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Pugs for Sale in Ohio {9 Best Pug Breeders in Ohio}

Pugs are the heart and soul of the dog kingdom. They are real-life examples of love, heart and warmth. They are so adorable and such good companions for humans, everyone falls in awe of them. Pugs are your best friends that understand you. Everyone would want to keep a pug in their home. If you are in awe of a pug, here is a list for you where you can get one.

pugs for sale in ohio

Pugs for sale in Ohio: List of breeders

Pug way of life (Pug puppies for sale near Sidney Ohio)

Pug way of life is a nice social, amicable place for a pug. The owners have experience of 16 years in raising a pug. They have three types of pugs for sale. The one type is both CKC and AKC registered. They also have non-registered pugs. It depends on you what kind of pugs you will want. The pugs are vaccinated, dewormed, and socially trained. The pugs get sold very quickly and hence it is advised to pre-book your pug to avoid any hassle later.

Candy Land Pugs

Candy land pugs can be said to be the best breeder out there in Ohio. They have been awarded the best breeder in the United States for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2009. Their constant winning of titles itself states how great they are. They are in show business. They place some puppies in pet homes. A total of 107 pugs have won championship titles. 

They are proud members of the Pug dog club of America. All of the pugs satisfy all the requirements of being a pug of AKC standard. They are also awarded breeders of merit by AKC.

Hidden View Farms (Pug puppies for sale in Lancaster Ohio)

Hidden view farms have puppies to suit your needs and demands. They have a lot of breeds of puppies. All of their puppies have either the ODA or USDA license. They are a family farm that takes a lot of care of pugs and other dogs. The procedure to get a puppy from Hidden View Farms is fairly simple. You place an order for your pug and provide a deposit to reserve the pug.

It is very important to know that without the deposit money, it will be very hard to hold a pug. You can deposit the money, book your pug and then take your pug from the store.

Richmond Kennel

Richmond kennel is not a pet store. It’s more like a farm. You can come by and look around and see if you are interested in buying one. To book a pug or any other dog, you can visit their website and book. There are pictures of various dogs that can be booked. You can leave a voicemail before coming. All the puppies at this kennel are registered with all the groups like AKC, CKC, APRI, UKC etc.

Sunrise Pups (Pug puppies for sale Columbus, Ohio)

Sunrise Pup is a company that offers door-to-door puppy delivery service. They have a host of pups that you can look at in their online store. If you like any of the puppies, you can book them directly. They have land-based and air-based transit services. They ship their puppies through American or Delta airlines.

They try their best to ship the puppy to the closest place near to you possible.

Petland Ohio

Petland Ohio has been operating as a pet carriage service for 40 years. It’s a commercial establishment and has a wide range of dogs for you to choose from. The employers at Petland seem very well trained. They have a wide range of services to offer from animal behaviourist to pet counsellors.

The perks at Petland do not end yet, They have a complimentary vet check as well. They offer a vaccine certificate stating if their pet is fully vaccinated or not. They take good care of all the dogs. They weigh their dogs frequently. Grooming is done almost regularly. The best thing however is the cashback guarantee they provide to people for a year.

Your New Puppy (Pug puppies for sale Cincinnati Ohio)

Your new puppy is an amazing commercial store that expanded from one store and now they have multiple stores. The owner opened his first store in 2006 in the hometown of Kenton, Ohio. That store served Hardin county for 3 years. The second store opened in Liberty Township, Ohio. Their Kenton facility is spread out in a sprawling 17 acre land with woods and trees on the back. 

Here at Your new puppy, you won’t find a dog belonging to a particular breed. Rather, you would find mixed dogs. In general, you might have multiple dog breeds to choose from. People have different tastes in dogs and pugs. Your new puppy tries to find the right personality dog for you.

Preferred Puppies (Pug puppies for sale in the Hamilton Ohio area)

Preferred puppies are owned by Charles Dalton. The shop has stood in the greater tri-state area since 1969. Preferred puppies have a strict policy of not accepting dogs from puppy mills. The mills are deplorable for dogs. The laws of Ohio have helped them a bit. Now in Ohio, you need a USDA license along with the Ohio department of agriculture. 

To look for what kind of puppies that you get here, just browse on their website and look for images of puppies. You can also access their webcam feature to watch the puppies live. When getting a puppy, you also get a few items along with it, like a line pet collar and leash. A microchip tracking plant to track your pug. Vet visit at mount pleasant animal hospital.

Riverside Puppies

  • Address: Riverside Puppies, 702 Calder Ridge Road, Belpre, Ohio 45714
  • Website:
  • Contact: 1-740-336-4633

Riverside puppies have a presence beyond Ohio and in many other US states. It is owned by Trish and she has had the business for 28 years. As a facility, they have a litter of their own but they also get puppies and dogs from licensed breeders of Ohio. They even have an app that you can use to book the puppies.

Additionally, you will also have to sign a health guarantee certificate before taking a pug. Riverside also provides you with some guidelines to know before letting your puppy meet anyone. They strongly advise not to meet anyone till all the vaccines have been taken by your pooch.

How to Identify a Good Quality Puppy?

  • Getting the best puppy from a litter can be a hard task. To do that you need to look at some markers in your dog which will determine the health condition of your pug or any other dog. Some things you need to check before making a purchase-
  • Pugs eyes if they seem watery can indicate potential health problems. If the eyes of a pug are watery, squished and glazed over that can mean they have dust entering in their eyes. 
  • Is your pug making a rattling or rasping sound? If they are, that can be a sign of troubled breathing. This can also mean the pug you intend to choose has breathing problems. 
  • Pugs have underdeveloped hips. That’s why when a pug walks they make a cracking sound. Look for possible signs of limping when buying a pooch.
  • People can also suggest to you that the pug which comes near to you is the best. Well, that is simply not true since that could mean that the pug is a bit bold. It will create problems while you train him.
  • Also, look for a breeder which is reputable in the market. If you look for a random breeder, he/she might give you an unhealthy puppy.

How Do You Choose a Good Pug Breeder?

To choose a pug breeder you have to know if your breeder is genuine or not. First impressions are important to make you know the intentions of people. Look in depth at the behaviour of the pug breeder? Is he trying to hold information from you?

Is he not being transparent about the tax receipts, vaccines administered and all the health services of the pug. Please be clear about it.

Has your breeder gotten a puppy or a dog from a puppy mill? This is something very important. All pets need to be registered under AKC. If you find a breeder who is not willing to give you any registration details, he can be lying. He might be from a puppy mill if he does not have his pugs registered under AKC. 


Just make sure to watch out for two things when getting a pug. To get it from a trusted source and whether you are apt enough to take care of one. Once you have clarity on it you are good to get one. 

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