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Black Pug Vs Fawn Pug {Head to Head Comparison}

Pug puppies are both beautiful and adorable at the same time. They have amazing qualities and are so cute to look at. They are the friendliest of all dogs, they are tiny and resonate innocence through their eyes. Pugs have become a lot popular in recent times. And, people willing to opt for pugs have the added benefit of keeping their kids happy. We will try to know more about pugs, their colour mainly black and fawn, their amazing personalities, added know-how of how to take care of them, features of their coat, body structure, and knowing how to have fun with these cute dogs.

Origin of Black Pug and Fawn Pug

Pugs are a breed that can be traced back to 206 BC. They belonged to China. They were seen as valuable possessions of wealthy emperors and queens. They were often seen as symbols of the rich. They were often similar in stature to other royal Chinese dogs like the Pekingese dogs and the Shih Tzu. Pugs have even enhanced relations of China with other parts of the world. The Chinese started sending pugs to other parts of the world like Japan and Korea. Its entry into Europe however happened through the Dutch travelers who traded with China. In the 1700s William Hogarth painted the first painting depicting pugs. Pugs were even considered to be a part of American Tunnel’s Toy group. Black Pugs, however, turned out to be rarer than other pugs. During initial days of selecting them as a pet seemed hard since many thought, they had a genetic defect. Queen Victoria of England started adopting these cute dogs which helped in its growth of popularity.

Here is William Hogarth’s first painting ever to be drawn of the Pugs:

Black Pug vs Fawn Pug- Physical structure

Both the dogs look more or less similar. They are similar in terms of their build, size, facial structure etc. Both the dogs look more or less stocky, muscular in nature. They have short legs, quite a similar build, prominent black eyes shorted snort. Pugs also possess a corkscrew tail that bends backwards. Adult black pugs are generally 10 to 13 inches tall. Black pugs can also weigh as much as 10 to 18 pounds. Females are typically smaller than males. The major difference in physicality only comes from the colour of their coats and the markings they have. The fawn pugs also have a silver tinct to their whitish coat. If you look carefully into the photo of a white and a black pug, you can see the darker area in the muzzle of the pawn, as compared to the stripe of the black. Some black pugs do have a white chest, but that’s a small number.

Black Pug vs Fawn Pug- The Coat Difference

One major difference that can be easily traced between both these pugs is their coats. Both black and fawn pugs have different kinds of coats. Hair shedding is different for both breeds. The black coat is slightly different from that of the fawn coat. The black coat has two layers underneath whereas the fawn coat has only one layer. The exact reason for this is still not clear, various methods of selective breeding might have caused this problem. The appearance of the dog still is not a bigger problem. The issue can be grooming. Owners of black pugs agree to the fact that many of their pets shed less hair compared to a fawn pug. Black pugs generally have less fur to lose and they do not have an additional layer of skin that pushes the hair out. The best way to tackle the problem is proper grooming. Regular brushing of the coat gets the trapped hair out of the skin.

Some other differences that can be seen between Black pugs and Fawn pugs are:

Particulars Black Pug Fawn Pug
Coat Primarily black Yellowish-brown
Population % 60% 22%
Cost 2800$ and up 2600$ and up
Distinctive marks Black marks around the ears reaching the face White markings on their body

Are Black Pugs naughtier than Fawn Pugs?

Both these pugs are typically the same, the differences though can be seen through the genders. The colour of the coat hardly matters as far as their personality is concerned. Pugs which are male are more laidback while female pugs have a more active personality, they move around wagging their curved tails. As far as their behaviour is concerned let us know about it in many broad details:

Lazy to move around:

Being a calm and gentle breed, both black and fawn pugs can often come across as lazy. They love their sleep, they can spend their whole day just sleeping.

Energetic for shorter moments:

The other trait that is very common with both the pugs is that their spike of energy is less durable and do not last for a longer time span. They like to do some hyperactive quirks before going back to being lazy again.

