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Pugs for Sale in Michigan {9 Best Breeders}

Pugs are adorable dogs. Everybody likes an emotional pet with them. Which dog could be categorised as most friendly and loving? It will be pugs. Pugs are so cute and crave attention. They are bred to be companion dogs. Getting a pug has some additional responsibilities. Once you are sure you want a cute pooch for yourself, you need to know where to get one? Here’s a list of pug breeders in Michigan.

Pugs for sale in Michigan: List of Breeders

Michigan Pug Rescue (Pug puppies in Oakland county Michigan)

Michigan pug rescue is a non-profit organisation, made up of a network of volunteers that keeps homeless pugs in foster homes. The volunteers are not paid any compensation. Pugs that have to find shelters in foster homes. You can get a pug if you want from them. Make sure that you have all the documents required by them.

The organisation has saved as many as 700 pugs till now. The organisation is run by fundraising efforts of private organisations and entities.

Snuggle Pugs

Snuggle pugs are owned by Gary and Joan Yorkie, of Whitehall, MI. Their facility is just 10 km away from Michigan Adventure Amusement Park. Having their first pug before 20 years they are the proud members of the pug club of America. 

The first pug they ever got was in 1990. named Ch. Toby Tuff. He was also the first obedience titleholder. Both the owners take their pugs to participate in various pug competitions. They have taken their pugs to various competitions in a truck camper, pop-up camper, class C motorhome, travel trailer, and the final one (I hope!) a 38-foot class A diesel pusher motorhome.

Pet City Pets

Pet city pets is a great place to get dogs. They have a wide range of dogs that are well-tempered, healthy, locally bred, affordable puppies. You get a wide range of dogs to choose from like Yorkie-poos, Teddy Bears, Maltese-Shih-Tzus, Patio Pups, Labs, Australian Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies. Whichever pug you get before coming to your home will be vet checked. 

They have a network of reputable breeds in and around Michigan and Ohio which provides them dogs. Along with quality dog breeds, they have a large collection of pets like tropical fish, reptiles and small critters.

Humane Society of Huron Valley

  • Address: 3100 Cherry Hill Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 
  • Contact:  734- 662-5585
  • Website:

Humane Society of Huron Valley has a large network of adoptable animals. You can go to their website and check all the different kinds of dogs that you can adopt. There is also a vet clinic along with the adoption centre. Vets do regular checkups of pets. To get a pug or a dog you must have all the required documents ready needed to own a dog. 

First of all, you will need a completed application. After your application is completed you can sit for an interview meeting with board members. If everything is right, you will get your pug sooner. Remember that there are many additional costs included along with the adoption. There are costs of health checks, neutering and microchips etc.

Petland Novi (Pug puppies Owosso Michigan)

Petland Novi should be one of the top choices for you to get your pugs and other dogs. They are very professional dog breeders. Till now, they have bred a total of 32000 dog breeds. They have a very trained staff that takes care of the dogs and are very professional.

The best thing however regarding getting a pug from Petland Novi is the package buy that you can do. If you want a dog along with a veterinary package you can do it by getting the license from 2 qualified veterinarians. There are many other packages as well like lifetime packages or warranty packages.

The Family Puppy

Family Puppy was founded in 1998. It is a pet store where you can buy both dogs and cats. Along with your purchase, you also get some additional perks. You get a chance to get a 30-day veterinary visit for any health problems. You also get health insurance for 30 days. Along with that, they also provide a 2-year safety guarantee for their dogs by providing 2-year health coverage in case your dog has any genetic defects.

Along with your purchase of a pet, they also provide you with lifetime access to AKC good dog lifetime subscription helpline access. This facility equips you with trying to answer all the questions that you might have regarding your pet.

The barking boutique (Pug puppies for sale in Lansing Michigan )

Barking Boutique is owned by David Boelkes. You will get your dog from their adoption facility but they do have a shop for pet supplies. Personally, in barking boutiques, they get dogs from breeders who have oversized yards and help in the socialization of dogs. This makes the pugs and dogs more playful and transitions easily with their human parents. 

The owner himself has a lot of experience in the pet industry. They want to serve the role of the missing link that connects genuine breeders with potential buyers of pets.

Humane Society of West Michigan

  • Address: 3077 Wilson Dr NW, ​Grand Rapids, MI 49534
  • Website:
  • Contact: 616-453-8900,

The Humane Society of West Michigan takes in helpless pets and helps them be taken to a caring home. They only take in pugs or other dogs as per their capacity. They are not only caring for helpless dogs, but they also focus on educating people about dog care and dog facilities. They have numerous programs that focus on educating people about pets and animals. They have partnered with numerous animal rights organisations to take in more pets that are in a disadvantaged position.

Michigan Puppy (Pug puppies for sale in Flint Michigan)

Michigan puppy is known to have designer breeds along with other purebred dogs. They have raised many puppies in central Michigan for many years. They have the best puppies and have proper licenses. They have been inspected by many pet accreditation organisations like USDA, Osceola County Animal Control etc.

The new kennel of Michigan puppies was built as a state-of-the-art infrastructure project. They have a good ventilation system. Their kennel is spotlessly clean. The dog facility truly believes in the saying, ‘Cleanliness leads to godliness.

How to Find a Reputable Breeder?

To find a reputable breeder one has to look for some signs in the initial meeting with the breeder. Please look through these points carefully:

  • Is your pug reluctant in giving any information? If he is, that may not be the right breeder for you. Most probably he is trying to hide important information from you. 
  • Have you gotten the contact from a non-reputable source? There are many channels through which you can know where you can get a reputable breeder. If by any chance you just found the contact from a non-recognised website he might be running a puppy mill.
  • Is the breeder providing you details regarding your dog’s vaccination and deworming process? Please make sure that the breeder provides such information. If they are not providing it, that may be a big issue.

How to Identify a Good Quality Pug Puppy?

To get a good quality pug puppy one needs documents that state where the puppy belongs to. Their genetic details, their history and all. Look for the following documents to ensure that your pug’s breed is okay:

  • Try to find out the previous genetic details of your pug.
  • Does your pug have all the documentation with them? If they have that should not be a problem.
  • Look if your pug has received all the vaccines and deworming done.
  • Look for the atmosphere in which a pug is brought up. If the environment is not friendly, it will hamper their health.

How to Buy a Pug Puppy?

Well getting a pug puppy should not be a big deal. Getting a quality breed might require some additional work. Please get a pug from the following reliable sources.

  • Go to a shop that has good reviews online.
  • If you are looking for a good pug breeder, contact your friends and ask them about their experience.
  • Look at the documents before processing the payment. Look if the pug is properly vaccinated. Do you doubt that the pug belongs to a dog mill etc? 


Pugs are a great dog breed but they do have some genetic problems that you have to deal with in the future. The question however remains are you ready to take on the responsibility. Getting a pug is never the problem but taking care of them is a big responsibility that you need to take. Be prepared for all the outcomes and after that take a desirable choice. 

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