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Pugs for Sale in Seattle, Washington {List of Pug Breeders in Seattle}

Pugs are such an amazing dog breed. They not only act compassionate with you and become social but they have a wicked sense of humour as well. They will shower all their love to their owners. They are meant to be companion dogs for their loving, caring, and jovial nature. They are quite famous among today’s people. 

In today’s time, the world needs a bit of love and warmth. Pugs provide you with the love that you want with no strings attached. Who wouldn’t like to be loved like that? With all these amazing characteristics people would love to get a pug.

But then the next plausible question occurs where you can get one? Well, if you are in Seattle, Washington area, you can hit these shops to get one:

Pugs for Sale in Seattle, Washington: List of Breeders

Richfield Pugs

Richfield Pugs seems to be an amazing place to adopt pugs. They are partners with the Church of Pugs from where they carry out rescue missions for pugs. The organisation is well known to help you find the right pug for you. They invest their time in assessing you as a person and then match you with a pug which will seem suitable as per your personality.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, you can head over to their website and select a puppy for you. The puppies come with proper shots and they are properly de-wormed.

Seattle Bakery

Seattle Bakery is offering cakes and confectionery items for our dogs. They are mobile and they run into places filled with dogs to feed them. Ben and Dawn Ford started the Seattle Bakery in 2008. They started off feeding at the dog care centre named assembly of Dog. But then they started selling some of their beef jerky and cheeky doughnuts. It became such a hit in the crowd they went on wheels to sell dog food, especially treats.

They are humble and loving people. They care for their dogs. Now in their pack, they have 10 dogs that are rescued. They took them involuntarily. They also have fostered 60 dogs till now. They are such a big name now since they have a staff of 12 and have expanded in major cities. They were even featured in prominent newspapers, journals and magazines like USA Today and Washington Post.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS is a great organisation since it believes in the motive of animal welfare. It goes above and beyond to prove its grit in animal welfare. It does not only care about dogs but they care about other wild animals as well. As of today, PAWS has helped to save a total of 130,000 dogs by sheltering them. They have helped 140,000 animals till now.

PAWS was co-founded by Virginia Knouse who understands the true spirit of PAWS. She started off solving the problems that are generally caused because of the overpopulation of cats and dogs. They spayed and neutered the animals for their welfare. They slowly started their spay neutering work for the community and slowly it later transitioned to helping wild animals.

Dog Gone Seattle

Dog Gone Seattle mainly focuses on saving homeless dogs in rescue centres that have a very high kill rate. They want to help the dogs find the right fit for their parents. All of their rescue operations are carried out through adoption fees. They receive a lot of dogs from the neighbouring states of California and Texas

Their motto is adopt, don’t shop. Simply because there are a lot of dogs that require care and warmth. There is no need to get another dog for that.

6 Dogress

  • Address: 6Dogrees, PO Box 16186, Seattle, WA 98116
  • Website:
  • Contact:

6 dogrees is an amazing organisation that helps dogs get out of shelter homes and find a home of their own. The whole process of getting out of it is systematic. The first step is to volunteer to make sure that they get a dog that might be euthanized. They get a dog from the place and then they take the dogs to the respective foster parents. Once they are given away to their foster parents, then they move to a Vet nearby. 

The Vet looks at the dog and makes sure that they are healthy and happy. After spending a day or two at the Vet the dogs then are taken to their place of adoption.

Saving Great Animals

Saving Great Animals cares about dogs deeply. It is run by an able and apt group of volunteers who come forward to help them. Their intention is simply to ask for a ban on animal kill shelters. They believe they can add to the difference by helping unfortunate and left out pets. The pet return rates of SGA is pretty low since they train their dogs before sending them to any home.

SGA makes sure that both the dogs/pugs have a beautiful time and a good relationship moving forward in life.

Wally PetStore

Wally PetStore is an amazing pet store serving dogs and cats. You have a range of pet’s daily food requirements and accessories there. They have items for pugs, poultry, cats and various other animals. It’s a great place to shop for your pooch.

Earthwise Pet

Earthwise pet is an all-encompassing pet care organisation. They have various services at their doorstep. They have pet care items, dog-grooming services etc. They are part of a large network of local owners that possess pet care items for your dogs, cats. They prefer to offer an emotional experience as opposed to money-driven services. All of their employees however own a diploma in Pet Nutrition and Raw Feeding.

Mudbay, Seattle

Mudbay is a big pet care organisation. It started as just a cattle-fertilizer supplier in 1988. But soon, it transitioned into a big canine items supplier. The journey started from humble beginnings by Elsa Wulff. It has now expanded into a big chain taking in a lot of people. In 2000 Mudbay realised its strength to the fullest potential when 2000 stores got insolvent. It was Mudbay that came in and took all the stores under it, becoming a well-defined chain.

How to Find a Reputable Pug Breeder?

Finding a reputable pug breeder requires a lot of work. It’s not easy to go to a store and find one. There are certain things that you can keep in mind about how to look for a reputable pug breeder.

  • Do you like any of your neighbours’/friends’ pugs? Are you eyeing someone else’s pugs? If you find any pug that is well behaved, you can ask for the breeder’s number. That way you can contact the breeder and reserve one for you.  
  • Attend dog events. Do events house some of the best breeders that know how to train dogs? Meeting them can help you find a good pug. If you like the training of any breeder you can go and ask them about your requirements.
  • Whenever looking for breeders online, make sure you go through their profiles. Look again and again regarding their eligibility. Are they properly trained to be a trainer? Reviews from other people can help you a lot. 
  • You can even contact vet clinics nearby. A lot of vet clinics are tied with breeders, and since they take care of pooches, they can tell you which breeder will be best for you.

How to Buy a Pug Puppy?

To buy a great pug puppy, you need to have the information about the puppy. Make sure you have documents adequately stacked to know more about the puppy. 

  • First of all, you have to visit a store or a big pet selling chain to order a puppy of your choice.
  • Once you are done ordering, you will have an interview with the store.
  • It’s advised to order the puppy before 2 months of your requirement. Since dogs are bred after that or you are often on the reserve list.
  • You can also do it online by filling up an application form.
  • Now once you are done ordering, you will be asked to choose a puppy of your choice in the store.
  • It is advised to go to the site and see for yourself.
  • After the interview and meeting are fixed, you just have to wait till it’s born/trained.


Pugs are a great dog breed. You will love them for who they are. They are stubborn and adamant. Because of their loving, caring nature, they are loved by all. They are companion breeds and see us as their parents. It’s a lovely bond that people treasure a lot. 

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