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What Do Pugs Usually Die From?

Pugs are amazing companion dogs. They form a meaningful bond with you. They become so intrinsically associated with your lives. They become family to you. Have you ever imagined what it is like to lose your pooch? You might have not imagined this, and it’s okay. But, it’s crucial to know about pugs when they reach old age. How do you take care of your pug then? It’s vital to understand how you can provide comfort to your fur babies at the end stage of their life. Let us know more about this.

How Long Do Pugs Live?

Pugs live for anywhere between 12-15 years. The life expectancy of a female pug is 13.2 years compared to a male’s 12.8. Under good conditions, your pooch can live anywhere between 15-18 years. The oldest living pug is 18 years old, who is known as King Tug, the pug from the United States of America. 

If you talk about recent evidence of pug’s age, there is plenty of evidence to state that smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs. But on a general basis, I think pugs rank somewhere in the middle or lower in terms of life expectancy.

The life expectancy of your pooch depends on many factors. You have to take care of your pug’s diet. You have to train your pug to be active. If you take some adequate measures, your pug will live a healthy life. 

How Long Do Fat Pugs Live?

Pugs are not active dogs. They tend to be lazy at times. This is when you have to act as a responsible parent and let them be out of their bed. If your pug is obese, it can suffer from severe cardiac problems. This means due to health problems they would not be able to live for their desired age of 15 years

How Do I Know If My Pug is Dying?

You will be seeing a lot of signs around you to know that your pug is in its last moments of life. There would be some strong signs that will be in front of you that will indicate your pooch’s ill health. These signs would include- loss of interest, extreme fatigue or loss of energy, bowel control loss, loss of appetite. 

Death is nature’s harsh reality and yet it is a process. You should not fight it. It’s better to make your pug mentally ready to face it. In the last moments make sure you can take care of your pug with all your heart. However, also look for certain signs that will be visible to you if your pug is dying-

Pug stops eating

Pug stopping eating can be a sign that they are not well. You will see that your pug who would love to eat generally will refuse to eat. Your pug will even refuse to eat the tastiest of treats. 

It must be frustrating for you as a pug owner to see your pooch rejecting food. It can also be that your pooch’s organs are shutting. This can lead to their hunger getting removed.

The reverse however can be true that just because your pooch has stopped eating, it is dying. To rule out all wrong possibilities, please visit a vet. 

Pug remains socially detached

When pugs approach death, you will see the remaining aloof for a while. You will see them being busy in their world. It is also quite unnatural for them to do so. Pugs love to have companions whenever they go. When they stop wanting companions, this could mean they are dying.

Your pug will not be excited when you come back home. They will only remain in their bed. They will stop following you. They will prefer to remain in their bed. These are some signs that say your pug can be dying. They have lost interest in doing things.

When death is close for your pooch, they will remain detached. You will feel like your pooch is becoming more physically and emotionally distant.

Pug being fatigued now and then

Your pug would not be able to do a lot of physical activities. They would like to sit at one place or lie at one place and not do anything. It would look so severe that your pooch won’t even want to lift its head. 

Your pooch can be so fatigued that you might have to help them with their daily ablutions. Maybe carry them so that they can pee. Fatigue can be caused due to many reasons, that includes, anaemia, lack of energy, or poor circulation. Look for your pug’s gums, make sure they are not white and pink. If they are white, it can mean that your pug suffers from anaemia.

Try to press on your pug’s pink gums and see if it turns white. If it does then it would mean your pug has anaemia. 

Do not have proper coordination and balance

Your co-ordinated happy pooch can lack steadiness in their feet. It can be difficult to move from one point to another. It can be caused due to impairment of the brain and not having good food. 

It’s a painful sight to see your pooch struggling. But, there is nothing much that you can do. Some research suggests a sudden unprecedented ear infection can make your pooch lose his balance.

If this is happening when your pooch is not in their old age, it can be a serious problem. Please visit the vet to ascertain the problem and why it is happening.

Pugs struggling to breathe

The other sign that will be prominent to you is that your pug struggles to breathe. Pugs as a breed they struggle to breathe anyway because of the heat. This could be a much bigger problem when they are old. So, please watch your pooch when they are old. They can suffocate if you ignore the problem.

Some signs of uneven breathing can be:

  • Your pug will gasp for air. 
  • They may have lengthy gaps between their breathing.

This is also one of the hardest things to see your pug endure. You can see them being helpless. And, there is nothing you can do about it. 

This is the time to say goodbye to your pooch. This is where you need to understand that your pug might leave you any minute.

