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Why Do Pugs Sleep So Much and How Long Do They Sleep?

Just as new parents panic about the tiniest gesture about their newborn, new pug owners do the same. Slowly these tiny four-legged creatures become an integral part of the pet owner’s lives and grab most of their attention.

Being new pug parents, it is indeed normal to get worried about the hours your little pooch spends sleeping. So, are you worried that your pug sleeps a bit too much? Are you wondering if there is anything you need to worry about? Well, read on! 

The segments below will not only give you a brief about why pugs sleep but also give you an idea about how long they sleep! Keep reading, and we’re sure you will be way more relaxed by the end of the article! 

Pugs’ sleeping hours depend widely on their age. At each stage of their lives, their sleep duration varies. However, there can be several other reasons as well for a pug to sleep for prolonged hours. Apart from their sleeping hours, pugs also adapt to awkward sleeping positions; that too changes.

How Long Do Pugs Sleep?

Well, pug requires a definite amount of sleep depending on their age. So, let us check out the table below to get an in-depth idea about how long your little pooch sleeps: 

Pug Age Sleep Duration (in hours)
More than 9 years (Seniors) Almost 15 hours of Sleep
6 months to 9 years (Adults) Approximately 14 hours of Sleep
2 weeks to 5 months (Older Pugs) Approximately 18 hours of Sleep
3 weeks to 8 weeks (Younger Pups) Almost 20 hours of Sleep
1 day to 3 weeks (Newborn Pugs) Approximately 22 hours of sleep

Frequently Asked Questions About Pug Sleeping Hours?

Here are some answers that will justify why pugs should sleep the recommended hours mentioned on our chart above: 

Is it usual for my senior pug to sleep for 15 hours a day?

Well, a senior pug usually has a reduced level of activities, and of course, a demolished metabolism as well. So, it is usual for your pug to sleep a little more than the amount of sleep an adult pug requires. However, it’s a gradual process. 

Is it normal that my adult pug sleeps for 14 hours a day?

14 hours sounds a lot, doesn’t it? Well, when we say 14 hours, it necessarily does not imply sleeping at one whole stretch. Your pug can take short naps all through the day as well. 

An adult pug is way more sensitive and wants to know everything about its owner. They usually accompany their owners wherever they go, but the sad truth is, they can’t really stay up! 

Eventually, you’ll find them taking a snooze every now and then! 

Is it usual for my 3-month-old pug to sleep for 18 hours?

Well, here again, when we say 18 hours, we don’t necessarily mean your pug will be sleeping at one stretch. They usually divide the hours within a daytime and nighttime snooze. 

Is it normal for my 6 weeks pug to sleep for 20 hours a day?

Well, even though your pug is going to be quite an active pet who is going to remain up and about, but they will still manage to sleep for almost 20 hours a day. 

It is usual for them to sleep this long! Of course, they are going to be much more active than a newborn pooch. 

A newborn pug sleeps for 22 hours a day. Is it normal?

Well, yes! Don’t you see how much sleep a human child needs as well? It’s just the same! A pup will be awake to only eat, and the rest of the time they only spend sleeping. 


Why do Pugs Sleep So Much?

While the above chart and answers explain how long a pug should sleep, there are instances when your pug can sleep more than that as well. Yes! That is also possible! So, we thought of informing you about some possible reasons and solutions why pugs sleep so much. Check them out below:

  1. Because they are bored!

Among the plentiful reasons present out there, pugs snooze more when they are bored. Can you imagine yourself doing absolutely nothing? What would you end up doing? You would definitely go off to sleep, wouldn’t you?

