dissect the information in a better manner regarding what the people say. But, still, if you find any valuable input that can help you get a pug, it should be worth it.

How Do I Choose the Right Pug Breeder?

You will know how good your breeder is when he/she gives you all the information related to your pooch. Is the person hiding any sensitive information from you? Are they being dishonest for some reason? To know if they are trying to get benefits without providing the service when they do not share all the information. 

Have they provided you with all the papers regarding vaccination, insurance etc? Are they answering your queries? These signs will tell you how good of a pug breeder is the person?

How Do You Get Health Insurance for Your Pug?

Any pug who is newly registered in the American kennel association gets 30 days of insurance. Contact the AKC to avail of the insurance. It is also applicable when the ownership is transferred to any other person.

Insurance is very mandatory for a pug’s human parents. It’s because pugs have inherent genetic issues. These health problems when manifested can drain all of your savings. Please get insurance to avoid such a thing from happening.

How Do You Tell If It’s a Good Quality Pug?

When you meet an unknown person and get a pet from them, you might feel a bit unsure. The feeling is normal. You can look for the following things to determine if your pug is of good quality:

  • Is the pug well fed or not? Look at the physical stature of a pug. If the pug looks weak it can be prone to more diseases.
  • Look for vaccination papers and be sure about deworming. Both these processes are necessary to ensure the good health of your pooch.
  • Look in the facility, are the services well managed. If you visit a pet shop, ask the owner to take you to the field. This will help you know how the living conditions of your pooch were.


Pugs are adorable beings. Being sure when adopting a pug will help you enormously. Pugs suffer from a lot of health problems. Make sure that you would be able to take care of their health issues. Getting a pet is such a huge responsibility. We must make an informed choice. 

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