The chewing problem:

The other issue that you might find prevalent among pugs is that they tend to chew everything around. This might not be a major problem, but unwanting swallowing of plastic items can cause their stomach to have issues.

The Friendy Black and Fawn Pug:

Pugs are very friendly. And everybody seems to like pugs. They can cultivate a different feeling for different ages. Kids will like them for being so cute, Adults will appreciate them for being calm and lazy. Sometimes adults just love to see dogs sleep. They are tired of handling all the household work and hence want to remain in peace for some moments.

Adaptable to settings:

Pugs can assimilate into any environment without creating much havoc. They are one of the friendliest dogs.

Hating Loneliness:

Black pugs can be very notorious when left alone. You have to seek them constantly. They seem to crave human contact and want to cuddle up next to you for an entire day. They love the touch of warmth.

Black Pugs vs Fawn Pug: A Behavioural Analysis

There are various pug forums that claim a thing or two about which breed is better. There are certain notions leading to a stereotype that a black pug is naughtier amongst the two. This is however a very surface-level assessment as per by owners, it does not take into account gender and age. 

Why are Black Pugs less popular than Fawn Pugs?

Though the black gene is more dominant among pugs, black coloured pugs are not seen around that much. It can be because a lot of people do not think the black Pugs are good to be photographed. Black Pugs do not have the unique colour contrast that Fawn Pugs have so, they are not chosen by the owners. However the most unique of all pugs are the silver pug. Look how beautiful it looks. 

Health Issues of Black Pug and Fawn Pug

Both the pugs will have some health issues due to the limitations that they had to endure because of their biology. Black pugs have darker fur which can make them more susceptible to heat. You can create your own customised dog pool to keep the dog cool. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, which means they have shorter skulls compared to other dogs. They have shorter noses and flat faces. 

Pugs can look all fluffy and cute but they can have health issues as well. Here are some health problems they typically face:

  • Skin problems: Pugs are very soft and hence have wrinkly and folded skin, it is a great place for bacteria to feast on. Pugs can suffer from a variety of diseases including problems with ringworm, allergies in rare cases and demodicosis.
  • Sight problems: One of the first things that you might get attracted to while looking at a pug can be his eyes but remember pugs have issues related to eyes as well. Pugs suffer from enormous eye problems like cataracts, corneal ulcers, there are even chances of their eyes slipping out of their sockets. 
  • Tail problems: Tails, in general, can cause major problems to a pug, one should watch out for symptoms like a screw tail or a limp tail. The screw tail can even further continue till their vertebrate which can cause issues to their spinal cord and further lead to problems like paralysis and ataxia of the pelvic limbs, incontinence, kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis.
  • Heat issues: Pugs are not adapted to tolerate excessive heat. They are brachycephalic and this causes a lot of intense breathing issues for them. The only way to curb an uncertain occurrence is to take them to a vet for their regular checkups.
  • Bone Issues: Pugs have shorter bones. They are more prone to cause severe damage to their bones. They are prone to issues like hemivertebrae or herniated discs due to their sensitive spinal cord. Their spinal cord is quite comparable to a human spinal cord.
  • Stomach issues: Pugs can suffer from bloating, constipation as well. They are more prone to a condition called intussusception where both your small and large intestines could merge into each other.
  • Birthing Issues: As we know pugs are a brachycephalic breed, which means they have bigger faces. It generally causes delays for a mother pug to deliver her babies as it takes time for baby pugs to pass through their mother’s pelvis. It can cause complications in baby delivery and can lead to the death of both the mother and her litter.

Excercise for Black Pug and Fawn Pug

As we now know the severe problems that both the pug face, it’s time to know more about the exercise required to keep the pugs healthy and better in shape. Pugs have shorter legs in comparison to their torso, so they do not need a strong exercise regimen. You can take your pug for a walk, this will keep their heart strong. A light exercise of 40 minutes daily should keep your pug healthy. It is advised to use a full-body harness to tie your pug. While harnessing your pug make sure you do not pressurise its torso.