Well, pugs do the same as well! When there is nothing better to do, pugs tend to go off to sleep. So, if you see your pug getting bored, start engaging him or her in some activities. Here are some possible solutions to eradicate dog boredom:

  • Play and interact with them: Well, one of the best ways to get rid of dog boredom is to surround them with many family members. Play with them and interact with them. Soon you’ll find them sleeping less and being more active.
  • Spend time at the daycare: When you leave your pug at the daycare, they tend to find company. With other puppies playing at the daycare, they have a great time. Moreover, interacting with other dogs will make your pug more friendly as well.
  • Give them a squeaky toy: Squeaky toys are something dogs love! The sound makes them excited and allows them to be more active. So, get them some great toys, and you’ll find them active even when you are busy at an online conference!
  1. Too Much Fat!

Well, pugs are those breeds that tend to eat up everything they find edible! So, you must keep a close watch on their weight. Pugs, in particular, can become obese if you let their diet a little loose. 

Moreover, sleeping can make obesity even worse. So, if you find your pug sleeping too much, get his or her weight checked. Obesity can be a major reason for them to sleep.

Here are some quick ways to limit the chances of obesity:

  • Watch their diet: Keep away from giving them foods that contain loads of fat. You will find several foods a vet may recommend to limit the chances of weight gain.
  • Alarm for hypothyroidism: Just as humans become obese due to hypothyroidism, pugs do the same as well. So, if you find your pug gaining too much weight, get a health check done immediately!
  • Make sure he or she exercises: Exercise is something everyone must do! By exercising, you can increase your mobility and also help your dog shed off the extra pounds. 
  1. Very little exercise!

Pugs can adapt habits quite easily! So, lack of exercise can be another reason why your pug is sleeping so much. Exercising encourages your pug to go out and about and also gives them motivation. 

If your pug has already become a couch potato, here’s what you need to do:

Get outside and take him or her along with you! Take some squeezy toys or try out some fun activities. Make them run around and go around the bushes. All these will make your pug active and ensure they sleep lesser than the recommended amount. 

  1. Mimicking What You Do!

If your pug notices you spend hours sleeping or being lazy, your pug will do the same. So, it is important for you always to be up and about to make sure he or she also finds no reason to snooze. 

If your pug finds you interacting with him or her, playing, talking, working, or even doing household chores, your pet will learn to stay active as well. 

  1. Cause of Any Injury or Diseases!

Another major reason that you must not ignore is this one! When any of us are trying to fight off a disease or trying to recover from an illness, our bodies are tired. And sleep is the only way to cure ourselves. 

Similarly, if your pet is sleeping more than the recommended amount, it can be a sign he or she is trying to recover from some illness. Also, keep note that this illness can be known or unknown to you. 

If you know about the illness, it is fine! But if you’re not aware, it’s time to take your little pup for a checkup!

Where Do Pugs Have a Sound Sleep?

All of us have a comfortable space where we love sleeping. Don’t we? So do dogs! Pugs generally find a dedicated space for themselves and get comfortable in that place. Some pets prefer sleeping with their owners, and some prefer sleeping alone in a dark corner. 

Every pug has a separate preference. So, here is a list that will tell you the possible preferences pugs might have to get sound sleep:

  1. The Floor or Carpet 

Some pets leave their bed and like the warmth of the carpet or the hardness of the floor. At times, they might even change places between where they sleep at night and where they sleep in the morning. 

However, you must keep in mind that sleeping on the floor can be bad for their joints. So, it’s advisable you at least get them used to a carpet to allow them to sleep well. 

  1. In their Bed

When you buy a special bed for your little pet, you would expect him or her to be super comfy on it. So, be sure you get them a super soft bed to sleep on. And if you train your pup well, you’ll find them sleeping in their bed itself. 

Also, if your house has multiple floors, make sure you get a small one for each of the floors. You wouldn’t want your little pup to be alone while you’re working in your living area! Would you?

  1. Crate

Some pets love crates. They imagine their crate to be their private den. So, if your doggy is crate trained, he or she might prefer the crate only!

  1. Owners Bed

Pugs love their owners and long to spend all their time with them. So, even though the preference depends on you, but if you’re comfortable, your pet will love sleeping with you. However, remember they tend to snore too much! 

