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Pugs for Sale in Houston, Texas {9 Best Pug Breeders in Houston}

Pugs are an amazing companion dog breed. People love them since pugs can connect emotionally to humans. Every dog is meant to be special in its own right. Pugs are bred to support humans emotionally. It is important to know that pugs started off their journey being compassionate dogs in China. They were bred to be these companion pooches for the kinship of China

They came to Europe after the Danish merchants brought pugs with them back from the orient. That’s how pugs were introduced in the western world. Pugs have become part of a lot of families now. You might want to know the list of pet/dog shops where you can get a pug. Here’s a comprehensive list of places where you can get a pug in Houston, Texas, USA.

Pugs for Sale in Houston, Texas: List of Breeders

Space City Pugs

Space city pugs is an excellent space that helps you in adopting pugs. They have a contract that dictates the terms and conditions required to get a pug. One can give a skim read to understand it. 

Space City Pugs makes sure that all pugs have booster shops and are properly vaccinated before leaving their facility. If you want a long route delivery, you might have to shed an extra 450$ covering the nanny and travelling charges.

Pet City Houston

  • Address: 230 Bammel Westfield Road, Houston, Texas 77090
  • Website:
  • Contact: 281-587-2336

Pet City Houston is a very reputable pet business establishment as it has stood in Houston for more than thirty years. It’s not only an establishment for dogs. You can find lots of different kinds of animals as well as pets like fish, marine fish, reptiles, exotics, puppies, birds, hedgehogs, bunnies and ferrets.

One of the best services that Pet City Houston offers is specialized puppy playtime. You can schedule alone time with the puppy and visit the facility and enjoy it.

Pughearts of Houston

Pughearts of Houston is a non-profit organisation that works for the welfare of pugs. They are forever thankful to their volunteers. The volunteers take in a huge responsibility of rehabilitating pugs into foster homes. The organisation does not have facilities of their own. All the needy and disadvantaged pugs are placed in foster care.

As far as the adoption process is concerned, you can get a pug after submitting an application form. You have to however wait for the approval. There is no provision of meeting a pug once your application is denied to reserve as a pug.

Houston SPCA

Houston SPCA is a wide organised organisation that is 24×7 ready to provide services for neglected and injured animals. They even have ambulances running to look after animals. They run frequently to look for animals that are injured or require assistance. In addition to that, they have a wildlife centre as well as a disaster relief group that is working under them. 

They also advise you to contact them immediately if you encounter any case of animal cruelty. You can look into the puppies and dogs that you can adopt.

Tiny Jewel Pups

Tiny Jewel Pups is a great place to buy small dog/toy breeds. They as an organisation will love to provide you with a new family member. They have Havanese and Chihuahua breeds that people can buy if they like. They started as an experiment to breed dogs for the family and then it turned out to be a business for the family.

All of the pug related duties are taken out by individual families. There are like-minded families also joining hands in taking care of the new litter.

Houston Pets Alive

Houston Pets Alive has only one mission to give dogs and cats their rightful home. There are as many as 1.2 million stray cats and dogs that need a home. The organisation works with BARC and Harris County Animal Shelters, specifically dedicated to enhancing animal living possibilities.

The organisation was founded by Andrea Birkelbach in 2014.

Harris County Pets

Harris County Pets is a pet adoption municipal organisation of Houston that wants to take care of neglected and injured animals. Their prime motive is to help the unfortunate pugs and dogs. They have a host of work apart from adoption, like spaying/neutering and they run free vet checkups and appointments as well. 

However remember if you feel like fostering for the agency you should be from the list of places like Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Ft. Bend, Liberty, Montgomery or Waller county. 

Houston Humane Society

Houston Humane Society is fully committed to serving animals that suffer from neglect and abandonment. They in unison try to take care of the lives of animals by ending issues of overpopulation, cruelty and abuse. Along with an adoption facility they also have a vet clinic that focuses only on providing vaccines, giving booster shots and spay/neutering a pug when required. They also provide you with an opportunity to foster for them. You can visit their website and look for the particulars. The organisation not only just believes in extending the length of life of a pooch but also the quality of life. 

They make it a point that dogs that are taken care of enjoy all the facilities. Pugs are provided with walks in the park, socialization, training, Kong enrichment toys, and so much more until they are matched with their permanent families.

Pet Place

Pet Place is an excellent place to buy pets. They do not only have dogs but also other animals to watch out for. They started in 1994 and strive to provide qualitative efficiency of services to people. They work a lot on the correct match for you. They make sure that you have the right animal and dog as a pet for you. They make sure that the dogs/pets are in good health.

They have a range of small dog/toy breed dogs to choose from like Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, Poodle, Maltese or Boxer in their play area. If you need pet supplies or seek other forms of pet care, don’t hesitate to ask! No other local pet shop offers the variety and care that they do.

How Do You Spot a Good-Quality Puppy?

To spot the best puppy from the litter can be a hard task. You do need to know some things before choosing whether it’s the best pug in terms of quality. Here are a few things you might watch out for:

  • If a pug has watery eyes it can mean health problems. If by any chance the eyes of a pug are squished and glazed over that can mean they have dust entering in their eyes. 
  • Does your pug have troubled breathing? If it’s true, that can be a sign of troubled breathing. It means your pug has trouble breathing.
  • Do you know that pugs have underdeveloped hips? When pugs walk they produce a cracking sound. Also, look for possible signs of limping.
  • People may state that pugs which come near to you and show you love are great to have. It also means that the pug can be a bit bold. You have to make sure that the pug you have listens and obeys you. It becomes difficult to train a bold pug.
  • Also, look for a breeder which is reputable in the market. If you look for a random breeder, he/she might give you an unhealthy puppy.

How Do You Choose a Good Pug Breeder?

The first thing to look for in a pug breeder, you have to know if your breeder is genuine or not. First impressions are important to decode to understand the intentions of people. Look in depth at the behaviour of the pug breeder? Is he trying to hold information from you?

Try to look for tax receipts, vaccines administered and all the health services of the pug documentation. Please be clear about it.

Has your breeder gotten a puppy or a dog from a puppy mill? This is something very important. All pets need to be registered under AKC. If you find a breeder who is not willing to give you any registration details, he can be lying. He might be from a puppy mill if he does not have his pugs registered under AKC. 


Pugs are adorable dogs. People love them for being funny, charming and people’s doggies. But you should know that getting a pug is a huge responsibility. It is advised for you to only take up the responsibility when you are prepared for it. Pugs have far more medical issues than other dogs. You should be able to look out for your pooch when it needs you. 

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