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Pugs For Sale in Virginia {9 Best Pug Breeders in Virginia}

Pugs are an amazing dog breed to have. They are amazing and are often categorised as emotional dogs. They can easily connect with people’s sentiments and emotions. People love them and consider them as part of their own family. However, getting a pug in today’s day and age can be a little troublesome and tedious process. You need to know which place can guarantee you a great deal. There can be a lot of confusion as well regarding where you want to get your pug? Do you want to adopt your pooch? Or get it from a pug store. Here’s a list of breeders/stores available in and around Virginia.

Pugs for sale in Virginia: List of Breeders

Mountainside Pugs (Pug breeders in Loudoun county Virginia)

Mountainside pugs is a small breeding kennel. They take in deposits to breed their dogs. To secure an order for a puppy you provide a deposit and then hold it for a puppy. They due to the present time do not accept any other alternative mode of payment except cash or money order. You cannot use any other alternative mode of payment like debit cards. 

They have a confirmed waiting list and prioritize customers as per the list. It’s advised to provide a deposit and secure your place on the list.

Puppy City

Puppy city has two branches, one at Winchester and the second at Harrisonburg. The shop was established on June 20th, 2015. The slogan of the shop is “Happy Healthy Puppies”. Their commitment however is to provide one with the healthiest pug. They are specialised in fast delivery and can do that within a 200 km radius.

The nice thing about puppy city is preferably its rooted nature. It is owned by a family and not a corporate chain.

Piney Mountain Kennel(Pug breeders Lynchburg Virginia) 

Piney mountain kennel is run by a certified vet assistant and animal lover, Tanya. All of her pugs belong from champion lines. Before leaving the kennel all of the pugs are properly vaccinated and checked for vaccines and deworming. They are also provided with a registration certificate. There are several tests run for identifying genetic issues in a pug like PDE, PKdef and DM.

Hidden Hollow Kennel (Pug breeders Lynchburg Virginia)

Hidden Hollow Kennel is an amazing space for designer small breeds. They have a list of dog breeds available with them like Bichon Frise, Dachshunds, Poodles, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Yorkies.

The best thing however for this store is they have a great collection of designer dogs like Bi-Poos, Shorkies, Morkies, Yorkie-Poos, Bi-tzus and more. A lot of focus at HHH is provided to be mothers and their diets.

They also provide the microchipping service for each puppy that is sold. You can track your pooch through an ID in case for some reason it gets lost.

Howling Hill Kennels (Pug puppies for sale in Quantico Virginia)

  • Address: Howling Hill Kennels, 11347 Eskridges Lane, Catlett, Virginia 20119
  • Website:
  • Contact: 540-788-4046,

Howling Hill Kennels has been a family operated kennel since 1995. They have a very high-quality collection of both pugs and Boston terrier puppies<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The Brenneman’s are proud owners of the Kennel facility. All of their pugs are registered under AKC. When you buy your pooch all the additional services are included with it like deworming, microchipping as well as a 12-month health guarantee.

There are no shipping services provided by the kennel. You need to come to the facility and take your pug with you.

My Next Puppy

My next puppy is filled with caring, responsible breeders that love their dogs. The best thing about My next puppy is that they offer a puppy lifetime protection. They have a very detailed experience with the puppies. There are animal behaviourists who chat with you and explain sociable skills and how to make your pet adjust to new surroundings.

MNP takes breeders who have federal USDA licenses. All the breeders are preapproved and they have fantastic pugs that they provide to their facility.

Pauley’s Pups (Pug puppies for sale in Richmond Virginia)

  • Address: Pauley’s Pups, 12100 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA 23005
  • Website:
  • Contact:, 804-798-7877

Pauley’s pups have been serving for 27 years in Ashland and the greater Richmond metropolitan area of Virginia. Pauley’s pups are committed to providing very well looking pups at a very adjustable rate. They are known for selling Maltese. They are not just a pet selling store but they sell a lot of pet supplies as well.

The best thing about Pauley’s pups is their recommendation of various toy dog breeds. They can arrange a meeting where they recommend you dogs as per the family size, people and preferences.

Pups n Stuff (Pug puppies for sale in Norfolk Virginia)

Pups n Stuff is a locally owned shop to get puppies and dogs. They have served Holland Road town for quite some time. They are a pet shop as well. So, along with puppies and pets, you will also find pet supplies. 

The best thing however of pups n stuff is that they have multiple financing options available to get a pug. If you want a pug and do not have the required amount, you can use credit options available on their platform.

Pets n Pals(Pug puppies for sale in Richmond Virginia)

  • Address: 1008 Greenville Ave, Staunton, VA 24401, United States
  • Website:
  •, Tel 209-982-5073, Fax 209-982-0220

Pets n Pals is the best place to get a pooch of your own. The best thing is they do not sell dogs. They rather provide you with a choice to adopt. You can look out for the dog breed that you want and then automatically you will be redirected to the adoption application. You have to fill the form and then submit it to the server. They will sort the reservation list and inform you once the dog is available for adoption.

How Do I Find a Pug Breeder?

There are many places where you can search for a good pug breeder. You can contact your friends, family and neighbours. Ask them for numbers. You can go and check shops and contact the breeders supplying them with dogs. The best way however is to meet them in shows. The reliable breeders come to prestigious dog shows and you can ask for a pooch for you.

How Can You Tell it’s a Good Quality Pug?

To ensure that the pug you have is of great quality, you have to look at its health reports. These are some pointers you need to keep in your mind to know if the quality of your pooch is top-notch.

  • Make sure that your pooch comes from a clean shelter. In this case, be informed about the shelter conditions. If the shelter is dirty and sees dogs as breeding machines, the pug you have will be of ill health.
  • Do not buy a pug from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are extremely unorganised and dirty. They are not USDA recognised and the pooches there are susceptible to all kinds of infections and diseases.
  • Dig into the genetic history of the pooch. Look if there are diseases the pooch seems to carry with them. If they occur that can be a problem.
  • Concentrate on the earlier diet that the pug used to have. Were they nicely provided with a well-balanced diet, if they are not, they can be susceptible to multiple illnesses.
  • Look at the documentation from top to toe before buying the pug. Make sure that all the documents are in proper order. If there are any issues with vaccination and deworming, the pug can potentially suffer. 
  • Make sure that your pooch has all the vaccines, deworming done. Or it can be a problem for its health.

How to Buy a Cute Pug Puppy?

There are certain things that you need to look after when buying a cute pug puppy. The best way however is to know the parents of the cute pug. Are they purebred or cross? If the parents are from a different breed the pooch looks cute.

Try to watch photos of your pooch from the website. A lot of websites have a variety of photos belonging to your pooch in various dresses. If they look cute to you, your pooch will be cute.


Pugs are a cute dog breed. They are lovely and amazing. But having a pug comes with a lot of responsibilities. One has to be ready for all health-based emergencies that can occur anytime. You have to do pet insurance for the dog. Due to its breeding as a companion dog, pugs have a lot of genetic abnormalities that can transition to health problems. Make sure that you can handle them. 

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