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Pugs for Sale in Pennsylvania {List of Pug Breeders in Pennsylvania}

Pugs are an amazing dog breed. They are loving, caring, and have social smarts. You and I both can agree that dogs are smart and loving in their way. Pugs are a tad bit different from other dogs. They were bred to be companion dogs. They were trained to be compatriots, helping us to emotionally connect with us humans. They are simply amazing. 

As a pug lover, I can confirm that pugs are the best dogs that we have in today’s world. They are charming, loving, and amazing at the same time. They help us become better as humans. If you want to have a pug and you live in and around  Pennsylvania, these are the stores that you need to visit. 

Pugs for Sale in Pennsylvania: List of Breeders

Renwars Pugs

Renwars Pugs is an amazing place to get a pug. The breeder has tons of experience in breeding a pug. They accept that having a pug and seeing them grow can be the most fruitful experience one can have in their lifetime. It’s amazing to see the little smarty pants grow. The prime pugs that they breed from are Onyx and Muggize

The former is a boy and the latter is a girl. The owner says that having a pug is a more fruitful experience since she had an opportunity to breed other dogs as well like pet dogs, German Shepherds, Boxers, English Springer Spaniels.

Celtic Pugs

Celtic Pugs is another great pet sanctuary that takes good care of dogs and other pets. The pugs in the facility live in a very homely environment. They love being with their human parents. The facility not only meets the needs of the pugs, but they also plan ways to take care of a pug when it starts to mature. 

It’s an excellent place for pugs to be. They started with four different kinds of dogs including a Chihuahua and then ended up breeding pugs. Their facility also has ionic filters that try to keep the air clean.

Camelot’s Champion Havanese

Camelot’s Champion Havanese takes into account the practices of healthy breeding. They know that puppy mills sell puppies at a much cheaper price in a dog store and many owners want to buy without proper documents. But, that’s not how the transaction should be. CCH has an ethical breeding practice, all of their dogs are AKC registered and are the champion breeds.

Being such a great dog breed there is rarely any genetic defect that can be found on a dog. But, in case you find any sort of genetic defect, you can simply ask for money back.

Camelot Pugs

  • Address: Juergen “Jay” Ernst, 659 Penn High Park Road, Jeannette, PA 15644
  • Website:
  • Contact: 724-309-4317

Camelot Pugs has a reputation of its own. The owner of Camelot Pugs has studied business in Germany and has obtained a Masters degree in Accounting. The owner likes to live in a natural area as he lived in a place that was sandwiched between Rhein Valley and BlackForest foothills. 

They sell pugs in the midlands and eastern coast, they also have clients in the Pittsburgh area. They are so confident about their pug breed that they are okay to cover the money spent for the health of a pooch if they have a genetic disability. They will cover the pug’s original price.

Pennwood Pugs

Pennwood Pugs is run by Helen Rosier. She had purchased a pug 13 years ago. Then after losing the pug to PDE at 2 years of age, she got another pug. The Pug now participates in talent shows with her. If you want any information on the upcoming litter, you can simply view it at the website link. She is also a proud member of the Pug Dog Club of America.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies seems like a great place to see some puppies and get some. They have a list of breeders in their database that you can contact to get a pug. Their breeders are genuine, The organisation makes sure that they have puppies and dogs that do not come from puppy mills. They want their puppies to be happy and healthy. They also encourage adopting from shelters and rescue homes as opposed to buying your pooch.

Petland Monroeville

Petland Monroeville seems to be a great place to get some pugs as well as other dogs. They are a big chain so they provide lots of benefits. They come with lots of perks. Their whole staff is trained. The staff knows how to behave in front of people. They are engaged in socializing and grooming the pug/dogs.

The dogs are kept in a very big facility having plenty of room to move around. Your dog will have his shots, vaccination and deworming done after being done with the facility. They take holistic care of their pugs and dogs.

Ridgewood Kennels II

Ridgewood Kennels II got started 50 years ago with a litter of puppies. The owner thought about what they would do with puppies? The puppies grew up in the backyard of their childhood home. Then the breeding started as a hobby and now they have two big stores and a lot of breeders who breed poodles.

Earlier, they bred dogs like German Shepherd and it was amazing how the dog turned out to be a kind of its own.

Pennsylvania SPCA

Pennsylvania SPCA is almost 150 years old. Their mission stands at helping neglected and abused animals throughout Pennsylvania and other 18 counties in the United States. If you want to adopt from this place please make sure and visit the website and look for a dog or a pet you prefer you like. The organization has lots of boots on the ground that ensure the organisation is maintaining its work integrity 101%. 

If you want you can also volunteer to be a foster parent for any one of the disadvantaged animals that are rescued by Pennsylvania SPCA. To be given that opportunity you shall be shortlisted among a group and then you are invited to attend an orientation program after 48 hours of you being assigned a pooch. Please remember you might have to foster a dog for 4+ weeks.

How Can You Tell it’s a Good Quality Pug?

Choosing a perfect quality pug needs some serious skill. Good quality would mean a pug that is free from any disease and health issue. To find a pug that is completely disease-free, you might have to do the following things:

  1. Look at all the documents properly. Ask for all the documents from the breeder. Is the breeder hesitant to provide you with all the information about the pug puppy? If by any chance he is not ready to provide all the information there can be a chance that the puppy came from a puppy mill. To take in a puppy from a mill can be a big problem.
  2. Ask for the medical history of your pug. Is your pug healthy? Were your pug’s parents healthy? Look for any dangers of catching a serious disease like pug encephalitis before purchasing a pug. If by any chance the pug suffers from such health problems it can be a grave problem later.
  3. Trace the genetic history of a pug. How do you know where the pug is from? Is he from any champion breed? These pieces of information need to be known before purchasing a pooch.
  4.  Visit the facility where the pug grew and spent his childhood. All the problems will end if you could know where your pooch came from and how his environment was where he grew? If it’s unsanitary and serves substandard food, most likely your pug will become weak and might suffer a lot with you.
  5. Do a background check on the breeder. Is the breeder a qualified one? Does he run a puppy mill? A lot of breeders run puppy mills in today’s time. Make sure you stay away from such breeders. They can provide you with an unhealthy pug who might have had an unfortunate bad life.


Pugs are an excellent dog breed. But you have to be a little bit informed about their health conditions. Pugs look awesome but their good looks come with baggage. They have a host of health problems that you need to be prepared for. They can have breathing and reproductive issues that can be catastrophic. Before deciding to get a pug, make up your mind whether you have what it takes to be responsible for a being’s life. 

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