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Pugs for Sale in San Antonio, Texas {9 Popular Breeders in Texas}

Pugs are amazing dog companions. They love their human parents, they provide warmth to other people, that’s why they are loved so dearly by other people. Each dog is special in its own right. Some dogs are rough and can protect their owners from any adversity, while pugs are better off as companions. 

pugs for sale

During ancient times in China, pugs were bred to be companion dogs for others. Throughout times pugs were seen as compassionate dogs that became part of a bigger family. Because of such amazing qualities, you might want to own a pug. These are some of the places you might want to look out for when thinking about owning a pug in San Antonio, Texas.

Pugs for Sale in San Antonio, Texas : List of Breeders

Puppyland Texas

Puppyland Texas has a strict rule of choosing breeders that grow puppies in a safe and healthy environment. The kennel is fully committed to knowing fully about the breeder’s commitment to raising the babies of a dog. They try to enquire about every aspect of How a breeder takes care of the dogs. What food do they provide, How is the living arrangement etc?

When puppies are bought from breeders to the Kennel facility, they have vets, animal specialists and pet behaviorists to take care of them.

Too Cute Pug

Too cute pugs have been striving to provide healthy pugs since 2009. The breeders only aim to provide pugs that can provide comfort and love to their human parents. They have both standard and rare coloured pugs. One of their aims lies to find pugs that can be bred with unique colours. All of their pugs are registered and have AKC papers under their name.

They are also de-wormed and have gotten their booster shots. They specifically declaw their pug. The best advantage you have is to track the breeding of your pooch. The breeder provides you with details about the growth of the puppies. They send you pictures and keep you informed about the status of the pugs.


  • Address: 1309 N Loop 1604 W Unit 101, San Antonio, TX 78258
  • Website:
  • Contact: 210-592-1234

Petland San Antonio is a whole nationwide brand that sells puppies. They sell many different kinds of dogs including pugs. You can go over to their website and view the different types of dogs that exist. The best thing about Petland is they have well-trained and accomplished staff. The staff knows to deal with people and they are properly trained to take care of dogs and pugs in the facility.

Petland assures that all your dogs have booster shots, vaccines, and dewormed before sending them to you. They take special care of your pooch’s health before finalizing the purchase.

Animal Defense League of Texas

  • Address: 11300 Nacogdoches RD, San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Website:
  • Contact: PHONE: 210-655-1481, FAX: 210-655-4498

The history of the Animal Defense League of Texas is very fascinating. Earlier the organisation was blended into Child Protective & Humane Society in 1923. But in 1934 the Animal Defence League became an independent organisation. The sole purpose was to care for animals and take into account their rights.

In the facility of Animal Defence League of Texas, there are many other services that one can avail like an adoption centre, kennel buildings, a cattery complex, an education centre, a two-acre pet park, and a separate clinic for on-site ADL animal surgeries and medical care. To adopt you can browse through the animal section and find a pug to your liking.

San Antonio Pets Alive

San Antonio Pets Alive is a wonderful organisation that cares for dogs and pets. San Antonio Pets Alive as an organisation was found to take care of the euthanasia rates. The rising euthanasia rates reflected the inability of people to take care of pets, hence the non-profit organisation came up in 2011. It has a very high level of rescue operations. They have saved at least 5000 animals as of yet.

To get a dog through adoption, you have to go to the website and fill the form. As soon as you fill the form, you need to send the mail to the authorities. Your application after that will move to the cross verification process. Once your verification is done you can take your pug or any other dog from the facility.

Mike’s Dog Store

  • Address: Sunset Ridge Shopping Center, 6338 N. New Braunfels Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78209
  • Website:
  • Contact: 210-824-9247

Mike’s dog store is of great repute in the San Antonio area. They sell a host of other products as well including healthy treats and food, dog beds, collars, and toys. They have a very friendly staff and keep all kinds of dog food. They have canned, dry, ripped, and even fresh dog foods. In case you cannot leave your pooch, you can place delivery at the store. The store delivers within a 10 km radius.


  • Address: Cressie Animal Refuge and Enrichment (CARE), 1614 Doe Park, San Antonio, TX 78248, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact: (830) 988-2600

CARE TX is an excellent friendly pet organisation that strives to take care of unfortunate pets. It was founded by Peggy Story in 2009. The whole motive of the rescue group is to stop the reckless practice of euthanization. They try to place all the dogs in proper adoption homes and save them from being mauled and killed.

CARE TX’s adoption process is very much similar to other agencies. They ask for a form that needs to be filled. Then it is followed by a telephonic interview where you can discuss the adoption process. Then you have to pay a fee for spay/neuter, vet, and microchip fees. Once every formality is completed, you can take in a dog.

SNIPSA (Spay-Neuter-Inject-Protect San Antonio, Inc)

  • Address: McCullough Ave, Olmos Park, TX 78212, USA
  • Website:
  • Contact: 210-237-9400

SNIPSA came into being in 2009 and till now has been able to rehabilitate close to 19000 animals. The best thing about it is it is run by a group of Vet’s that knows how to take care of dogs and other pets. The organisation does not have a facility on their own, rather all their pets stall at foster homes.

SNIPSA rescues many innocent pugs and dogs that are on the road. They suffer from major health problems such as heartworm infection, fractures and mange etc.

Texan Doodles

Texan Doodles is an amazing place to get Labradoodles and Sheepadoodle. These dogs came off because the owner had children and wanted her children to play with the dogs. The shop provides a 3-year comprehensive health guarantee which is more comparatively than other places. 

The best thing about this facility shall be its noises and how quickly they made their pooches accommodate a homely environment. It goes to show that the owners do not have to do much to socialize the dogs as the dogs know and are habituated to their surroundings.

How Can You Spot a Good Quality Pug?

To spot a good quality pug, you have to first browse through the health reports given to you by your vet. These are some things you need to know while looking for a good quality pug.

  • Make a surprise visit to the shelter and see if it’s clean or not. Watch out for the living conditions of the shelter. By chance the shelter is dirty and sees dogs as breeding machines, there is a chance your pooch’s health is not good.
  • Do not buy a pug puppy from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are unsanitary and they treat pugs as breeding machines. They are not properly USDA recognized. Pugs from puppy mills can have lots of health problems.
  • Look for the genetic history of the pug, see if its parents have any serious life-threatening disease.
  • Ask the breeder what kind of diet the pug or the dog is given. If it’s an improper diet, your pooch can suffer from health problems.
  • Make sure you verify the documents of health, transaction info carefully. See if they are in proper order or not. If there are any issues with vaccination and deworming, the pug can potentially suffer. 
  • Enquire if the pooch has been properly vaccinated and dewormed. Or it can be a problem for its health.

How to Choose the Best Quality Pug Puppies?

To get the best quality pug one needs to dig around the health of the pug puppy. If a pug has his booster shots, vaccines, and deworming done on time, it will be considered a good quality pug. Genetic lines can also determine quality. For that, you need to be in contact with a known breeder who has pugs with stronger genes to sell.


Getting a pug can be a momentous big decision. It is advised to make an informed choice before making any abrupt decisions. Pugs often suffer from health problems. Make sure you know everything about pugs before you decide to buy one. 

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