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Pug for Sale in North Carolina {9 Best Pug Breeders Listed}

Pugs are the most adorable dogs out there in the market. The amount of love that they can provide is unbelievable. They are specifically bred to be companion dogs. They are so emotional and comforting, some people see pugs as family members. Pugs are such wonderful dogs, you might be thinking of getting one for yourself. Well, here you will find information on a lot of shops, adoption agencies, puppy shipping services that operate in and around North Carolina. Let’s look into it more


Pugs for sale in North Carolina: List of breeders

Sweetie Pie Pugs (Pug puppy for sale Charlotte North Carolina)

Sweetie pie pugs first of all ensure that your pugs live in a homely environment. Your pooch is surrounded by all household sounds like the sound of a vacuum cleaner. The owner’s parents used to raise the pugs. The pugs have ample space to run around. They live on a 16-acre farm. Pugs get a lot of space to run around and be happy.

The pricing of the puppies here is $2500. If you want you can provide a security deposit of $500 and pay the rest of the amount later.

Happy Tail Puppies

Happy Tail puppies could be an excellent choice for you. It’s a commune that loves to care for dogs. The families that are part of it take care of and nurture pugs and other dogs. All their dogs have got vaccinated. The vets that operate on the dogs are licensed and know how to take care of the pugs and other dogs. 

Parker’s precious puppies (Pug puppies for sale in Sanford North Carolina)

Parker’s precious puppies are located in the foothills of Hickory. It’s a nice establishment considering that they have been raising pugs and other dog puppies for such a long time. They have been doing this for 25 years. Along with a puppy you will also be offered a puppy pack worth $450. It will essentially contain nutritious food for pugs. 

Health Pups

  • Address: 3683 White Plains Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact: (336 ) 957-3609

Health pups can be your go-to place. They have an excellent system of transparency that connects you with people who breed puppies. All their puppies have got vaccines and are properly dewormed. You can get a puppy with a $2000 amount. However to book a puppy initially you might need to shed $200 at first.

Shady Brook kennels

Shady Brook Kennels is co-owned by Cidney Froust and Allen Roney. The kennel is located in a field as big as 22 yards. They take good care of their dogs. If you are a fan of any of the dog breeds like the likes of Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Chinese Pugs, Scottish Terriers, and Cairn Terriers. You would love Shady Brook Kennels since you can get them here. 

Patty’s puppy dog farm

Patty’s puppy dog farm is also a dog’s heaven. It has been owned by Patty & Todd Hughes since 2000. However, they are not traditional pet stores or a pug breeder. Their dogs essentially have a routine and they very much want their dogs to follow that. They come to their store only around noon-5. And, on Sundays, they are not open. 

Both the owners are very busy and they own a small business. They have to take their pugs to the vet for deworming and vaccination. It is advised if you text them and mention the breed that you want. That way they will have clarity on your requirements. You have to pay a deposit to book your slot to get a puppy.

WD Pugs (Pug puppies for sale, Zebulon, North Carolina)

  • Address: 5016 Boswellville Road, Wilson NC 27893
  • Website:
  • Contact: 252-281-4330

WD pugs are owned by three people. They are Wayne, Deborah, and Tina. They are a family co-owned business. They have experience of as long as thirty years. You can book an appointment to meet your four-legged four babies. However, it needs to be mentioned that all the co-owners of WD pugs have some amount of experience, they have been breeding pugs for as long as 30 years.

Carolina Pugs

Carolina Pugs is an amazing place to get pugs. Their pugs have been bred for the past 75 years and they operate out of the east coast. The breeding has been taking so long that the breeders feel pride for their pug ancestry. The pugs are priced anywhere between $2000-$3000. However to book one has to pay $500 and wait for another 8 weeks before their pug gets delivered to them.

Pugs take some time to adjust. Therefore in a timeframe of 8 weeks, they are emotionally sensitized to live with a new family. It is done just to ensure that your experience with the pooch remains exceptionally great.

Prices Pugs (Pug puppies for sale in Havelock North Carolina)

  • Address:  NC Highway 171, Jamesville, NC 27846, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact:, 252-799-6520

Prices pugs can be considered by those people who want to opt for a pug from a small breeder. Prices pugs have limited pugs and all of these pugs are registered under CKC. You will have full breeding rights. You can book a pug for only $200, and a pug here will cost you around $1300. However, price pugs do not have an air shipping option. One has to do ground shipping to ship the pug.

How Do You Find a Good Pug Breeder?

Pugs are such adorable dogs. They are the best companion dogs. They will win over you. While it’s true that pugs are the best dogs. You still need to train, discipline, and make your pug’s life easier. 

The first step to getting a good dog is to find a reputable breeder. Here are some steps that you can follow to get a good pug breed.

Listing all local pug breeders

First of all, make sure what kind of breeder you want and what he/she has as a qualification. Are they AKC or CKC registered? If they are then that should be known to you right off the bat. Do you want a male or a female pug? Have some clarity over these things.

Ask around vets and vet clinics

This is also a great idea to start with. You can ask the vet about the breeder’s reputation since the vet looks at all the pugs. Before releasing any pug, the vet’s recommendation is a must. Dog grooming places have gotten a lot of attention in today’s day and age. They also might have met breeders now and then. You can ask them too.

Ask local dog clubs

Local dog clubs are the best spaces to know about the potentially best breeders nearby. People belonging to these dog clubs are very passionate and know who can be the right breeder. Make sure you have also attended dog shows, you might meet some dog breeders who can get you a nice pug.

How Do You Know if Your Breeder is Legitimate?

To know about a breeder might be a bit easy. How do we ensure that the breeder we are dealing with is not legitimate? These are things you might need to keep in mind while looking for legitimate dog breeders-

Find out about the reputation of the breeder

The reputation of a breeder determines the quality of services he provides. You must look out for reviews and social media channels to see if the breeder has been positively reviewed. And, it is also true that people who might have taken a pug from the breeder, if they like it will review positively.

Look for negative reviews too. If you find any extreme negative review of a breeder, you can outright reject it. Like if a breeder is giving you male pugs instead of the female pugs that you asked for. Or is the breeder not abiding by the price that was posted.

Take a vet with you to check on the puppy

To know more about the authenticity of a breeder, you can take a vet to your breeder. You can know more about the health condition of your pug. If by chance your puppy is from a puppy mill, you would come to know about it. No breeder who brings puppies from mills would want a vet in their home.p


Looking for a puppy can be taxing, especially a pug in a particular city. You have narrowed down your options to so little. But, with proper search and even engaging a bit on social media you can find someone who can provide you with a pug. Just make sure you do not buy any pugs illegally. Under no circumstance buy a puppy of any breed from a puppy mill. 

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