How Do We Train Both Black Pug and Fawn Pug?

Though we love our pugs from the core of our hearts. But, we can instill a bit of discipline in them by training them in the right manner. There is no special problem between a Black Pug and a Fawn Pug. Both of them can be equally trained in a manner that all of their bad habits can be taken care of. Sometimes, pugs can be stubborn in what they want, and during that time we have to be a bit strict and teach them discipline. Sometimes pugs can be more adamant, the key is to try to put positive things in their mid by employing positive reinforcement. Apart, from that, it is advised to make your pugs more sociable, so that they can interact with their own kind. 

Foods to feed your Black and Fawn Pug

There does not lie much of a difference in terms of feeding both the pugs as they belong to the same breed. Pugs generally are very fond of food, a proper nutritional intake planned with sufficient nutrition can go a long way. Because of their fondness for food, pugs can get obese and might also have trouble with diabetes. It is advised to feed them a decent amount of calories as per their needs. Usually, puppies require more nutrition compared to old pugs as puppies are more agile and fitter.

It is advised to use a dog food brand that is more reputable. And try to be consistent with it so that the pug does not find it difficult to absorb the nutrients. One can also consult a vet to plan the meals more appropriately. Pugs when grown old might find it hard to chew hard food, so it will be of great help to them when you can mix both hard and soft foods in equal proportions and serve it to the Pug. 

Grooming differences between Black Pug and Fawn Pug

Grooming can be certainly different for both the Black pug and the Fawn pug since we know the shedding of the Fawn pug is a bit much. For Fawn pugs, it is especially advised that its coat should be properly washed so that fallen hair can be rinsed off. It is also advisable that while the pug is shaved, it should not be allowed to receive any exposure to the sun as it can also suffer skin burn. But there are some common things that are required for the grooming of both the pugs. Here are some pointers to go through:

  • It is advised to use a hypoallergenic shampoo while bathing a pug.
  • Brushing of hairs should be done with a soft-bristled brush preferably every 2-3 days. Do not use a hard brush as it might cause skin damage.
  • The wrinkle area needs to be cleaned every day.
  • Make sure to clean your pug’s eyes every day.
  • You can clean your pug’s ear canals every 12 weeks.
  • Nostril cleaning of a pug is important, they are in dire need of nose care. It should be done between 2-3 weeks.
  • Once a week you can trim the nails.
  • Paw cleaning is another important step for grooming. If your pug has hairy feet you can cut the hair through clippers.

How to Bathe Your Black Pug and Fawn Pug?

Pugs usually need a bath after every 1-6 weeks depending on the amount of toleration one has for the pug smell. It is advised to use organic shampoo or else the regular shampoo can make the skin drier. Wash the skin twice and condition the coat. You can use a rubber curry comb to scrub the shampoo on the pug’s hair, and it will bring out all the dander, dead skin cells. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean the paws. Be very gentle in these soft areas of a pug’s body like the skin folds, the paw pads, groin area, bottom and ear canal.

You can also use a conditioner to make your pug squeaky clean on the inside. A chamois cloth or a soft towel can be used to dry the pug after the bath. To make the drying process much faster you can even use a blow dryer, but remember not to use it excessively as it can cause skin burns. It is important to use the blow dryer in areas from where hair growth occurs. There can be more shedding once you rinse off all the hair. Do not panic as it happens due to the dry hair coming out of the skin. Your pug is now squeaky clean.

Both the Pugs are special!

As far as both these pugs are concerned, they are unique and cute in their own ways. There is not much of a difference between both the dog breeds apart from their hair colour. Public opinion states Black Pugs are naughtier. But, in the end, escorting anyone’s opinion is not the right way to go, both the pugs are friendly and can melt your heart in a minute. Having any one of the pugs will make you feel special.

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