Is My Pug Sleeping in an Awkward Position?

Being a pug parent, it is normal to have such queries on your mind. And we’re here to answer all your questions! 

Well, pugs tend to have awkward positions while they sleep. With time, they gradually develop a preferred position and sleep in that way. While they are young, you will find them like a specific sleep position, but when he or she grows up it likely to change. 

So, read ahead, and we’ll give you some possible sleeping positions pugs love to sleep in!

What are the Awkward Positions Pugs Love to Sleep in?

Check out the following:

  • Soft Barks, Twitching, or Wagging: Do you find it unusual for your pug to bark or to run or to wag its tail while sleeping? Well, it is not unusual at all! If you notice your pug making these minute gestures, be sure your little pet is in the best health. This position is restorative and perfect for a pug’s health. This is a movement that is primarily seen in senior pugs and pups.
  • With paws in the air and back on the ground: When you see your pug is sleeping with their back on the ground and the belly getting all the air, be sure they are trying to relax and cool themselves down.  The belly of the pug has the least amount of fur and possesses sweat glands. So, if you find your pug keeping their paws in the air, it is solely because they are trying to cool down.  You may wonder, it is not a comfortable position for them, but it only shows they are super comfy and cool. Moreover, remember that it is going to be quite a tough task to get your pug active again from this position.
  • On and off the bed!: Well, sleeping is an extremely personal choice. And you can never tell what sleeping position can make someone comfortable. Just like all other ways, some pugs like sleeping with half their body on the bed and half of it out of bed.  Experts say that this awkward sleeping position can be for several reasons. It can be because of body aches as well. So, if you find your pugs in such a position, you might consult a doctor. If the doctor thinks there isn’t anything wrong, you can just be sure your pug is comfortable sleeping like that.
  • Sleeping on the stomach: Newborns tend to sleep in this position quite often. And it happens to be one of the most favorite positions for puppies. This position helps them go up and about easily, and they can quickly take a nap as well. Some people say that puppies who sleep in this position happen to be extremely active.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pugs Sleeping Habits

Now that we’re approaching the end of our article, we thought of highlighting some quick FAQs that might come to your mind!

So, let us check them out below:

Why do Pugs Sleep under Covers?

Well, one of the major reasons why pugs sleep under covers is because of security. They tend to go under blankets and covers due to their probable wild ancestors. Going under cover makes them feel they are in a safe and secured environment!

Does My Pug Dream?

Yes! Just like humans, pugs also tend to dream. You might find their lips moving, slight vocalizations, and even eye twitching. If you find any of these signs in your pug, be sure he or she is dreaming. 

Do Pugs like to Sleep with their owners?

Well, we’ve already answered this question above! Pugs love to be around humans. They love the constant interaction, warmth, and smell of their owners. And sleeping on an owner’s bed will bring them closer to human parents. So, they indeed love this!

However, allowing this is entirely a personal choice. Some pet parents love their puppies to sleep with them while others don’t! But when it comes to your pug’s choice, they LOVE it!

Why do Pugs sleep with their eyes open?

Experts suggest that this is a part of their self-defense mechanism. So, it is normal for pugs to sleep with their eyes open. However, you can always speak to your vet once to be sure it is not keratosis. 

Keratosis is a condition where pugs get constant tear stimulation. So, by applying drops, you can limit the chances of such a problem. 

Why do Pugs Sleep on their backs?

Well, it is quite a normal phenomenon in pugs. They tend to sleep in this position to cool off and even open up their windpipe. When a pug sleeps on their backs, their nasal passages open up, ensuring them to breathe well. 

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our article today, we’re sure you’ve got the answer to why pugs sleep for prolonged hours. Moreover, we’ve also covered some of the possible reasons why your pug might sleep more than usual. 

So, follow the solutions we’ve given above, and you’ll see your little pup as active as always! 


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