Pugs seek extra comfort

You would see more signs of your pooch seeking comfort from you. They would seek unlimited belly rubs. They would come to you in odd times wanting love and comfort from you. It can also be a sign that the end of your pooch is near.

Pugs by nature are companion dogs. See their nature. They can just demand some belly rubs out of love. It might not be them being near to death.

Pugs can have muscle tremors

Your pooch can shake vehemently. It can be because your pooch hasn’t had food and water for so long. Their body would need some glucose to be fit and fine. Because of dehydration, your pooch can shake once in a while. It might feel to you that they are having seizures.

Your pug can invariably start shaking and twitching. Try to take them to a bed and prepare a warm bed for them. This will provide them with some relief.

Pug peeing in bed

You have to watch out for a pug accidentally peeing in bed. This can be a sign of their internal organs being weak. When your pooch’s internal organs stop operating properly you see them taking many pee breaks. When your pug attains old age, try to get your pug a waterproof bed. 

Pug losing weight

Pugs are also a part of geriatric dogs. Losing weight in old age is very common. Pugs can become very old and thin during old age. Weight loss however can be caused due to different types of malignancies, cancers, or other health conditions that can be responsible for your pooches discomfort.

Pug’s vomiting

Due to a virus or infection, your pug can start vomiting. Pugs can be pretty much dehydrated and might vomit a lot. The digestive system of your pooch might be facing some problems. And, all the undigested food might make your pooch more nauseous. 

If your pug for some reason cannot digest anymore food and throws up vigorously. It is a sign that your pooch is very sick. You might try to take them to the vet to know more about the digestion problem. 

What is the Oldest Living Pug?

There are claims made regarding a pug in South Africa. It is said that this pug might have lived for as long as 27 years. It makes him the easiest long-living pug. But as far as the oldest living pug as per records is concerned, King Tug the Pug, can be considered as the longest living pug. He has lived a whopping 18 years,

A study however has been published that tries to connect both humans and dog’s ages. To find your dog’s age in human years, all you need to do is multiply your dog’s age by 16 and then add 31.

By that logic, King Tug the Pug can be 95 years old. This is a universal formula and does not account for physiological differences between dogs. 

Why Do Pugs Die Early?

Pugs have a host of health problems that can cause them to die early. That’s why it’s recommended to take care of your pug when they grow old. The major health problem that your pug can face is pug dog encephalitis. It is a very bad health problem for pugs. It can destroy your pug’s brain health and can potentially kill your pooch. 

Pug dog encephalitis

This can be a major reason for death in pugs. This disease can cause brain inflammation in pugs and this can eventually lead to death. This can affect female pugs more. The disease has some affinity with female pugs due to the genetic markers.

Symptoms that will look prominent indicating your pug has the health problem includes- depression, seizures, blindness, ataxia (loss of muscle control), and an unusual gait. There is a chance that 1.2% of the pugs suffer from it. That’s a big number considering how popular pugs are. 

Legg Perthes disease

It is a disorder that is predominant in small toy dog breeds. It occurs in small dogs that leads them to limp. It is very painful. It can lead to various health issues related to muscle tissues like loss of cartilage. 

In this disease we also see a lack of blood flow in pugs. If this happens, pugs could suffer and die.

There can be a bone mineral density loss in your pug as well. If your pug’s bones become weak they might not be able to support your dog’s weight.

Skin problems

Pugs have a lot of skin folds. The skin area when moist can be a den for many diseases. The skin area is excessively moist/warm and can cause infections. To keep your pooch’s skin disease free use hypoallergenic wipes that will promote good bacteria health zones.

Lip fold pyoderma

This is also a dermatitis issue that is caused due to inflammation of the skin. It also means inflammation of the skin due to bacteria. The skin folds when exposed to excessive moisture can create the problem. The condition can be prevented by properly cleaning the wet area.

Respiratory problems

A narrow/shorter upper respiratory tract can cause a lot of health problems for your pooch. It can lead to collapsed snares, increased snoring, collapsing trachea region and panting.

Pugs also pant a lot when suffering heatstroke. It could also mean your pooch panting heavily to stay away from respiratory problems. 

Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome

Brachycephalic dogs like pugs pant a lot. Their skulls are excessively shortened causing a lot of breathing issues in them. The skull structures are short and narrow, smaller than how usual skulls are. 

This term also means that pugs suffer from breathing issues and can likely fall in the following dog categories. This is a list of different types of problems of the brachycephalic breed. 

