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Pugs for Sale in Kansas {Best 9 Pug Breeders in Kansas City}

Pugs are an amazing dog breed to have. The great thing about having a pug is they provide great emotional support. They can relate to your emotions. They are the most caring dog breeds out there. However, getting a pug might look seemingly easy. There are certain things that you might want to consider before getting a pug. If you live in and around Kansas and want a pug these are the things that you might want to consider before getting a pug.

Pug stinks

Pugs for Sale in Kansas: List of Breeders

Frenchie Pugs (Pug puppies for sale in Wichita Kansas)

Frenchie pugs is owned by Jan Wilcutt. She is a small breeder of both french bulldogs and pugs. She serves quality food and takes excellent care of her dogs. Her house is just a few kilometers away from the airport. You can visit her and take a pug or a french. The good thing is she provides shipping as well. 

When you buy a puppy there are lots of facilities that you are being provided with. You get a veterinarian check on the pug before the sale. You get a 1-year warranty over genetic health issues of your pooch. The pugs at a very tender age are being provided with medicines to treat parasites, deworming medications etc.

Apricot Pugs

  • Address: 2635 Gypsum Rd, Mahaska, Kansas, 66955, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact:, (402) 300-1123

Apricot pugs is a very well reputed established dog kennel in Kansas City. They are located in northeast Kansas which is south of the Nebraska/Kansas border. They have selective puppies every breeding season. If you want to pick up new litter make sure you contact them through their website. They also have listings for their pugs, you can access the information and make a choice.

Petland Kansas City

  • Address: 8618 North Boardwalk Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64154
  • Website:
  • Contact: 816-228-6868

Petland Kansas city as a shop is best because they have a very trained professional staff. They have a good facility to take care of both pugs and dogs. It is cleaned and well ventilated. There are no unhygienic spaces that can cause a dog to fall ill.

However, the best thing about purchasing a pet from pet land will be the added benefits you get. You get your medical tests, deworming and vet check certificates right on the first day of the pet purchase.

Midwest Pug Rescue

Midwest pug rescue was founded in 1999. Along with Kansas, they have other branches as well in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. They have a network of volunteers to help them find left-out and unfortunate pugs. Later, all these pugs will take part in the adoption process.

Families that require a pug will have to go through a process. Before that, all the pugs are placed in foster homes where they are taken proper care of and are loved immensely. A total of 5000 pugs have been saved by the rescue group. The website also features numerous unfortunate dogs who required adoption as a necessity, because of that they can lead a better life now.

Wayside Waifs

  • Address: 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64137 
  • Website:
  • Contact: 816-761-8151

The best thing about Wayside Waifs is that they are the largest pet adoption campus in Kansas City. They finalize the adoption of nearly 5,600 dogs in a year. The scale of help they provide is immense. If you look at the history of this place it’s intrinsically infused with an animal-saving mentality. 

Wayside waifs started on June 5, 1940, as a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, known as the Jackson County Animal Betterment Association. It was incorporated in the State of Missouri. The other distinctive factor that contributes to the wayside is its reluctance to euthanize adopted dogs.

KC Pet Project

KC pet project is a non-profit organization that has rescue shelters in both Kansas City and Missouri. They offer a lot of services like the ‘Keep ‘em together’ campaign and ‘lost and found’ campaign. All these campaigns focus specifically on dogs and their betterment. When you adopt a dog at the KC pet project it will include microchipping and an ID card.

The KC pet project has a rich history. The whole organisation came out of Kansas animal control employees. During earlier days the euthanasia rates were skyrocketing. The people at the KC Pet project thought about ways to solve the problem of the lack of shelters for dogs. They thought of ideas to house the pugs and other dogs.

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

  • Address: 5445 Parallel Parkway Kansas City, KS 66104
  • Website:
  • Contact: 913-596-1000

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City is a great organization that takes care of all the broken and abandoned pets. Their work requires a myriad of operations. They spay/neuter pugs, do adoptions and educate people about pets. 

HSGKC also provides animal spaying and neutering services to the public, if someone wants to avail it at a cheaper price they can. HSKC has also partnered with Kansas City Animal Services to erect a great building to shelter millions of pets that need beautiful homes.

 Unleashed Pet Rescue, Adoption

Unleashed pet rescue, adoption started in 2011 as a rescue operation for dogs. It tries to provide unfortunate dogs with a beautiful home and family of their own. They try their best to provide a pet with a great home, shelter and love. They take in animals irrespective of age, health and temperament preference. The entire facility is run through funding. They do not get any donations.

Chain of Hope

Chain of Hope has got to be the best place to take care of neglected and abused animals. They take in neglected pets and provide them with love, care and warmth. Along with adoption work, they also provide people with crucial items as well such as

  • Food, shelter, and water
  • Medical supplies
  • Veterinarian information
  • Free or Low-cost Spay/Neuter information

To adopt a pug or any other dog from here, please go to the website and look for your precious little pooch.

How to Buy a Pug Puppy?

Getting a pug puppy in today’s time should not be a very big problem. There are numerous ways through which you can buy a pug puppy, here are some:

  1. Get in contact with a local or a friend who has a puppy and ask for a local breeder. Once you have the contact number of the local breeder, the journey becomes much easier. Now you only need to call the breeder and get the appointment.
  2. You can look for pugs online and fill out an application form. Nowadays a lot of pugs are even shipped to your place. You do not have to do much work.
  3. Make sure that while looking for a reliable breeder online you read the reviews properly. 
  4. In case you are willing to buy a pug or a dog online, ask for a video of your pet online. That way you can see the pet and if you do not get a similar pet lodge a complaint.

What to Look for When Buying a Pug Puppy?

There are various things that you need to sort before finalizing your decision to get a pug puppy. Here are these pointers.

  • Make sure that your pug breeder is genuine. Run some background checks, look at his profile. Be sure what kind of a breeder he is. Do not buy a puppy from a puppy mill.
  • Try insisting on visiting the facility when you want to pay the breeder. It’s very important to look at where the pug puppy comes from. That will make you know the ground reality regarding the pug’s diseases and health issues.
  • Ask for the pug’s family history details. Nowadays a lot of diseases that your pug has gets inherited from the parents. Ask if possible for a comprehensive health report of the pug’s parents.
  • Ask for all the vet reports about your pug. Make sure you have all the details about your pug’s vaccination dates, ensure that your pooch has gotten all the proper vaccines on time.


Getting a pet can be the most wonderful thing for you. You get to add someone to the family. You get the chance to care for them and love them. However, taking care of your pooch can be a tedious task. It shall not be an easy process. It’s better to make an informed decision before then regretting later. 

Taking care of a pug will be extra baggage that you need to take care of. Research first before jumping into any decision. You must know the full story before committing to getting a pug.

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