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Pugs for Sale in Indiana {9 Best Places to Buy Pugs!}

Pugs are amazing companion dogs. They are so funny and cute at the same time. If you would like to keep a dog who is funny and can light you up, pugs are the right dogs for you. The best thing that I find fascinating about pugs is their amazing sense of humor. They are very friendly dogs.

Getting a pug that you like can be a stressful job. But with the right guidance, it should not be a big problem for you. Let’s look at the smoke of the best pugs we can find in and around Indiana.

Pugs for Sale in Indiana: List of Breeders

Uncle Bill’s {Best Place for Pugs in Indiana}

  • Address:
    • North Indiana store: 14061 Mundy Drive Fishers, IN 46038
    • South Indiana store-  906 U.S. 31 North Greenwood, IN 46142
  • Website:
  • Contact nos:
    • North Indiana store- (317) 773-5311                       
    • South Indiana store- (317) 887-2700

Uncle Bill’s pet centre can be considered the best spot for getting pugs as well as other dog supplies. Just because Uncle Bill’s has a lot of variety in their options in terms of pets and pet supplies. You can get a fish, bird, or even an amphibian over there.

Uncle Bill’s can be considered as a premier pet store in the Indianapolis area. Their branches are located on the east, northeast, and west sides of Indianapolis, as well as in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne. It carries a large inventory of pet supplies from dog food to pug collars. You can find anything there.

Posh Puppies Indiana

Posh Puppies Indiana was started by two people named Brian and Ashlee. Ashlee was a veterinary technician and Brian worked on their family farm. Their sole motto was to find a good home for all their puppies and dogs. They love their work and hence you can visit their website and see what a great bond they have with their dogs.

You can contact their shop by clicking on their “call us now” tab on their website. You can schedule a zoom call with your pug. After one on one interaction, you can decide if you need the pug or not. Posh Puppies also provide one year of free health service for your pugs that you adopt.


The best thing about puppy grams is they provide you home delivery of pugs. No matter where you are in the United States you will be delivered a puppy if you want. They care about their puppies so deeply that they run a 72-hour vet service before delivering a puppy to your doorstep.

In case, you want a pooch offline. Just go visit puupygram’s official shop in Indianapolis and get a good deal. They provide you with a host of options regarding your needs.


Teapup is a family-owned business of two prolific people Dan and Deb Beer. They know what to do to raise perfect dogs. They want a kid to smile when they take a puppy away from Teapup. Along with pugs, you can find other dogs for adoption as well. 

Dan and Deb have been raising dogs since 1989. It makes their journey 32 years since they started raising dogs. Dan is a minister along with a cornfield of 72 acres. They now have a big family with four children, 19 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Hilltop Pups

Hilltop pups provide puppies with a big field for pugs and other dogs to play with. If you want your pug or a puppy to have an open field to play with other dogs, the hilltop is the best place. It’s magical in the snowy winters. Puppies of other dogs and pugs play with each other. They have heated floors in their kennels. After a great play in the chilling winters, they can rest in their kennels.

It is advised to mail the owner and not call him. Since the owner is quite busy till the evening, he wouldn’t want to return your call after a day’s work. You should message him to book an appointment. Getting an appointment is a must to get a puppy from hilltop pugs. 

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

Kentuckiana Pug rescue is a place that provides pugs with a lot of love. Not a lot of places can do that. The pug rescue believes strictly in the virtues of love, care, and warmth. They take up helpless pooches with no homes and try to place them in loving homes that can take care of dogs.

If you want to adopt a pug that is in dire need of love and warmth, I would suggest you get a pug from Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

Family Puppies

Family puppies is another breeder that assures you quality pug and their dog breeds. Their pricing is a bit different for all puppies based on the size, pedigree, and weight. It feeds Eukanuba dog food to its pugs and other small breeds. 

They also provide 72-hour vet service and also money back if there is a genetic defect in the pugs.

Firefly puppies

Firefly puppies are a great puppy shop located in Dale Indiana. They take care of the puppies with all love and care. Some breeds that belong to healthy bloodlines found there include- AKC Pomeranian, Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Toy Poodle), Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles/Toy Poodle). They are 10-year-old breeders.

Swaying sycamore farm

  • Address: Matt, Erin, Isaac & Megan Fruits, 1105 S Grant Ave, Crawfordsville, IN 47933-3323
  • Website:
  • Contact us: (765) 365-6998
  • Email:

Swaying Sycamore farm is owned by Matt, Erin, Isaac & Megan Fruits. Their entire life revolved around taking care of animals. Along with pugs they breed a variety of other dog breeds as well like Shih Tzus and Llamas.

Located in West-central Indiana, their farm is a bundle of joy for all people. The pugs and Shih Tzus roll around like teddy bears.

How to Find a Reputable Pug Breeder?

First thing first when looking for a reliable pug breeder one will come across American Kennel Club (AKC) and Pug Dog Club (PDC). These websites contact details of verified breeders and buyers can buy pets without having to go through any fraud. Some other sources of your information will be:

  • Dog trainers
  • Pet shops nearby
  • Friends who have pets
  • Dog breeders

But for you, the best option would be to contact any shelter house or a pet adoption centre. It’s better to take in a rescue pet rather than invest your money in a new pet. 

Why Should You Not Buy a Pug from a Puppy Mill?

Indiana has indeed had puppy mills in the past. They use pugs as breeding machines and do not value their life. These puppy mills are brutal and do not give a pug a good life. It is advised to not attend those puppy mills at all. Always maintain a good distance from these puppy mills. 

The other problem with these puppies is they are not vet checked and they have a host of health problems. They suffer from a host of health problems including issues with the respiratory system, digestive distress, and allergy issues.

How Do I Choose a Pug Breeder?

First and foremost your breeder will not hide any sensitive information from you. They will make sure that the pugs you want to buy have been vet checked, received shots and family raised. An honest breeder will make sure that they explain every detail of the bill they prepared. 

They will close the transaction with a proper explanation. If a breeder does not do that, make sure you cross-verify their background. 

How to Get Proper Health Insurance for Pugs?

The newly registered pets with American Kennel Corporation get 30 days of health insurance coverage. It will also be applicable in case there is transferred ownership of pugs. Try to contact AKC to avail of the insurance for free. 

Pugs have certain genetic disorders that make them susceptible to different kinds of health problems. Make sure you take into account each factor before choosing a health insurance plan for your furbaby. 


Having a pet can be a big decision. And, the responsibility that comes with it can overwhelm us. Some of us may even experience cold feet. The decision of keeping a pug as your pet should be an informed one.

Make sure that you know how pugs are and behave as a breed. Try to take into account the genetic problems they have and will you be able to incur those costs.

But your fur babies are loving and caring pets of the world, they love you with all their heart. 


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