  • Stenotic nares
  • Extended nasopharyngeal turbinates
  • Elongated soft palate
  • Laryngeal collapse
  • Hypoplastic trachea
  • Everted laryngeal saccules

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine Hip Dysplasia is another term that your pug suffers from. The ball and socket joint of a pug dislocate each other. Due to which a pug suffers from a lot of health problems like discomfort, arthritis or joint conditions.

Hip dysplasia is also found in bigger dogs along with pugs. It can be caused due to many factors like- poor nutrition, excess weight, and rapid growth.

What Changes Do Pugs Experience When They Grow Older?

A pug reaches senior years when he is about 7-9 years. Many parents of furbabies miss the signs of their pug growing old. Some signs that your pug requires senior care:

  • Your pugs will hear a lot less. It can be hard considering pugs have excellent hearing skills. You have to teach your pug some hand signals. This will help them to communicate with you.
  • Your pugs will store more fat as compared to muscle. This is very much seen in your pooch. You will see your pug storing more fat as compared to muscle.
  • Your pugs will be a lot slower as they grow up. Their body structure leads them to become slow. Their bones become weak. And, this leads to exerting a lot of stress on their knees.

Tips to Prolong Pug’s Lifespan

Truth be told, no pug parent or dog lover wants their pooch to suffer. As parents of our fur babies all we want for our pugs are healthy lives. We are all willing to go the extra mile for our pooch. 

But this love should motivate us to take extra care of our pug. Make sure that our pooches get all the benefits they need to remain healthy. There are certain tips that you can apply to increase your pooch’s lifespan.

Choose the right breeder

Choose the right breeder to choose a pooch that has all the vaccinations and paperwork done. Make sure that your pug is properly dewormed. That your pooch has taken all the medications and vaccines on time. If you do not consider these things, the pooch that you choose might have a host of medical problems that you won’t be able to treat.

Give your pug proper vet care

Take your pug to the vet often. Keep yourself updated with your pooch’s health history. Make sure your pooch is healthy. Do not miss the vaccination dates. Make sure you vaccinate your pooch right in time. 

Be very perceptive about your pooch’s health problems. Watch out for their responses and behaviour. Make sure that your pug receives the best health care in case they suffer from any health issue. 


Pug obesity looms as a problem in the US today. Human obesity is seen as a problem, but you will be shocked how fat our pets are? First of all, make sure that your pooch has gotten adequate nutrition. Don’t get lured by certain foods available at cheap prices. There can be many reasons why certain food items are cheap. You have to look out for signs to see whether what you are buying is good or not? If your pooch becomes obese for some reason, just outright reject the food product.


Along with good nutrition, make sure your pooch has regular exercise. It might be the case that your pug might not be able to keep up with your exercise. Just make sure that your pug has some form of mental stimulation and fun. 

But under no circumstances you are allowed to compel your pug to do a lot of exercises. As you know pugs have a windpipe that is narrow in one end and that can cause a lot of breathing problems for your pooch. Minimal play and a bit of mental stimulation should be sufficient health activities for a pug.

Summer alert

Pugs pant a lot during summers. Your pooch can suffer from summer-related injuries. Humans and dogs are not alike, unlike humans, dogs pant to lower their heat levels. They sweat through paw pads like humans. But that is just one body part. 

Sweating helps a person to lower or limit their body temperature. In the case of a pug that may not be the case that’s why pugs can suffer from head injuries. 

Water alert

It’s a request to watch your pug when they are near a water body. If your pug is anywhere near a water body that has a water level above its waist that can be dangerous. Make sure to keep an eye on them. Many pugs have met their ends this way. 

If pugs are in a pool, they should never be alone. Either you allow them to be out in a shallow pool or be with them and watch them. Exposure to water can also lead to several health issues for their wrinkly skin. They can suffer from bacterial infections in their wrinkles. 

Genetic testing

This is a boon for many human parents of pugs. Genetic testing can help you to identify the health complications that your pooch can most likely face in the future. These tests likely look at the history of a pug and tell you about the health complications that your pooch most likely has. 

Making Last Moments of the Pug

Many human parents do not believe that there will be a time when their pooch will leave them. That can be a problem, you might not know and the moment can hit you. You can do several things to make the last moments memorable.

  • Click a lot of photos with your pooch. This way you will have something preserved as a memory of the last moments.
  • During the last years of your pooch’s life try to care more, that way your pooch will know how much they mean to you.

Final Words!

Your pug will eventually die someday. All you can do is accept the fact that death is impermanent. Spend all the extra time you have with your pooch in old age. Make sure you provide your pug with the best life they deserve till the end.  

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