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Pugs for Sale in New Jersey {9 Pug Breeders to Look Out For }

Pugs have been bred to be companions to mankind. They are lovely dogs that share a special relationship with people. Every dog has a specialty on its own. Pugs as a breed also have a specialty of being loving, caring, and maintaining a good relationship with people. Because they are so emotional and uplifting, they tend to do their part in the fast-paced world. Pugs help you become better people in these tumultuous times where the word honest is often played fast and loose.

Pugs for Sale in New Jersey: List of Breeders

Silver Nickel Puppies (Pug breeder in Denville New Jersey)

Silver Nickel Puppies has the best living facility out of all the dog kennels. The spaces they live in are spot clean. Disinfectant is used to clean the floors so that dogs do not get any allergies. The facility is well equipped with proper ventilation, exhaust fans, and air purifiers. It is done so that the pugs can live in a much cleaner environment.

The puppies are very well taken care of, when they sleep in the background there is soothing music that has been playing for them. Each puppy has the following things on its own like bed and blanket, water bottle, bowls, and toys, which are changed, cleaned, and sanitized daily.

Shake a Paw

Shake a paw is a proper massive store that has a collection of many puppies. They have over 200 different breeds of puppies for you to choose from. They have 2 big states of the art showrooms for you to choose from. They have 2 big shops, one at West Gate and the other at West Union. 

They take good care of the puppies and pugs. Their facility has a state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is well-ventilated and is very clean. They take good care of the puppies, they are fed well and they become very good healthy dogs.


  • Address: 531 Route 22 East Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889
  • Website:
  • Contact:  908-747-4417

Furrylicious is well known for providing toy/small puppies. They breed small dogs. They have a well-knit network of smart breeders who have the same vision of dog breeding as they do. In order to reserve a puppy just visit the website and reserve the puppy. 

Their dog profiles are very interesting and catchy. There is a reason why their dogs are liked by everyone. You would want to get a dog from this place. All of their breeders are USDA licensed and they practice breeding under proper law. 

Wayne Puppies (Pugs for sale in Wayne, NJ)

  • Address: Wayne Puppies 1055 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne, NJ 07470 ‎
  • Website:
  • Contact: 973-832-7058

Wayne Puppies is an excellent place to get a dog. They have a very open-ended communication with all pet owners that come and take pets from their shops. If a customer buys a puppy from the shop, they are often equipped with all the know-how about it early on. There are routine health checkups by vets that are done after every 2 weeks. Even after buying a pug one can remain in contact with the Vet and discuss health topics of the pug.

Bark Avenue Puppies

Bark Avenue Pugs is an excellent place to keep the pug and a dog happy. They take special care of their pooches. They offer each dog a condo of its own to stay and have fun. Even the enclosures that they have been made with rubber flooring to keep their pooches safe and secure. All their rooms are centrally air-conditioned. They believe in socialization, playtime and exercise very deeply. That is what keeps a pooch healthy from mind and body.

 Friendly Pet Care

  • Address: 34 Inverness Rd, Sicklerville, NJ 08081, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact:

Friendly Pet Care has a very helpful staff that carries out pet-related work and takes care of the pugs. The best thing shall be a pet counselor service where the person guides you to make an informed choice regarding choosing a pet. 

Along with dogs and puppies, they also have a store that has all dog-related supplies. They have a private room for customer and pet interaction. In the personal room, you can interact with your pet and get to know your pooch in a deeper manner. One interesting feature the shop has is a pet lover’s club, you can gain the membership and enjoy discounts on various products.

Pet Shoppe (Pugs for sale in Southern New Jersey)

  • Address: 1284 Highway 35, Middletown, NJ 07748
  • Website:
  • Contact: 732-706-5000

Pet Shoppe is a known pug breeding/selling shop in the NJ area. In case you require a good dog you can visit their store to get one. All of their dogs are registered by AKC or CKC. The dogs from here can cost you anywhere around $2000 or $3500. However to get a dog you have to deposit a non-refundable amount of $500. Litters are not left off until they are 8-10 weeks of age. 

The starting time period of growth is essential and can be said to be the essential foundation for the growth of a healthy pug.

Voorhees Animal Orphanage

Voorhees Animal Orphanage is the best of its kind. They are a municipal shelter house that feeds stray dogs and cats and offers them a home to live in. The organisation was formed in 1988, and as of today, the animal shelter house has been able to save at least 33,000 lives of animals. They do not discriminate between breeds and animals, they offer their services as per the requirement of people.

Jersey Shore Animal Centre (Pug breeders New Milford NJ)

  • Address: 185 Brick Boulevard, Brick, New Jersey 08723
  • Website:
  • Contact: 732-920-1600

Jersey Shore Animal Centre is an amazing adoption agency that performs a myriad of responsibilities for the betterment of dogs. They reunite lost pets with potential families. They neuter and vaccinate pugs and other dogs in small amounts. They have campaigns that are run by small children in helping dogs that are helpless and bruised.

They also offer counselling sessions through their wide network of counsellors that educate people about dogs. They have made pretty clear on their website that they are not centrally funded by any organisation.

How to Buy a Pug Puppy?

To buy a pug puppy in today’s time should not be a very big problem. Here are some techniques you can incorporate to get a pug puppy

  1. Meet a local or a friend who has a puppy and ask for the contact no. of the local breeder. Once you get the contact no. of the breeder, call the breeder and get an appointment.
  2. You can look for pugs online and fill out an application form. Nowadays a lot of pugs are even shipped to your place. You do not have to do much work.
  3. Look for a reliable pug online by reading reviews and knowing more about the pugs that are available.
  4. In case you are willing to buy a pug or a dog online, ask for a video of your pet online. That way you can see the pet and if you do not get a similar pet lodge a complaint.

What to Look for When Buying a Pug Puppy?

There are plenty of things that you need to know before getting a pug puppy. Here are these pointers:

  • Make sure that your pug breeder is genuine. Run some background checks, look at his profile. Be sure what kind of a breeder he is. Do not buy a puppy from a puppy mill.
  • Try insisting on visiting the facility when you want to pay the breeder. It’s very important to look at where the pug puppy comes from. That will make you know the ground reality regarding the pug’s diseases and health issues.
  • Ask for the pug’s family history details. Nowadays a lot of diseases that your pug has gets inherited from the parents. Ask if possible for a comprehensive health report of the pug’s parents.
  • Ask for all the vet reports about your pug. Make sure you have all the details about your pug’s vaccination dates, ensure that your pooch has gotten all the proper vaccines on time.


Pugs are an adorable dog breed, we all know that. But getting a pug also comes with its own set of responsibilities. Can you manage and take care of your pug despite them facing health issues and problems? If you can manage that, support your pug from a monetary basis to take care of your pooch in dire circumstances then you can own a pug. 

Try to make the choice with a conscious mind. If you make a choice without taking account of the consequences, that can be a big problem. 

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